The best britain travel guide 2019

The best britain travel guide 2019

My favorite Britain travel guides and travel books

What is the best UK travel guide? Even in the digital age, I inform as a travel blogger before a trip like oldschool with travel guides about my destination. Travel guide for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland: my recommendations.

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When I tune in on a journey, I usually do the following: First, I read travel blogs, then I inform myself in classic travel guides. And during the trip I read travel books – books that deal with the country, place or region in which I live, but which are not only informative, but also entertaining. My tips for travel guides and travel books about the UK – This list is constantly updated because if I can do one well, then buy the guide and read!

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United Kingdom travel guide in general

Practical, informative and inspirational travel guide for Great Britain travel.

Vis-à-Vis travel guide United Kingdom

The Vis-à-Vis travel guide UK is a good beginner’s book for anyone who wants to gain a compact overview. On 672 pages the United Kingdom is explained with its landscape, its nature and history. A classic, well-made and very service-oriented travel guide with concrete tips on various interests when traveling: restaurant tips, ideas for hikes or concert visits, trips to castles, manor houses and small, pretty places in the UK.

A large part is dedicated to the British capital London and its attractions, with a removable map.

Another extra is a small cookbook with the classics of British cuisine such as Fish & Chips or cornish pasty.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Travel Guide United Kingdom

Also, a good overview of the travel highlights in the UK offers the National Geographic travel guide. The guide has its own section for the different regions of the UK and with more than 500 addresses of places of interest, lodgings and restaurants, it offers a good clue for deeper self-research.

The National Geographic route suggestions for individually planned trips to the UK are also interesting. For further planning, there is a removable card.

So sorry: a Brit declares his strange country

People who go to the UK: read this book! The author Adam Fletcher lives in Berlin and is a prime example of the famous English humor – which, by the way, is laid down in great detail in the “10 Commandments of British Humor” at the end of the book. Absolute reading recommendation!

Scotland Travel Guide

DuMont Travel Guide Scotland Travel Guide: with Extra Travel Card

This Scotland travel guide I once won at the travel blogger WG, and funny enough, just before I traveled to Scotland for a month. The DuMont Travel Guide has really served me very well, because it’s not just informative, because it makes you feel like reading while you’re reading, discovering every single corner of Scotland.

The author Susanne Tschirner has a knack for the special and non-everyday – travel tips to my taste. Of course, all the typical sights of Scotland are missing and also Edinburgh is given a lot of space. You realize that this Scotland travel guide was really written with a lot of knowledge and passion and that the author is also a great nature lover (no wonder at this destination). As a particularly praiseworthy I would like to mention the many city maps, hiking maps and route tips in the travel guide Scotland.

Edinburgh Travel Guide

Travel Know-How CityTrip Edinburgh: Travel guide with city map and free web app

I like guides that allow you not to have to carry the book around all day, but also to have access to an app. The travel know-how CityTrip Edinburgh does just that. In addition to the main attractions of Edinburgh are also less well-known attractions presented. For my pleasure, this Edinburgh travel guide also offers various suggested routes for city hiking through Edinburgh, paired with restaurant, cafe and pub tips along the way. The practical tips are plenty of background information, accommodation recommendations and even a small phrasebook with the most important travel vocabulary.

Run Edinburgh: Great Running Routes in and Around the City

A little book in English, for those who love it just as much as I do, to discover a city in running shoes. In Run Edinburgh, there are several running routes through Edinburgh, the Old Town, the beautiful parks of Edinburgh and the sea. There are running routine tips for runners of all levels, from lowland joggers to experienced trail runners. Especially the running routes in the old town can also be used for urban hikers as inspiration for extended city walks.

England travel guide

Lonely Planet travel guide England (Lonely Planet travel guide English)

Many years ago, Lonely Planet was my first guide to England, then still in English, and since then I have remained faithful to the series. Lonely Planet guides have always been guides for people who like to travel individually and off the beaten path. Due to the enormous success of Lonely Planet, former insider tips have now become mainstream, but the Lonely Planet still has a surprising amount of information about lesser-known corners of England in store.

With over 770 pages and new editions every year, the Lonely Planet England Travel Guide is a very solid reference work for your England travel planning.

Instructions for use for England

Author Hein Ohff takes the English on the grain, but with a lot of love. Whether left-hand traffic, bed and breakfasts, bus travel in England or famous faux pas to kick in as an England holidaymaker: with the instructions for use for England you are on the safe side and have already read your true anticipation of a visit to the island.

London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide: Discover London like a local!

My last year’s discovery: the London travel guide from Loving London. The Travel Guide 2.0 so to speak, with app, bucket list and many personal London tips for different preferences and areas of the capital of Great Britain. Read my detailed review on the Loving London Travel Guide.

London’s Hidden Rivers: A walker’s guide to the subterranean waterways of London

In the Tate Gallery I discovered this ingenious book. If you speak English and like to walk, then this alternative guide is for you. In fact, there are many underground rivers in London. Frieda Klein by Nicci French. In this book, there are stories about these hidden rivers and routes along the hidden rivers. I can not wait to make my first river walk on my next visit to London.

Wales Travel Guide

Wales Travel Guide Michael Müller Publisher: Individual travel with many practical tips

Michael Müller Verlag has a little reputation for publishing guides for Best Ager. Either I belong to this target group by now or I do not care about such labels, anyway, I like the way the guide for Wales extremely well. A great focus of the Wales travel guide is on hikes and walking routes and you can feel throughout the book a very strong connection of the author Andreas Bechmann to nature, landscape and not least the inhabitants of the country.

Ireland & Northern Ireland travel guide

Stefan Loose travel guide Ireland: with travel atlas

Unfortunately, I have not been to Ireland or Northern Ireland, so this Ireland travel guide tip comes from an Ireland-experienced friend. In addition to the usual highlights and sights, the Stefan Loose travel guide for Ireland has a very unique selling point: an emphasis on low budget travel. Tips for the small budget for the otherwise rather expensive destination Northern Ireland and concrete suggestions for city trips to Belfast or Dublin for under 100 euros.

My favorite bookstores for Great Britain travel guide

* The links for all of the UK travel guides listed here are affiliate links, i. If you buy the book through this link at the partner shop, I get a small commission, while the price remains the same for you.

If you prefer to support the local book trade, then I recommend the following bookstores:

in Berlin: Unforgotten Books on Proskauer Strasse in Berlin-Friedrichshain

near Stuttgart: Sweet Things & Stories in Malmsheim-Renningen

You know a great bookstore? Write me in the comments

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