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Here everyone can have fun: great ideas for carefree excursions with children in Switzerland

Enjoying time with the children without a care in the world… Sometimes it’s not that easy, is it? But really good tips for your excursions with children can turn the adventure of leisure time into good things. See for yourself!

Practical conditions

Do you already know our excursion tips for families with children? We know that trips with children are fun. has some great ideas for family excursions with the little ones. We have put together a variety of leisure ideas for you. These make it easy for you to enjoy the next day off with your children from the bottom of your heart. Here come the best excursion destinations for families with children! Super excursion tips guaranteed.

Trampolino in Dietikon – Canton Zurich

An excellent giant playground: the Trampolino was rated by the “Observer” as the test winner at the children’s play halls in Switzerland. Children from two to 15 years find their luck on the Ferris wheel, the rolling barrel, ten (!) trampolines and much more. You still don’t have enough? How about a visit to Zurich Zoo to follow up a successful excursion with the whole family?

Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur – Canton Zurich

Simply phenomenal: the Technorama, the only Science Center in Switzerland, is a classic excursion destination for families and offers something for young and old to lever, crank, observe and marvel at. Science is presented here in a playful and instructive way.

Spectator terrace at the airport in Kloten – Canton Zurich

Relax and sniff the air from the airport: on the spectator terrace with an airplane playground at Switzerland’s largest airport in Zurich-Kloten, you can do just about anything a (childlike) aviator could desire. Children happy, everyone happy.

Family tour Christian Schenker in Olten – Canton Solothurn

The family tour Christian Schenker leads through Olten on eleven surprising listening stations. Equipped only with a smartphone or tablet, there are funny and entertaining stories and songs to be heard at every station.

EBIANUM Excavator Museum in Fisisbach – Canton Aargau

You have a sandbox at home yourself? No sandbox can compete with the EBIANUM! It is a construction machinery museum, an event location and a perfect destination for families with children.

Globi aerial cableway to Engstligenalp – Canton Bern

The Globi aerial cableway transports visitors to the alp above Adelboden, where they can spend a lot of fun with the joker in his checkered trousers. In summer as well as in winter. After the excursion in the mountains you can stop off with your children in a restaurant and eat and drink something delicious.

Aquabasilea in Pratteln – Canton Basel

A fun water park, ideal as a destination for families with children! While the little ones have their fun in the small children’s area and older children linger in the wave pool, on water slides or in the white water streams of Aquabasilea, everyone else relax in the sauna world or in the Hamam.

BEO Funpark in Bösingen – Canton Fribourg

In former times balls were hit in the former tennis hall, today there is an XXL indoor/outdoor playground in the Beo Funpark with a climbing volcano extending over three floors, a multi-storey climbing castle, terrariums and, and, and. A child’s dream and a park with a thousand possibilities!

Laternli Trail on the Schwägalp – Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden

The Laternli Trail on the Schwägalp leads visitors through the Schwägalp Säntis Nature Adventure Park during the winter months. The tour is suitable for families and – as the name suggests – lined with lanterns.

Adventure trail around the Engelstock – Canton Schwyz/Kanton Zug

The adventure trail and panorama trail on the Engelstock is perfect for excursions with children in Switzerland. It offers breathtaking views of the foothills of the Alps, high Alps, three lakes and a suspension bridge experience. In winter, the adventure trail becomes a winter hiking trail. Parents can also relax while hiking.

Sea Life in Konstanz – Germany

How about a nice trip to the neighboring country? Sea Life has more than 3000 animals in over 30 freshwater and saltwater basins and aquariums to discover, including Werner, the wreck bass or Sam, the nurse shark. A destination independent of the weather for experiences with children – for example during holidays.

Rope park Atzmännig in Goldingen – Canton St. Gallen

The rope park in Atzmännig in eastern Switzerland has a lot to offer: A rope park with a secured children’s course and the toboggan run and amusement park are also just around the corner. A perfect Easter excursion, isn’t it?

Fairytale castles on Lake Thun – Canton Bern

The castles and palaces on the picturesque Lake Thun are fairytale. A great and instructive destination for the whole family.

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