The best free cleaner apps for android

With these cleaners, you can make room for something new on smartphones and tablets with android. remove braking junk files, useless garbage in the app cache and remnants of old installations in no time at all.

Always enough memory: cleaner apps keep mobile devicesäte clean

The data garbage doesn’t stop at android devices either. Long-forgotten installations, old advertising videos, an inflated app cache or forgotten APK files make storage space a scarce commodity even on modern devices. And then many users quickly run out of storage space for new photos, whatsapp media or for an important system upgrade.

If this is already the case for you, or if you don’t want it to get that far in the first place, here’s the remedy: we’ve put together a selection of the best cleaner apps tested from the play store, with which you can quickly free up unnecessarily used memory – with the tools in our selection, even laymen can do this with just one keystroke. In addition to the tests, you can find other cleaning devils that also know their trade in an exemplary manner in our picture gallery:

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Fancy Cleaner 2021 - Antivirus, Booster, Reiniger

Fancy cleaner 2021 – antivirus, booster, cleaner cleaner and smartphone manager in one: with this app we slim down android devices, manage installed apps and track down missing files in memory.

With the right app, you can track down duplicate pictures, find and delete apps that no one needs anyway, or simply let the virtual cleaning devil do it himself: depending on your usage behavior, cleaner apps can also find and remove up to several gigabytes of data junk on their own.

The virtual house cleaning usually not only provides more space, but the operating speed can also benefit from a cleaning. integrated app managers often offer additional functions, for example for displaying permissions or for quickly deleting a stack of installed apps.

Another plus point when cleaning your android device: deleting app cache, forgotten junk files and so on. Also removes lots of digital fingerprints from smartphone and tablets.

All of the cleaner apps we tested are available free of charge. Sometimes free users have to live with advertising or do without secondary features.

Fancy cleaner 2021 – antivirus, booster, cleaner

Fancy Cleaner 2021 - Antivirus, Booster, Reiniger

Cleaner and smartphone manager in one: with this app we slim down android devices, manage installed apps and track down missing files in memory.

Whether it’s data garbage, clogged caches or malware: the fancy cleaner 2021 ejects unwanted bits and bytes from android devices at the touch of a button. But that’s just the beginning of the cleaner’s functions: with a duplicate finder, we eliminate duplicate images in the gallery and a network analysis takes a close look at apps that use the internet connection in a particularly brazen way. Even energy-hungry applications can be put to rest with the cleaner, intrusive notifications can be removed, and if you want to better protect sensitive apps, you can use the tool to hide them from prying eyes with a PIN or swipe pattern. A game booster is also on board and the most important cleaner functions are always available in the app via a widget in the taskbar. The latest version of the app promises fewer ads, a stronger antivirus and better battery performance.

Secure browser and many extras

The comparatively extensive cleaner tool comes with a secure and private browser, can cool down hot-running processors by unloading them and has its own cleaning routine for the messenger service whatsapp. In order for the cleaner to do without the sometimes lavish advertising, an upgrade is required: this costs 1.69 euros for 1 month, 3.29 euros for 3 months and 6.49 euros per year.

conclusion to the test of the android app fancy cleaner 2021 – antivirus, booster, cleaner

With numerous practical extras, this android cleaner stands out from the crowd in terms of functionality, but a premium upgrade is only available by subscription.

German language, free of charge

Phone cleaner – cache clean, android booster master

Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master

This cleaner relieves the CPU, sweeps data garbage from the android device and sends hyperactive apps into deep sleep.

The phone cleaner creates more space in the device memory, empties the working memory at least temporarily and can accelerate the working speed of sluggish smartphones. If you send unused background processes to sleep with the app, you can also look forward to an extended device runtime. The tool removes useless remnants of once installed apps, reminds users regularly to do virtual house cleaning and removes notifications when they flood the taskbar again. The virtual mop is easy to use with its clear layout, modern design and smooth animations round off the functional tool in an exemplary manner: the weekly cleaning routine is completed in just a few seconds. A CPU cooler is also on board.

Convenient quick access, but not yet a premium version

All primary functions of the phone cleaner are available via quick access in the taskbar. We can use it to detect and eliminate the largest files in memory – security confirmation included. the german translation of the app is currently still incomplete and an ad-free premium version is also not yet available.

conclusion to the test of the android-app phone cleaner- cache clean, android booster master

Fast, simple, clear: we can get rid of data junk or particularly large memory guzzlers with this cleaner in no time at all. A duplicate finder is not on board.

English language, free of charge

Phone master junk cleaner

Phone master app lock,data manager,junk cleaner

More space and more safety: this cleaner goes far beyond standard functions, but still promises simple and clear handling.

