The best mobile phone tariffs for children in austria 2017

The best mobile phone tariffs for children in Austria 2017

Children are curious and often want to be in the Elementary school age a cell phone. After all, 30% of children of primary school age already have a smartphone, which is why many children don’t want to lag behind the trend. Many parents are concerned with the topic "Smartphone“More critical of it and are often not sure whether this is really necessary.

But when does a smartphone really make sense? Is this a relief in everyday life or is it a source of danger for the child?

Mobile phone ownership for children has many advantages

Many children in Austria have to walk their way to school on their own. Often parents have to be at work earlier, which is why they have no choice but to send the children to school alone. But children are dreamy, naive and careless, which is why many parents fear that the child will actually arrive at school.

In such situations, it is advisable to give the child a cell phone. In this way, parents can be informed by the child when they have arrived safely at school. Many free chat portals, such as Whats-Up, can provide information with one click about whether the child has walked well to school. If the child has forgotten it, it can always be reached via the cell phone. So parents no longer have to worry and have control over their child.

In addition, parents can be informed and picked up immediately by the child in the event of short-term changes to the timetable, accidents, unpleasant annoyances or the like. So the child is not on its own in extreme situations. But even for less important cases, the smartphone fulfills its purpose. Forgot your sandwich? Leave the ruler on the desk? A text message to the grandma or another confidant is sufficient with the cell phone and the courier can deliver the necessary utensils to the child.

Mobile phone tariffs for children make sense

Basically, between one unsubsidized and one Prepaid tariff (Prepaid cell phone). This raises the question of when a contract makes sense. If you only want to reach a child for school or emergencies, a prepaid card is sufficient. After all, the cell phone is not used very often because communication between primary school children in the early years is not limited to the cell phone.

In addition, full cost control is always offered when using a prepaid card. Once the credit has been used up, it can be easily recharged via SMS.

The best prepaid tariffs

The following prepaid tariffs are among the most popular in Austria:

These differ mainly in their services and the monthly costs. The more the cell phone is used, the better it is to choose the higher basic fee and the associated free content of SMS or calls.

The Megaklax and Volle Mücke tariffs also offer one child protection who blocks unwanted content and expensive value-added numbers. This is particularly important for younger children, since they cannot yet deal with the unfiltered content on the Internet. The lock costs between 2-4 euros per month for both tariffs. The data volume is also limited with these prepaid providers and is limited to 3000 MB (Volle Mücke) and 1000 MB (Megaklax LTE).

The best cell phone contracts for children and teenagers

The best known providers for this are:

However A1 kids the only tariff that specifically addresses the needs of parents. There is full cost control and a limited message and data quota to protect children. In addition, as with a prepaid cell phone, expensive value-added numbers are blocked. The contract costs EUR 7.90 per month and has a minimum term of 12 months.

The remaining two providers, UPC Mobile and Hot Fix, need a little bit of trust in the child to use these mobile tariffs. There is no cost control or blocking of certain value-added numbers here.

UPC Mobile on the other hand offers a data volume of 10 GB, with which the child can “let off steam” on the Internet and with the greatest probability can never go beyond the limit. However, the contract only contains 500 free minutes and 500 free text messages, which is why the child has to be more careful with these units and can quickly get over the agreed bill. This tariff costs 10 euros.

Hot-Fix has the smallest free volume of free sms and minutes. The data volume of 3000 MB is also kept very low. This tariff is only suitable for children who either use the cell phone very little or are accompanied by their parents on their smartphone on a daily basis.


As you can see, you don’t always have to be a mobile phone opponent in children. Of course, the internet has a lot of dangers these days, which is why many parents are skeptical about buying a cell phone for their child. However, a cell phone for children, with the necessary information about sources of danger, also offers many advantages.

Children are always reachable and never alone in emergency situations. They also learn to deal with responsibility. After all, you have to take care of your cell phone and keep control over costs. Put some trust in your child and benefit from the advantages as well as your child.

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