The best beverage refrigerators test 2019 on

The best beverage fridges test

This beverage cooler has the energy efficiency class A +, so it consumes 102 kWh per year. That way you can save a lot of money.

Some users say that this drinks fridge is loud.

This model is the best choice for home use, since it has the capacity of 80 l. In this way, you can easily store a variety of drinks in this beverage fridge.

47.5 x 48 x 83 cm; 30 kg

102 kWh per hour (energy efficiency class A +)

3 removable shelves, LED lighting, door hinges changeable, double insulated panoramic glass

Since this drinks fridge has a closure, you can easily store alcoholic beverages. And your kids will not get access to alcoholic beverages.

The logo on the glass can be erased over time.

You can associate the Coca-Cola beverage cooler with Coca Cola beverage. That way, you can also use it for commercial purposes. It also has 6 removable shelves so you can effectively use the interior of this model.

54.5 x 56 x 83.5 cm; 33 kg

109 kWh per hour (energy efficiency class A +)

6 removable shelves + basket, LED lighting, door hinges changeable, lock

This beverage cooler has a special design without a compressor, so it is very quiet (up to 35 dB). That way you can easily put it in the bedroom.

The temperature control is located on the back of the device. That is uncomfortable.

If you have a small apartment and are looking for a compact drinks fridge, then pay attention to this model. It is reasonably priced and modern.

45 x 41 x 55 cm; 14 kg

181 kWh per hour (energy efficiency class B)

yes (minimum temperature 11 ° C)

2 removable shelves, LED lighting, door hinges changeable

The beverage cooler has a built-in mechanical regulator so you can set the temperature in the range of 1 ° C to 12 ° C. The food and drinks such as soda, beer, wine, cider are stored properly.

Because the case is white, it is easily soiled.

GastroTrade has produced a functional model of the beverage freezer, which is free-standing and can be used as a built-in appliance. In this way, it is perfect for any kitchen interior.

48 x 43 x 82.5 cm; 26 kg

193 kWh per hour (energy efficiency class B)

3 removable shelves, LED lighting, door hinges changeable

Since this model has a fan, the formation of ice on the inner wall is almost impossible. Defrosting is no longer necessary. So this beverage fridge is a easy-care device.

This drinks fridge has only 4 removable shelves.

If you often organize parties for friends, then this drinks fridge is a great addition for those purposes. He has big capacity, 310 l. This means that you can store a variety of drinks in it. The drinks are also cooled quickly.

62 x 63.5 x 156.2 cm; 65 kg

230 kWh per hour (energy efficiency class B)

4 removable shelves, fan, LED lighting, door hinges changeable

Klarstein 4060656083600

Klarstein 4060656083600

Refreshing drinks always within reach

The Klarstein glass-walled beverage refrigerator can be free-standing or used as a built-in appliance, as the ventilation openings are well thought-out. The capacity of this model is 80 liters, and thanks to three control bays, you can rationally use the interior dream of the beverage cooler. In this way, you can easily store a variety of drinks in the drinks fridge. And you can also use the lower part inside the drinks fridge effectively. When you open the door you will see a mechanical regulator located on the left side. He has five marks. So you can easily adjust the internal temperature in the range of 5 ° C up to 10 ° C. This is a good indicator for storing soft drinks, different beers and wine. This mini beverage cooler has one more advantage – low power consumption. Annual electricity consumption is only 102 kWh (energy efficiency class A +). The door hinge is changeable in this model, which is very comfortable. But that’s not all: double-insulated panoramic glass is very robust and has good sound insulation. This does not disturb the device during operation. On the market there are also the mini fridge-freezers, which are also very popular.

