The best coffee pod machines from philips senseo and de’longhi for perfect coffee

Freshly brewed coffee is the ideal start to the day for many people. With a coffee pod machine, preparation is fast, and the choice of flavors is huge. We introduce you to recommended coffee pod machines, give you tips on buying them and explain how best to store the pods.


Coffee pod machines are ideal for those who don’t like mornings: switch on the machine, insert the pad, press the button – and your coffee, cappuccino or cocoa is ready. You can do this even when you’re half asleep. Compared to coffee capsule machines, there is also less packaging waste here. Because unlike the aluminum capsules, the coffee pods can be disposed of in the organic waste in an environmentally friendly way. Another advantage: when you buy a coffee machine, you don’t automatically decide on a coffee brand from a particular manufacturer, but only on the two different types of pad, senseo or E.S.E. These are our recommendations:

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successor of the test winner: philips senseo quadrante HD7865/60 coffee pod machine

stiftung warentest last tested coffee pod machines in 2013. The test winner with the grade "good (2.3)", the philips senseo quadrante HD7863, however, is no longer available on the market.

the successor model philips senseo quadrante HD7865/60 is a good alternative and convinces with intuitive operation, a wide selection of coffee types and good workmanship. The water tank holds up to eight cups of water. This makes the coffee maker suitable not only for families, but also for small office communities.

In addition, two cups can be filled simultaneously at the touch of a button if desired. 45 water nozzles ensure that the taste of the coffee from the senseo coffee pods is particularly intense and a frothy crema rounds off the coffee enjoyment. For an individual taste, you can also adjust the coffee strength.

The price tip: philips senseo new original HD6554/68 coffee pod machine

this philipp senseo machine is one of the best-selling coffee pod machines in germany. It is not only affordable, but also very easy to use thanks to the philips senseo one-touch system. In less than a minute the machine is preheated and ready for the first coffee.

Convenient: you can set whether you want to prepare your coffee strong or rather mild. In addition, the device has a technology for an extra fine crema. 45 aroma nozzles ensure even brewing of the coffee. One or two cups can be brewed at the same time.

If you like your kitchen to be colorful, you can also order the machine in red, dark blue or white. Or a model in classic black, made from 28 percent recycled plastic.

The design winner: la piccola coffee pod machine KAVLP9111

If you not only want your coffee to taste good, but also want your coffee machine to look great, the coffee pod machine from la piccola is the right choice.

The operation is very simple with only two switches. The compartment for the pods is opened and closed in the classic way with a lever. The entire metal housing is made of stainless steel and molded sheet metal, the water tank of glass. The high-quality and timeless design makes the machine an eye-catcher in the kitchen.

The machine works with E.S.E.-pads . The senseo pods do not work with this machine. The advantage: you have free choice and are not dependent on a particular manufacturer. For this, thanks to the high pressure, you get a strong espresso and a fine crema.

Espresso and pad machine in one: breville primalatte II

espresso fans who also like to drink a cup of coffee will find the breville primalatte II to be an interesting coffee machine. Because this espresso machine works with both espresso powder and e.S.E.-coffee pods.

Important to know: the water is forced through the nozzles at 19 bar, while classic coffee pod machines only apply a pressure of two bar. This means that the taste of the pad coffee should also be more in the direction of espresso.

This machine is also recommended for those who like to drink cappuccino or latte macchiato. A milk frother is integrated into the machine. And if there’s too much milk in the milk container – no problem: the container can be easily removed and stored in the refrigerator.

The versatile: de’longhi dedica EC 685 portafilter machine.M

The dedica style espresso machine from de’longhi brews delicious espresso at 15 bar pressure, from which you can also make cappuccino or latte macchiato thanks to the milk foam nozzle. The interchangeable inserts allow you to make one or two cups of coffee.

The de’longhi machine combines two practical functions: it is designed to be used as a portafilter, but it can also be used for e.S.E.-pads. So you can brew a cup of coffee in the morning quickly and without much effort. At only 15 centimeters wide, it also fits into smaller kitchens and does not take up much space.

