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Sweet and touching at the same time

The big day of the wedding has many romantic, heartfelt moments. The speeches or short congratulations given by the wedding guests during the celebration will surely create some of them. It is particularly touching when a child (or several) – whether that of the wedding couple or guests – is one poem recite. There are numerous short and long wedding poems for children on the web and in books. We have collected a few particularly beautiful ones.

Wedding poems for children – the younger the child, the shorter the poem

If a child dares to speak to a wedding party, it takes a lot of courage. So great when an intrepid volunteer is found. Most beautiful poems consist of only two lines – even a younger child can easily remember them. It is also nice when several children say different, well-fitting verses. Important: Do not force a sprout if the once brave suddenly panics, otherwise the tears roll down.

Short wedding poems for children from about 3 to 6

When I grow up I do it like you:
I take a pretty woman and watch the children.

I wish you a long life without annoyance on your wedding day.
God give you luck and graciously guide your destiny.

For your wedding, the beautiful festival, I can only say one sentence:
Love you as much as you can until your heart bursts!

Some say "toi, toi, toi", others shout "ahoy",
and I, I say cheerfully: Dear bride and groom, do it well!

I am the smallest in the circle who does not yet have much to say,
but he / she wishes the dearest couple the most beautiful ever!

(Author unknown)

Longer wedding poems for children who are already at school

A pot of effort,
A pot of comfort,
a plate full of spring,
a plate full of questions
a bowl full of life,
a bowl of laughter
and a large spoon,
to make them all empty

We brought flowers with us
and stand here for congratulations.
We made ourselves extra fine,
we are not nearly as beautiful like you?

You are the main character today
with all the wedding guests.
And who is most happy here,
you know that yourself best.

Now we want to curtsey
give you our bouquets
Then we call out as loudly as possible:
You two lives should be high!

(Author unknown)


Joy should never be silent.
Joy should show itself openly.
Joy should laugh, shine and sing.
Joy should thank you for a lifetime.
Joy should shine through your soul.
Joy should swing on.
Joy should last
A life long.

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