The best firsteel always works – the big comparison 2019

The best firesteel always works – The big comparison 2019

Does the following dialog seem familiar to you?

“Shit, the matches are wet!”, hear my comrades cursing softly.

Are there any cold ravioli now?”

“No wait, we have the lighter. Oops, where did the cog come from? “


But the trump is played as always last: a fire starter, also called Feuerstahl.

We Prepper, Surviver and Bushcrafter always have such a firestead to start a survival fire especially during the winter hike and wearing gloves.

That’s why I introduce a small selection of the most important fire steels in various sizes and materials. Here are, as always my favorites:

Best Firestahl – Light My Fire Army

My very first fire steel I had thrown away, because I thought then that I had bought cheap scrap that does not work.

I had set the scraper in the dull angle and not enough pressure.

Please read our instructions for making a fire with a fire starter below.

The best fire steels

1st Recommendation – Light My Fire Firestahl Army for 12,000 ignitions

Originally the Light My Fire Firestahl Army was for 12,000 ignitions developed for military use.

Today, the classic among the firecrackers shines with great popularity, because his sparks burn long enough to inflame even not completely dry tinder.

The structure

Overall, the tool is about 9 inches long. Of the Auermetall-Zündstahl measures 55 mm and is about 10 mm thick. The plastic handles are formed with hollows for thumb and forefinger.

So they are good in the hand.

Scraper and Firesteel are connected with a cord, whose clip serves as an emergency whistle. The length is exactly matched to the process and with 50 g, the fire starter is pleasantly light.

The firepower

Of the Manufacturer gives a total of 12,000 ignitions with which the useful life is far more than twice as high as its competitors.

The scraper makes such a solid impression that it is likely to remain the only life partner of steel.

Remove the protective layer on the rod before the first attempt. Also wipe off moisture to make sure it works.

So you can cheer for a hobo oven or your gas stove in wind and weather.

At home, check if the steel loosens or loosens. If so, helps a drop of superglue.

Weight: 51 g, very light ignition, no dangerous goods, no travel restrictions, clearly defined sparks, 12,000 ignitions


+ very productive
+ Reliable
+ Clip can be used as an emergency whistle


– little Striker
– partly steel and handle are loosened
– Striker band a bit short

2. Convenient – The Friendly Swede Fire Starter Set

Looking for dry tinder or making feathersticks save yourself with The Friendly Swede – Set of 3 Fire Starters: A great option for experienced and easy beginners.

The structure

The 7.6 x 3 x 1 cm blocks consist of a magnesium alloy with a sunk steel on one long side. The high magnesium content results in soft material from which chips can easily be scrapped with the marking steel.

Every Friendly Swede Firestahl is included own multifunctional scraper With

  • serrated edge,
  • stamped ruler
  • and integrated bottle opener,

which you can attach together with the included chains to a survival kit and then attach anywhere.

The firepower

The shaved magnesium powder can easily be set on fire with the fire steel, resulting in very high temperatures that take the first laid wood well.

Even moist material can be ignited with magnesium shavings wonderfully inflame.

Although it is even easier with the back of the knife, you always plan only very fine chips, as they ignite much better than coarse.

Weight: 60 g, size: 7.6 x 3 x 1 cm, chain: 44.5 cm, 3-pack


+ suitable for beginners
+ Complete set for firing
+ easy application


– Magnesium block can become sharp-edged
– integrated firesteel very hard
– Rubbing edge could be sharper

3. Primus big firesteel

and avoids slipping of the fingers.

If the line is too short, you can cut it and knot each end.

The firepower

The great Primus unfolds a powerful shower of sparks. Some users report that after about 40 ignitions, the spectacle clearly decreases, which is less due to the Firesteel scraper than to the surface of the staff.

More success in this case, rub with a knife (but never with the blade).

If the Primus Ignition Steel remains unused for a day, the surface will re-oxidize and the scraper will work properly again.

Nevertheless, the abrasion is quite high: the manufacturer calculated about 13 euros for 1000 ignitions, which would have to be enough for a season.

Weight: 50 g, temperature: Sparks 3000 ° C, weather-resistant, for about 1000 ignitions


+ strong sparking
+ Rubber instead of a string
+ Resistant to moisture


– too short cord
– fast removal
– Sparking subsides

4. Ganzoo fire steel with housing

The Augsburg outdoor outfitter Ganzoo is known primarily for quality paracord, but the range also includes different kind of priming aids, of which we would like to introduce the Ganzoo fire steel with housing.

The structure

The Firestar is located in a screw-on aluminum housing, in whose tip a compass is integrated.

Threaded housing is a good idea in itself, the compass – in my opinion an unnecessary gimmick.

Good grip offers the knurled surface; The 70 cm long metal chain offers variable attachment possibilities.

The unscrewed, somewhat obliquely held aluminum tube turns into a shrill emergency whistle by powerful blow-in, and a cubotan is screwed together.