The phone master removes data junk from android devices, but also offers particularly comprehensive all-round maintenance and numerous extras. Using app locker, we can securely lock photos, messages or even apps with a PIN – even swipe patterns can be set up. The cleaner revokes the autostart permission of intrusive apps, and we also use it to track down clandestine bandwidth-suckers: if an app is once again particularly brazen in its use of the network connection, we can quickly put an end to this activity. The app also takes care of long-forgotten installation packages, videos and audio files, and can even fend off spam text messages and unknown and potentially intrusive callers via a harassment filter. For the messenger whatsapp has its own cleaning routine on board. The current version of the app has received a new design for scanning junk files, making it even easier to use.

energy saving and better charging

We use the cleaner to put energy-hungry apps on standby individually, which can sometimes give the android device several extra hours of use. The tool is also helpful at the socket with overcharge protection. A virus scanner and CPU cooler are also on board, and files can be easily moved from the internal memory to the SD card using the app. The current version of the app brand new design style for scanning junk files. The design is even simpler.

conclusion to the test of the android app phone master junk cleaner

Cleaning, maintenance and monitoring: this cleaner is particularly flexible with extensive extras and can also improve device security.

German language, free of charge

Files from google: more space on your smartphone

Files from Google: More space on your smartphone

Clearly arranged, clever with many handy extras google’s free cleaner tries to make an impression – with success.

free cleaner and file manager in one: files from google scores with broad functionality and expands simple cleaning routines with intelligent tips and functional file management. The app finds old photos of forgotten chat histories, removes duplicate files and can also clean up the cache and apps that have not been used for a long time. In the clear interface, we also use the tool to manually free up storage space: the file manager shovels data from the internal to the external memory if necessary and clearly breaks down important file types. Based on recommendations, we can use the app to decide for ourselves which data to throw out of the device and what may be allowed to remain. the google-typical interface promises intuitive operation and presents content in the usual clear manner.

In the current version of the app, we can restore accidentally deleted files via the recycle bin. The app now also finds blurred pictures, which we can delete. Duplicate photos can now be removed more easily thanks to the revised user interface. With the help of a pattern or a PIN, files can be saved in the secure folder.

Local file transfer included

A clear memory readout, intelligent advice on deleting old files and a fast file search with category filters make this free cleaner a convincing overall package. A backup function for google drive is already integrated and we can also forward files to other app users via a local link – this works at up to 480 mbit/s and without an internet connection.

conclusion to the test of the android app files from google

A handy and intelligent cleaner that complements memory cleaning with a functional file manager.

German-language, free of charge

SD maid – system cleaner

SD Maid - system cleaner

Secret all-rounder: this virtual maid sweeps the android device spotless and also dusts the back corners of the file structure.

SD maid – system cleaner is the secret master among android cleaners. The extensive cleaning devil is particularly thorough when cleaning devices and provides users with several virtual vacuum cleaners at the same time. A corpse finder removes useless remnants of long-forgotten applications, app and system cache can be freed from old burdens separately and the SD maid also gets rid of unused databases. With a simple file manager we search the directory structure by hand, alternatively there is a search function available – it also detects files based on the date of creation. Also powerful: a duplicate finder lists duplicate photos, music or documents, often improving the handling of media players or the gallery. This function is available here but only after an upgrade.

Cleaning according to schedule and via widget

If you don’t want to wipe by hand every time, SD maid can also schedule itself to work, a widget is also available. Like the duplicate finder, these functions are only available after a paid upgrade. Currently, the premium version costs 3.59 euros and unlocks a range of additional user statistics.

In the current version, in-app purchases can be processed better and many small bugs have been fixed. A new app control function is called "custom action": self-defined actions can be executed via the user interface.

conclusion to the test of the android app SD maid

Thorough, clever and flexible: this android cleaner takes a particularly close look at spring cleaning on the android device. The free version also does a good job here.

German language, free of charge

all-in-one toolbox -phone cleaner, app lock

All-In-One Toolbox -phone cleaner, app lock

One app, all in: this multifunctional cleaner gets rid of data junk and brings android devices back to shape with more than 30 different tools.

If cleaner apps are cleaners, then the all-in-one toolbox is the janitor: the android app comes with a particularly wide range of functions and aims to help us optimize appliances individually with more than 30 tools. We can use the tool to determine which apps are allowed to start and which are not, especially older android devices can expect more ease of use from this function. We are allowed to move apps from the internal memory to the SD card, at least partially, and the toolbox also performs (de-)installations in batches – if you regularly have to deal with changing apps, this function alone will save you a lot of time. to throw system-apps off the device, but also with toolbox root-rights are necessary.

One-click operation and various plug-ins

Both device cleaning and a performance booster work with the toolbox at the push of a button. A whole series of plug-ins and functions can be added later, including a compass, an app locker, and a QR and barcode scanner. With an upgrade, ads disappear and we can use the cleaner on up to six devices at the same time. For 1 month the pro version costs 3.09 euro, for a year 11.99 euro.

conclusion to the test of the android app all-in-one toolbox

this android cleaner has no shortage of extras: the toolbox frees up memory, manages apps and speeds up the system. We may also uncomplicatedly add many functions to the cleaner.

German language, free of charge

Droid optimizer

Droid Optimizer

At the touch of a button or automatically in the background, this system cleaner frees up space on the android device and manages device functions.

