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Which gaming chair I use and which models I particularly like is already known. More and more often, however, I am approached on which gaming equipment I set otherwise – I’ll show you today. Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Mousepad, Headset, Mouse Bungee & Zocker chair – I will briefly describe why I prefer which gaming equipment.

Short information about my gaming equipment

My mouse: Logitech G502

I’ve been loyal to Logitech since the MX500. Here, it depends mainly on the personal preference or the form and size of the hand, technology is here for a minor matter – I think. In the meantime I own the G502 and am very satisfied.

My keyboard: Roccat Ryos

The Ryos of Roccat are about 2 years part of my gaming equipment. Before, during my active CS days, I only owned cheap Logitech keyboards. I bought the Roccat keyboard because I played more and more games that required a complex keyboard layout – including WoW and LoL. I’m super satisfied with the product, both visually and practically, and see no disadvantage compared to expensive keyboards.

My monitor: Acer Predator

I also count my monitor from Acer to my gaming equipment. 28 “I chose here because I play more for fun today and the experience on a large gaming monitor is simply much better – at active times I would not have gone beyond 24″ probably. I particularly like the Predator’s low response time in conjunction with a huge resolution and low power consumption. The only downside: The ingenious G-Sync technology works so far only with Nvidia cards.

My Mousepad: Steelpad QcK

Also a classic that has been in my gaming equipment for over 10 years – rightly so. There is no better mousepad for me.

My headset: SteelSeries Siberia

I was a long time supporter of Sennheiser headsets and have liked to use them for years – since the release of the PC150. When my last Sennheiser headset, however, gave up the ghost, I unfortunately could not find a suitable replacement with this manufacturer, which was priced and technically possible. However, I have been very satisfied with the Siberia from SteelSeries ever since and can recommend the v2 model to anyone. I can not say how good the v3 is, but I think it will be just as good.

When it comes to headset, I am not too well informed – chairs are my specialty. But if you want to know about gaming headsets, have a look here:

My bungee: Razer Mouse bungee

Long before the first commercial Mouse Bungee came on the market, I always built something of the kind out of books or the like myself. A stuck cable can cost you a virtual head and collar in the world of eSports. For some years now I have been using the simple bungee from Razer and I am super satisfied – must have for every gaming equipment.

My gamer glasses: Gunnar Scope

Since wearing the gaming glasses, it just feels much better and healthier to spend a lot of time in front of the PC – and I definitely do, both for work and for fun. Can you only recommend it to try with a good gamer glasses – the Gunnar glasses is there a very good choice. An important part of my gaming equipment.

The gaming equipment – a very indiv >In terms of personal gaming equipment, it is always difficult or impossible to meet every taste – after all, everyone has their own individual things to value. But when I buy something new, I like to rely on the experiences of others. This makes it much easier to find the right part on the now huge gaming equipment market.

Technically, all my recommendations are great and I have thoroughly researched every purchase – reviews, reviews, experiences of acquaintances. So I’m fully behind it and I’m sure that my gaming equipment will also serve you well.

So, if you like style, buy things – you will not regret it. And if it does, sending back is always possible.

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