The Best Travel Time for Thailand – Climate Table and Tips for Your Family Vacation

Thailand has a tropical climate, it is very warm all year round, with high humidity. During the day the temperature is usually around 30 degrees. With a cooling breeze on the beach, a stay on the island is ideal.

In a big city like Bangkok it is important that you take your time to acclimatize and give yourself and your family enough rest. We recommend that you start your holiday with your children with the tuk-tuks and temples in Bangkok.

The rainy seasons play an important role in Thailand. There are showers all year round and there are some monsoon seasons (different in each region) when it rains more than in the rest of the year. Nevertheless, Thailand can be visited all year round if the route is well planned. From December to May is the driest time, there are favourable conditions for all activities.

Let your gaze wander over the vastness of the jungle.

Climate in the different regions

Hectic honking of the Tuk Tuks (Autorikschas) and ringing temple bells: Sawadee Ka in Thailand. After your arrival at the airport, you will immediately realize that you have Asian soil under your feet. Central Thailand (River Kwai for example) can be visited all year round. Between May and September it rains more often, but it is often about a welcome cool down in the afternoon. In the rainy season it often rains at predictable times. Our travel specialists know the weather in Thailand and take this into account when planning your trip.

Northern Thailand does not have a real rainy season either, you can travel all year round. There are showers from time to time, in the months of August and September they occur more often. However, the showers pass quickly as it is not as warm here as in the rest of the country. During the walks it is pleasant when it is cooler. The warmest travel months (up to 35 degrees) for Chiang Mai and surroundings are April & May.

Relax on the beach.

In the south

…the rainy periods are longer than in the north or in central Thailand. So the planning requires a little more attention. The southwest coast with Koh Lanta has the most rainfall. The small monsoon season begins in May, when the rain is more frequent and unpredictable. The small monsoon lasts until mid-June. The real rainy season begins in August and reaches its peak in October. The best time to visit the islands of Railay Bay, Koh Lanta or Phi Phi is from November to April.

In November the south-east monsoon really gets going: Koh Samui and Koh Phangan get their full load. In January it’s sunnier and dry again, the sea may still be a bit polluted by the algae that the storm has brought with it. The best time to visit the islands in the southeast is between March and September.

Relax on the beach with your family.

If you travel during the school holidays

Winter holidays: An excellent time to travel. Although it can rain from time to time, the sun shines abundantly and the weather is very pleasant throughout Thailand. So you can make all our round trips at this time.

Easter vacation: This is also an excellent time to take a holiday in Thailand with your children. It is warmer than in the other months, but as the small monsoon begins in the southwest, a refreshing shower can fall from time to time. In the south it rains more often than in other parts of the country because of the high humidity. Since the school holidays are exactly two weeks, the round trip Adventure Thailand is recommended.

A raft ride can be a lot of fun.

Summer vacation: In this period the rainy season begins in different parts of Thailand. This does not mean that it rains all day long. However, expect a refreshing shower in the late afternoon. If you want to end your trip with a beach holiday, we recommend that you end your round trip on Koh Phangan or Koh Samui. The rainy season does not begin until November.

Autumn holidays: October is generally a rather wet month in Thailand, but this does not apply to the whole country. It’s a good time to go to northern and central Thailand, with lots of sunshine and occasional showers. In the southwest the peak of the rainy season is in October. Also on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan it rains more often in October.

Christmas holidays: An excellent travel time for Thailand, because it is actually beautiful everywhere. This is not to say that it never rains, but there is plenty of sunshine. So you can choose between all the building blocks.

And outside school holidays?

In short, the period from November to the end of June is a good travel time. In April it is a little warmer because of the high humidity. May, September and October are the wettest months. But note that the weather is hard to predict and that a dry season is no guarantee for a holiday without rain. When planning your trip, we take into account the different weather conditions so you have the best chance of getting good weather.

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