On the chain hangs the multifunctional scriber:

  • For orientation, a Map Rangefinder is engraved,
  • on the edge is a centimeter scale and a bottle opener
  • At the head of the jagged scribe surface is placed, although the longitudinal edges are suitable.

By the way, the Ganzoo Six-in-One Firestarter seems to be identical to the Böker Firestarter here. Who copied anyone here??

The firepower

At least 8000 ignitions The magnesium flint is supposed to do, and the Ganzoo Firestahl does that without any mucking already after one or two strokes on the blank rubbed spot.

The long friction surface very easily produces many and large sparks, so it should be out of reach of curious kids.

The Striker is, however sharpened only one-sided, which will make left-handles problems.

For just over 10 euros (when writing the article) you will get sturdy quality, unless you are bothered by the 100 g weight.

Weight: 101 g, 70 cm long ball chain, 60 x 8 mm magnesium flint, total size: 120 x 17 x 17 mm


+ Aluminum housing
+ extremely robust
+ multifunctional


– heavy
– Compass does not work
– dyes black

5. Gerber Bear Grylls ignition steel

Only producing sparks would not be enough as a survival tool for the Gerber Zündstahl Bear Grylls, GE31-000699.

The structure

The Bear Grylls Firestar can easily be recognized by its usual gray-orange design.

The 12 cm long plastic cover is printed with emergency signals, Morse and hand signals, with which one can make oneself noticeable.

On the solid cord, which can also be used for repairs, hangs an emergency whistle.

The cap of the shell can be unscrewed. Behind it hides a ca. 1.8 cm deep reaching in, waterproof cavity for tinder. Gerber immediately delivers a small cotton ball.

Pay attention to a firmly screwed capsule, since otherwise you can lose the tool and only the lid hangs on the band.

The Feuerstahl scraper is unlike some competitors twice as long, which makes handling easier for inexperienced people.

The firepower

The usable part of the fire steel is not 4 cm long, which requires some practice for the use. The rear part sits untouched in the shell, which is a bit annoying since a Exchange not planned is.

A sufficient amount of larger sparks can be properly scraped on the mischmetrod.

Weight: 79 g, length: 12 cm, waterproof housing, wearable around the neck


+ Signal information on the capsule
+ waterproof zunderbox
+ low weight


– a lot of white space in the capsule
– loss possible
– Firestar short and thin

Who will be our best firestar in comparison?

In practice, the Light My Fire Firestahl Army scores well for its longevity and stable scraper, which is why we call it our overall winner.

Our price-performance recommendation is the fire starter of The Friendly Swede in the set of 3, since it contains three units to the equivalent, that an average simple fire steel costs already and the fire also guarantees newcomers a sense of achievement.

Best Firestahl – Light My Fire Army

It always works: make fire with fire steel

To light a fire in the rain or snow with the simplest means is a vital task in emergency situations.

The fun factor is not too short: Fire without a lighter spreads the flair of adventure and independence in various outdoor activities.

Three things the man needs:

  • A fire-stone,
  • a scraper
  • and tinder.

In the most popular version, scrapers are scrapers in a set on a string, a chain or in a capsule.

When buying firelogs, look for one stable, sharp-edged scriber with enough grip.

A good firestar is long enough to allow the scraper to pull over with pressure, speed and angle.

Optionally, you can use a back of the knife, perhaps even a scribing surface is integrated into your outdoor knife, like the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife.

Coated blades do not work on the firestar.

The right kind of lighter

The best technology is futile effort, if the fuel does not play along. If you from home To start camping, you should pack these dry igniters:

  • Cotton wool, make-up removal pads, a tampon
  • Paper tissues, household roll, toilet paper
  • Egg cartons, cotton fabric, camping cube in cubic shape

tinder from nature are all dried organic substances like:

  • Lichen, foliage, scrub, empty bird nests
  • white birch bark, dead fine twigs, moss

What different fire steels exist and how do they work??

Firestone, Firestarter, Firesteel: These terms usually refer to bar-shaped firesteel with or without handle. Besides, there are those as a block.

The classic fire steel

The European fire starter with handle made of a metal mixture, the harder the less magnesium is contained. The sparks are small and burn short. Advantage is the long durability due to the low abrasion.

Firesteel of mischmetal

A Mischmetall Firesteel from the USA consists mainly of the elements ferrocerium and lanthanum. To produce stability, this soft alloy is hardened with additions of iron and magnesium. Even slight pressure produces large, drop-shaped sparks, which fly further ahead and glow longer than in the previous one.

Flint of magnesium

A rectangular magnesium flint with inserted firestarter stick is practical even without previous knowledge. First, the block is shaved off magnesium chips and mixed with a little cotton or fine wood shavings.

Fires struck from the firesteel then ignite the fire.

Also, the magnesium fire steel key fob should not overly complain, this flint is unbreakable anyway.

The magnesium fire steel

A cheap fire steel such as the OUTDOOR FREAKZ is made of pure magnesium without reinforcing additives.

This creates small sparks with a light touch, with more pressure a true sparkling rain.

The vast majority of customer opinions are positive.


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