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  • Toothaches are an extremely unpleasant thing and spoil many a person’s appetite. It is rarely possible to predict when the annoying pain will come. In most cases, throbbing and pulling toothaches on public holidays and weekends have a desire to really get to grips with us. Then only painkillers and household remedies can help before we go to the dentist on the next free working day. If you feel unpleasant pressure or hypersensitivity in your mouth, you should react already. However, these symptoms are often overlooked so that toothaches can really spoil your day.

    Where do toothaches come from?

    Toothaches can have many different triggers. For example, they occur after various tooth injuries or when the enamel is damaged. Tooth grinding or brushing can also cause toothache. Also various gum inflammations are to blame for the pain, also infections in the head area and cysts at the tooth root can cause the violent pain. Later, exposed tooth necks are to blame for the pain, wisdom teeth are also painful during the breakthrough and must be removed in many cases.

    Which home remedies for toothache help in acute cases?

    In the following, of course, an infinite number of home remedies for toothache can be named. However, only in very few cases do they replace a proper visit to the dentist. After all, many household remedies can relieve the pain in the short term, but they become worse and worse later, for example in the case of inflammation.

    Apple pieces against toothache

    If teeth break through, for example in wisdom teeth, cold apples can relieve the pain. At best, place the apples in the refrigerator, cut them to size and chew them slowly on them or use them as a support in your mouth. The cold relieves the pressure pain, but not permanently. This technique is therefore more suitable for small children who are in the process of changing their teeth.


    Rosemary is known for its essential ingredients, which can be quite effective in relieving pain. In tea, for example, it helps against aching teeth or headaches. If you chew for several minutes on a few fresh rosemary leaves, you will quickly feel the effect.


    Cloves have already been used by our grandparents to treat toothache. It is a well-known household remedy that is still used to relieve pain and discomfort. Above all, however, the carnation can have an anti-inflammatory effect on gingivitis. You can hold it for a few minutes in the affected area or chew on it. Cloves can also help against toothache as a lukewarm infusion for rinsing.


    No, of course one should not get drunk in order not to feel the pain at some point. But in fact, high-proof alcohol can be used to rinse out the mouth. Of course we are not talking about vodka or whiskey. High-proof alcohol disinfects and can fight inflammations. It also cools and soothes pain. It is best to rinse several times a day with a final rinse. However, this method is not suitable for children.


    Moist cold washcloths or cool compresses can be pressed against the cheek from the outside and provide relief from inflammation. Inflamed gums also contract and fight the inflammation caused by the cold. Those who do not suffer from teeth that are sensitive to cold can also use ice cubes for cooling.


    Chamomile also has a highly anti-inflammatory effect and can be used especially for colds in the tooth area. Thus the medicinal herb has a very calming effect against inflammations or blocked sinuses, it is also an ideal home remedy for sore throats.

    Garlic soothes the pain. Our grandparents already knew that and even had the courage to chew on a clove of garlic. This method is extremely effective against infected tooth nerves or gums.


    Special salt solutions fight inflammations and bacterial infections. This enables the infectious agents to be combated by salt rinses, as salt counteracts germs. Although the effect is not immediate, it is lasting and long-lasting.

    tea tree oil

    In many situations it makes sense to have essential tea tree oil in your cupboard. It not only has a particularly cleansing effect on the skin, but can also be used effectively against toothache. For this you only put a few drops on the tooth and let them take effect. You can also make your own mouthwash out of it. A few drops of tea tree oil mixed with water are sufficient.

    juniper berries

    The juniper berries are somewhat more tasty than tea tree oil against toothache, although they have a similar effect to cloves. Simply chew on the berries and keep them in your mouth as long as possible. In this way, the active ingredients of the juniper berry are effectively absorbed into the tooth.

    More effective home remedies for aching teeth

    Of course, the list of effective household remedies is still very long. Sugar-free chewing gum can also be used temporarily to treat toothaches. Many people report that heat envelopes with essential oils have helped them. Still others rinse with hydrogen peroxide and swear on the pain-relieving effect. Cinnamon can also relieve pain and inflammation and can be used together with water as a rinse. Yes, there are extremely many foods that have an extremely anti-inflammatory effect. They can all be used at any time, even preventively, against toothache. For example, those who do not like the smell and taste of the onion can help with various herbs or essential oils.

    Last but not least, a dentist should be consulted as soon as possible.

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