Additional information

Husky HUS-HC 166

Husky HUS-HC 166

Special device for special kitchen interior

The logo «Coca Cola» is world famous. And almost every person knows it. And the world-famous drink Coca Cola is sold in almost all countries. The company Husky has made a practical and interesting model of the refrigerator, which is excellent for commercial purposes and home use. The beverage cooler Coca Cola has the capacity of 115 l. And the six height-adjustable shelves help you put a variety of drinks in the drinks fridge. This solution is very good, as there are bottles of 0.33 l and 0.5 l on sale. If you buy soda water in a 1l bottle, you can simply place it in the drinks fridge. The 2l bottles can also be found in this model. You should only remove a few shelves. In the lower part is a metal basket, which is intended for storing food and snacks at low temperatures. Since the small drinks cooler Coca Cola has the door made of glass and LED interior lighting, it looks very stylish and beautiful. And the red case gives the device a special look. This beverage cooler also has a closure, so your alcoholic beverages (spirits) are well protected from children. The dimensions of this model are 54.5 x 56 x 83.5 cm. So, if you have a small kitchen, then you can just put this drinks fridge in it.

Syntrox Germany MBC-40 glass

Syntrox Germany MBC-40 glass

Small minibar

If there is not enough space for soft drinks in your fridge then you can easily purchase a drinks fridge. This mini beverage refrigerator has the capacity of 40 liters and so you can easily organize a minibar at home. The model is also made in the classic design and has a glass door, so this drinks fridge looks very attractive. In this way, we can say with certainty that it fits perfectly for every kitchen interior. Two shelves in this unit are height-adjustable, so you can put different bottles, 1l or 2l bottles in the fridge. There is also the possibility to put narrow bottles in it. Because this glass-door refrigerator has interior lighting, you can find your favorite drink at night easily and quickly. The feet guarantee stability. That’s an important plus of this model. The manufacturer claims that the minimum indoor temperature can reach 11 degrees Celsius, which is sufficient for storing beer and soft drinks. On the back of this beverage cooler is a mechanical temperature controller, so you can easily set the optimal temperature. Based on the room temperature and your own preferences. However, most sommeliers do not recommend storing wine at temperatures above 5-6 ° C. For this purpose, there are on the market the wine refrigerators, which are very popular with users. On the whole, this glass-door refrigerator is an excellent choice for those who want to cool their refreshments, especially in the summer.

Additional information

GastroTrade cf750

GastroTrade cf750

Powerful model at a great price

If you are looking for a powerful beverage cooler, then pay attention to this model. It has a number of features that will surprise you pleasantly: this Mini Beverage Refrigerator is 82.5 cm high, so you can easily put it under the worktop or stow it in the kitchen cupboard, especially if you have a small kitchen. The feet in this model are height adjustable, if you have an uneven floor surface, you can make it stable. The beverage cooler has the capacity of 88 l. There are also three shelves in this unit: two large shelves (for 15 bottles) and a small shelf for storing food or snacks. The temperature control is located on the upper side in the interior, which is very good and comfortable. And the temperature range here is very large and can be set between 1 ° C and 12 ° C, so your food stays fresh for a very long time and the drinks such as soda, beer, cider, wine are stored properly. Inside there is a bright LED lighting, but you can turn it off if necessary. It is also to say that this drinks fridge for gastronomy and drinks is cheap, so it is very popular with users.

Additional information

Wdesign’s LG-310BB

Wdesign’s LG-310BB

Wdesigns: big capacity

Many people think that the drinks refrigerators are very small. And it’s hard to put in these a large number of drinks and snacks. But that’s not the case. Wdesigns has produced a large beverage refrigerator with a capacity of 310 liters. In this way, you can store more than 100 cans or bottles of soft drinks in it. This is also an excellent option for a big party or party. This drinks fridge has 4 large shelves that you can easily store a variety of drinks such as beer, wine, cider, etc. These shelves are also sturdy and can easily withstand heavy bottles of wine. That’s a big plus when you put the bottles on top of each other. This glass-walled beverage cooler also has a fan: it is designed for air circulation inside the refrigerator. So the temperature is evenly distributed on the lower and upper side. In addition, the fan accelerates the cooling process, so the drinks are cooled in just 20-30 minutes. It can also be said that thanks to the fan, the formation of ice on the inner walls is prevented. So defrosting is no longer necessary. The door stop is changeable here. In this beverage refrigerator for gastronomy there is also a temperature controller and LED lighting, which serve as standard functions.

