The best dentist supplementary insurance »test 2020

The best dentist supplementary insurance »test 2020

Additional dentist insurance: which is the best. Top tariffs in comparison & test

We are often asked which additional dentist insurance is the best. In our dentist supplementary insurance comparison, we compared the best tariffs and evaluated them with regard to their product features. The comparison system designed by us as well as the test results from Stiftung Warentest / Finanztest and Ökotest help you to find the best additional dentist insurance for you in the test. Compare the tested tariffs in peace by setting your date of birth and then clicking the "Compare" button and compare the services with your personal requirements. So you will find the best private dentist supplementary insurance for yourself.

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How can our dentist supplementary insurance test help you find the right tariff?

So that future dentist costs do not burden the wallet, it is important to have additional dentist insurance. For a good dentist insurance, those interested in insurance should take the opportunity to compare tariffs with the dentist additional insurance quickly and easily.

Before at Additional dentist insurance test When comparing tariffs with each other, the policyholder should think about which benefits he wants to have covered. The following services are provided by the Dentist supplementary insurance distinguished:

  • prophylaxis
  • dental treatment
  • dentures
  • orthodontics

Depending on the amount of benefits, costs of 25-100% will be reimbursed. In order to get an initial overview, the personal mask, the date of birth and the gender should be entered in the search mask. The interested party then receives a list of all insurance companies that have one private Additional dentist insurance to offer. At the beginning, the tariffs that offer the highest coverage then appear. It is important to the policyholder, if possible cheap dental insurance to find, the sorting should be done according to the cheapest price. In order to be able to compare the tariffs better, the Dentist supplementary insurance comparison 2 preferred tariffs selected and a direct comparison of the services performed.

Not every dentist’s supplementary insurance covers the same range of services

Who in choosing the appropriate one Additional dentist insurance benefits comparing the different tariffs with each other, he will quickly find that the services sometimes differ widely. This is mainly due to the fact that the insurance companies provide their customers with different product ranges. Really cheap insurance tariffs mostly only apply to dentures. This includes:

  • Inlays
  • Crowns, telescopic crowns, partial crowns and inlays
  • Bridges, pin teeth, full or partial dentures
  • functional analytical and functional therapeutic services

The one Additional dentist insurance makes sense is beyond question. However, an overview of the various offers is often difficult. In order to be able to compare the various services in our test at a glance, the addition of a percentage is often noted. This indicates how high the maximum output is. If costs of 100% are to be borne, the insurance companies apply different conditions.

For example, a bonus booklet with regular entries from the last 10 years must be proven or only the materials that are covered by the statutory health insurance companies may be used. Furthermore, a limitation to a maximum reimbursement amount per calendar year can be agreed. A precise comparison of the tariff conditions is therefore recommended. No matter what type of private provision the customer chooses, it is always important to take a close look at the tariff details that can be found on our comparison page.

The best dentist supplementary insurance in the test – this tariff convinced

It certainly makes sense on that Additional dentist insurance costs to watch out for. However, we recommend never keeping an eye on the secured benefit rates for cost reasons. If you want to be sure that you have a high-performing tooth supplement tariff, you should fall back on the test winner. The Munich Dental Supplement Insurance Association performed very well both with us and with Finanztest (Stiftung Warentest). The tariff 571 + 572 + 573 + 574 includes everything a good insurance should have:

  • High cost coverage for prophylaxis such as tooth cleaning and early detection programs for tooth, mouth and jaw diseases
  • Assumption of the treatment costs for tooth, mouth and jaw diseases
  • Refund of bridges, inlays, crowns or implants without specifying the material
  • Orthodontics for children and adolescents up to the age of 18

It is also one Additional dentist insurance without waiting, which is unfortunately rarely found. Although there is a benefit limitation in the first 4 years, the protection applies immediately after the application has been accepted by the company.

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