The best vegan restaurant berlin: the bowl


Best vegan restaurant Berlin: The Bowl

Japanese, Lebanese or maybe American Burger, it’s a child of a Berlin Life style to seek new restaurants and to taste the cuisines of the world. Just when it comes to, vegan restaurant Berlin ‘some meat fans look at you as if you were joking. Even though I am not a vegan, I can not understand this attitude. Vegan does not mean tasteless food or that one will stay hungry. For all the meet lovers: try it, you do not need to worry.

But of course, even in the vegan kitchen there are quality differences. And because it is not always easy to find a good vegan restaurant in Berlin, I want to share my latest discovery with you. Believe me: everybody loves it, including my meat loving boyfriend.

Vegan restaurant Berlin

Next to the Warsaw Bridge in the district Friedrichshain you want to find a restaurant that’s right for more than a year now: the bowl.

The menu card is filled with a great variety of fresh and healthy vegan food. All food trends are as avocado and quinoa are covered. They were surfing lovely arranged in a bowl, which makes Foodies happy. The same applies to the choice of drinks, from a great range of special teas to freshly squeezed smoothies. Do you like chai tea? Order it! I never had a better one!

The service is attentive but unobtrusive while friendly, in a natural way. It just feels like you were invited by friends.

And the restaurant interior? Wood meets black metal, chalk walls and turquoise. Whether one prefers to sit at the coffee table, neat at the dining table or casual on the bar.

Notice the quality of all ingredients and the other points mentioned above. A filled bowl is about 12 euros and a smoothie about 5.5 euros.

Finally I just have to say …

..this is not sponsored … I’m really a fan of The Bowl. It’s a great location which you can not just visit with vegans. There is no such thing as leaving this vegan restaurant unhappy or hungry.

Vegan Restaurant Berlin: The Bowl

Address: Warren Street 33 directly above the Veganz shop

Opening hours: Monday: 12:00 to 23:30 and Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 to 23:30

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