The best idea: travel at parental leave

In our opinion, it is one wonderful idea for parental leave, together a journey to do. Best as long as possible. And like to a more distant destination, for which otherwise would not easily have so much time.

by Anne · Published May 4, 2017

Holiday in Center Parcs

We have now for the second time our experiences in the Center Parc: in the Center Parc Bispinger Heide and in the Center Parc Eifel. Our two children were at the visits between 1.5 and 4.5 years.

by Anne · Published 29. January 2017 · Last modified January 30, 2017

A wonderful parental leave itinerary through France

France definitely offers more than a great parental leave itinerary. We left in February 2013 with a baby for our first 11-week parental leave journey. Because of the milder temperatures, we opted for a route.

by Anne · Published 26 January 2017 · Last modified 15 February 2017

Personal development on a parental leave journey

A parental leave journey is everyday life abroad, family time, relationship time, study time and time to be inspired. We continue to evolve over all these aspects. And we could not have experienced all that at home in this intensity.

by Anne · Published 25. January 2017 · Last modified January 28, 2017

Parental leave – traveling with baby

For us it is clear: traveling in parental leave with baby is the best way to make a long journey. Why this time is so good for traveling, how to find a good destination, how old the baby should be, and what we have come up with after many trips …

by Anne · Published January 23, 2017

Traveling during parental leave – what should that actually be?

Really have time for the family! That is our clear answer to this question of why we wanted to travel during parental leave. Life changes very much with baby, so a trip is perfect to get to know each other as a family.

by Anne · Published January 20, 2017

Checklist – Preparation for a parental leave journey

A long parental leave trip can not be booked at the travel agency. You have to plan it yourself from start to finish. As you prepare the best, so you do not forget anything – find out here …

by Anne · Published January 20, 2017 · Last modified Jan 30, 2017

The route of our parental leave trip to South Africa

Planning our 3-month parental leave trip to South Africa was not easy. But in the end, we had a wonderful route that offers great goals for kids and parents alike. Read here, where it exactly went …

by Anne · Published January 20, 2017 · Last modified Jan 30, 2017

Trip to South Africa with children

How does a 3-month trip to South Africa with children work? Learn here how we planned, what thrilled us, what the kids loved and what the downsides of South Africa are …

by Anne · Published 19 January 2017

The best 5 tips for packing for long trips with children

Packing for long trips with one or more children can be a big challenge for a family. What and how much of it should you take with you? But on several trips we have a system.

by Anne · Published 17 January 2017

Safety in South Africa on parental leave journey

Many friends and acquaintances frowned as we mentioned our destination: what about security in South Africa? The much said crime scared off many people. Therefore, we have informed ourselves well in advance.

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