What is a drinks fridge

The Beverage Refrigerator is a compact appliance that has a special interior design to store a variety of drinks. Most models are quiet, so you can easily put a drink fridge in the bedroom. In a conventional refrigerator, you can store the food and milk, and in a drinks fridge – only the drinks. It can also be said that these are small and energy efficient, so you can easily save your electricity costs. They also provide the temperature stability during storage. In this review we have collected only the most popular models that make your best choice easy. In a drinks fridge you can easily store wine, beer, soda and many other drinks. Visit our test, compare with each other and find just the optimal option for yourself. And you should know that before buying a refrigerator!

The wine aerator is a novel invention to aerate wine before enjoying with oxygen, the so-called decantation.

And with a car cooling bag your food and drinks will always be cool and fresh.

There are also side-by-side, mini and french-door fridges on the market, which are also noteworthy.

Which features to compare

In the first line it is to be understood, for which purpose You want to use a drinks fridge. To choose the right refrigerator, pay attention to his Dimensions, that you can easily put it in a small or large apartment. Most beverage fridges are intended for storage of wine or other beverages. There are also refrigerators that have two zones. In this way you can set in each zone the specific temperature that is optimal for storing wine or other drinks. On the market there are also built-in, free-standing, integrated and outdoor devices. These types can be represented as combi devices. The vents may be located on the front of the device. The integrated models have a special design so that you can stow the door of the refrigerator in a kitchen cabinet facade. And the outdoor refrigerators are made of materials that are resistant to external influences. The beverage fridges also consume little power. Their power is between 75 and 150 watts.

To buy a good fridge, you should pay attention to the following criteria: the capacity The fridge also plays a crucial role. Also draw attention to the interior decoration of the device. The wine fridges are equipped with special shelves for wine bottles of 0.75 l. The standard beverage refrigerators often have the capacity of 12 ounces. These devices have flat shelves that you can set to different heights. Since the shelves are extendable, you can easily take your favorite beverage out of the depths of the refrigerator. The shelves can be made of glass with openings or look like a grid, which provides good air circulation.

Also note the particularities a beverage refrigerator, depending on the type of refrigeration. The optimum temperature for storing white wine is 8 ° C to 13 ° C, and for red wine storage – 14 ° C to 20 ° C. The stronger the type of beer, the shorter the cooling time in the refrigerator. Stronger beers are stored at 10-16 ° C, and the lighter ones – at 2-10 ° C. The wine refrigerators with a collection of wine should be placed without vibration to avoid sediment. The dregs can affect the taste characteristics of the beverage. Some devices are manufactured according to thermoelectric principle, so that the vibration is completely excluded. In thermoelectric refrigerators, the inside temperature depends on the outside temperature. If you do not want to put a drinks fridge in the living room, then you can choose a supercharged model. These refrigerators can also have automatic defrosting, so that ice formation is completely eliminated. In the wine refrigerators, the humidity can be regulated. If the door is made of glass, then you can easily see the bottles. The door of the wine or beverage refrigerator can also have UV protection, which is very important for wine. Some drinks refrigerators have a closure. And the carbon filter cleans the air in the interior of the refrigerator. He removes unpleasant odors in the fridge. Some drinks refrigerators have the door, which can be hinged on both sides. The feet can be height adjustable. If the beverage cooler has the ETL certification, then one can say with certainty that it fully complies with the safety standard. The beverage fridges are often made in black or stainless steel design, so they fit perfectly for any kitchen interior. Thanks to the interior lighting, you can easily see the contents of the refrigerator in the dark.

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