The equipment is extensive and offers an integrated milk frother, a water tank with a volume of one liter and the individual adjustment of the water quantity. The machine heats up quickly and is ready for the first cup of coffee in just 40 seconds.

Our conclusion: which coffee pod machine is the right one??

You need a quick cup of coffee in the morning and do not want a milk frother? Then the bestseller from philips senseo our recommendation. If you want to make more than just one cup, the senseo quadrante the right choice with a larger water tank. another advantage of the philips senseo models: you have the widest choice of coffee pods.

If you want to enjoy real latte macchiato and cappuccino, choose a pad machine with milk frother and E.S.E.-pads like the test winner of the de’longhi portafilter machines .

Important questions about coffee pod machines

Which coffee pods do I need for my machine??

Unlike capsules with many different systems and models, you only have to pay attention to two differences with pad machines:

Senseo pods: they are the standard for pad machines and are available in many versions in almost every supermarket. The pads have a diameter of 70 millimeters and are designed for machines with low pressure. Pads from dallmayr, tchibo, melitta and supermarkets’ own brands are also suitable for senseo machines.

The choice of flavors is almost unlimited. In addition to classic coffee, you will find espresso and cappuccino variants , but also cocoa and latte macchiato , chocolate-flavored coffee and hot chocolate.

E.S.E.-pads: E.S.E. Stands for easy serving espresso. These pods are designed for machines with a high pressure of at least nine bar. The pads are usually individually sealed in bags, which ensures a better aroma. However, this also results in more waste. The pads measure 44 millimeters in diameter and are much rarer to find in supermarkets. E.S.E.-pads are not suitable for senseo models, just as senseo pads are not suitable for E.S.E.-machines are suitable.

The price for both types of coffee is between 10 and 40 cents per coffee portion. This is significantly more expensive than buying powdered coffee or coffee beans by the kilo. But if you don’t drink much coffee, you have the advantage that the coffee pods are packed airtight.

What are the advantages of a coffee pod machine??

In addition to ease of use, coffee pod machines have other advantages:

  • Pad machines are easy to clean and require little maintenance. Most parts such as the pad holder, water tank and drip grid can simply be put in the dishwasher.
  • There is no need to measure out the right amount of coffee powder, you only need to refill with water.
  • The pads from the various suppliers fit in many coffee machines. Unlike coffee capsule machines, you are not tied to a particular system, but can buy the pads that make the coffee you like best. Coffee pods can be bought online, in supermarkets and drugstores.
  • Unlike coffee capsules, coffee pods are relatively environmentally friendly. The coffee pods are coated with cellulose just like tea bags. Therefore, coffee pads are biodegradable and can go directly into the organic waste garbage can or compost.

How does the coffee taste from a pad machine??

The taste of coffee from a coffee pod machine is similar to that of brewed coffee. The reason: coffee pod machines, like filter machines, usually build up only a low water pressure. However, coffee from a pad machine is somewhat different from filter coffee. Modern machines produce a light crema in every cup, which makes coffee enjoyment special. Models with E.S.E.-pads prepare the coffee at higher pressure and therefore come closer to a fully automatic coffee machine.

How sustainable are coffee pods??

If you only drink a small amount of coffee, but still value good taste, it makes sense to buy a coffee pod machine, optionally even with a milk frother. Since the pads are biodegradable, you don’t have to feel bad about the waste they produce. Simply dispose of the used pads with the organic waste. They consist solely of the coffee powder and filter paper and are therefore completely compostable. Unlike metal coffee capsules, the pads are therefore more environmentally sustainable.

What is the best way to store the coffee pods??

It is important to store coffee pods in an airtight container. The senseo pods are loose in the packaging – once it is open, the aroma escapes quickly. We therefore recommend an airtight metal tin or a zip bag. Also, don’t store pods in the refrigerator, where they can easily take on odors, which affects the taste. For E.S.E.-pads you don’t need to worry about storage as much, as each pad is individually packed in an airtight container.

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