Easy handling and full overview even for laymen: the droid optimizer stays true to its name and supports android devices on several fronts at once. at the touch of a button or on a schedule in the background, the cleaner sweeps through the device memory and deletes system and app caches. the tool also finds particularly large files: if you run out of memory, this function promises particularly fast help. An app manager is also on board, browser histories are forgotten with the cleaner and a rating system is supposed to make you want to clean: small pictures and achievements are waiting here for all those who regularly reach for the virtual mop with the app. A white list, flexible options for 1-click cleaning and an automatic routine for deleting recurring folders round out the cleaner in a useful way.

car cleaner, widget and night mode

The droid optimizer also cleans the devices automatically; the app carries out selected cleaning processes in the background according to flexible time intervals. A widget is available as a quick access for the homescreen and the "privacy advisor" is supposed to expose data octopuses in the own app lists. The app is free, does without advertising and has a useful night mode: we simply switch off selected functions such as WLAN or bluetooth within selected time intervals – and then switch them back on again.

Occasional crash problems should now be taken care of with the updated version.

conclusion to the test of the android app droid optimizer

less data junk, more power: this ad-free cleaner sweeps through device memory on its own and has an app manager and auto-start wizard.

German language, free of charge

AVG cleaner lite

AVG Cleaner Lite

This extra-slim cleaner from AVG finds junk data, corrupted photos, and even those apps that hog too much mobile data for themselves.

AVG cleaner lite is the little brother of an app of almost the same name from the same developer and is also intended for use on older devices. The nimble cleaning devil finds dusty apps that no one needs anymore, tracks down faulty or duplicated photos, and gets rid of data junk. We can even use the cleaner to expose applications that use a lot of mobile data. The cleaning devil sweeps browser histories from the device and has an app manager: it removes applications that take up a lot of memory, for example. so that important memories are not accidentally lost when deleting photos, the cleaner is particularly careful at this point: all damaged or duplicated images we may check again here before deleting with the help of thumbnails.

test premium version for 30 days

With an upgrade we turn off the advertising of the cleaner, also a series of extended battery profiles come on board with it. Depending on the need, we can use it in the office or in the evening after work to activate only those device functions that we actually need in the respective environment. The battery life can sometimes be noticeably extended in this way.

conclusion of the android app AVG cleaner lite test

App manager, history cleaner and cache cleaner: this android cleaner clears the air at the touch of a button. it can also be used to read out detailed permissions and the services used by installed apps.

English language, free of charge

Phone cleaner – clean my phone

This android tool is a battery doctor and junk cleaner in one. The app helps devices charge and removes data junk effortlessly.

Phone Cleaner - Clean my phone

free cleaner with many talents: phone cleaner – clean my phone is a powerful cleaner for android device, with which we can target both unwanted data junk and weakening batteries. The tool finds and removes empty folders, detects particularly large files, and can identify duplicate images and duplicate audio files. Also get rid of old APK files and an app manager helps manage and uninstall applications. The powerful cleaner also takes care of battery problems, can manage device functions to save energy and optimize the charging process at the touch of a button. Also battery values such as temperature, health, voltage or the installed model we read out with the tool. To remove empty folders on the SD card, unfortunately, root rights are necessary here.

Especially powerful duplicate finder

If you transfer your own music to your android device or often receive the same gifs and videos on whatsapp, you will soon be faced with duplicate media. The phone cleaner can help and does it very cleverly: the tool can search for duplicate pictures, videos or audio files – or even scan all other file formats on the android device for duplicates. Small drawback: when deleting duplicate files, we have to confirm the operation manually for each individual file.

conclusion to the test of the android app phone cleaner – clean my phone

Fast multi-talent: this cleaner finds duplicate files even in untypical formats, helps with charging and removes junk files.

German language, free of charge

Qcleaner cleaner, memory unloader, game booster

QCleaner Cleaner, Memory Unloader, Game Booster

Fleet device cleaning with charging assistance and hardware information: this clear cleaner takes care of the android device cleaning and also cleans the system in the background.

The qcleaner cleaner, memory loader, game booster offers extensive core functions and can quickly make a good name for itself in the competitive field of cleaning tools. in addition to cleaner functions to remove cache files and accumulated data garbage, the cleaning tool can also free up urgently needed resources in particularly demanding android games and thus give the hardware a helping hand. A charging assistant is also on board and in a flexible background mode, the tool can also perform the device cleaning independently at regular intervals. An app manager is available, which can switch off unwanted programs in the background and knows information such as the installation sizes of individual apps. The tool also provides device, memory and network information.

Graphical display of central battery data

In a statistical analysis, the app can display measured values of the battery voltage, the battery temperature and the charging status with graphical progress diagrams. This works together with an indication of maximum and minimum values for a period of up to five days. If the battery exceeds a specified temperature range, the cleaner can activate warnings and issue messages.

conclusion to the test of android app qcleaner cleaner, memory unloader, game booster

An ad-free cleaner that reliably removes data garbage, monitors the battery and displays some compact device info.

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