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Dear ones, after I recently wrote down my absolute favorite poem on the topic of children, today are a few quotes that should make you laugh, make you think or warm your heart. Even if you would like to pull the duvet over your head at times, if you feel like you have to say everything a hundred times. If you have to get up at night, if the mood is bad, if you think everything will be too much: children are the future. We have a great opportunity to help shape the future. And actually there is nothing better in the world!

– The life of the parents is the book in which the children read (Augustinus Aurelius)

– Parents are the most difficult to forgive their children for the mistakes they have made themselves (Marie von Ebner Eschenbach)

– A mother is the only person in the world who loves you before he knows you (Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi)

– And in the end, your child’s laugh is the only currency that exists. (unknown)

– If I caught my child reading secretly under the covers, I would buy him batteries for the flashlight. (Stephan Sarek, German writer)

– If the children are small, we have to help them take root. But when they grew up, we have to give them wings. (From India)

– It’s not philosophers who ask the most radical questions, but children. (Hellmut Walters, German writer)

– You can learn love. And nobody learns better than children. When children grow up without love, one should not be surprised if they themselves become loveless. (Astrid Lindgren)

– Children have to be very lenient with adults. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

– The more we love our children, the less it will be enough for them to just follow in our footsteps. (Friechdrich Schleiermacher, German theologian)

– It there are none great discoveries and progress while there is still an unhappy child on earth. (Albert Einstein)

– A child is not a vessel that fills, but a fire that wants to be lit. (Francois Rebelais, French poet)

– Today’s children are tyrants. They disagree with their parents, spill with the Eat and annoy their teachers. (Socrates)

– The safest way to lose children is to always want to keep them. (Adolf Sommerauer, German theologian)

– Education is an example and love, nothing else. (Friedrich Froebel, German educator)

– A mother also understands what a child doesn’t say. (Jewish proverb)

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while and their hearts forever. (unknown)

– The children know neither the past nor the future, and – what can hardly happen to us adults – they enjoy the present. (Jean de la Bruyere)

– There is no problematic child, there are only problematic parents (Alexander Neill)

– There is a wonderful depth in every child (Robert Schumann)

– As a child everyone an artist. The difficulty lies in staying one as an adult (Picasso)

– If you want intelligent children, read them fairy tales. If you want even smarter kids, read them more fairy tales (Einstein)

– The best way to bring up a child is to give them a good mother. (Christian Morgenstern)


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