The bizarre, sick and frightening propaganda of the children of god

The cult recruits new members through sex and sees it as a God-given task to carry not only the word, but also the sperm of Jesus into the world.

David Brandt Berg | Photos:

The "Children of God"-Movement was founded in 1968 by former pastor David Brandt Berg in Huntington Beach, California. For his following, he was known as Moses David, Mo, King David, Dad and Grandpa. The group was essentially a communist cult founded to spread the word of Jesus on the streets. You had one "ancient" Idea of ​​Christianity, which, at least in Berg’s view, is largely about sex. When the organization was founded in 1978 "Family of Love" renamed, Berg already had the so-called "Flirty fishing" introduced a recruitment method whereby women should gain new members through sex.

But family sex wasn’t just part of the recruitment phase. When the name was changed for the second time in 1987 (just in "The Family"), the group faced a variety of allegations, including kidnapping, child abuse, and other types of sexual abuse. At the time there were branches of the sect all over the world. In 1993, over 70 percent of the 10,000 members were under the age of 18 and lived according to a strict and totally crazy set of rules drawn up by Berg and his wife Karen Zerby. By the way, Zerby is still the head of the organization that is currently active "The Family International" is called.

In the following I paraphrase the 20 basic principles of the family.

1. God loves sex, because sex is love.

2. Satan hates sex because sex is beautiful.

3. Incest is OK, because who better to teach a young man how to love than his own mother?

4. 11 year olds can get pregnant, so why shouldn’t they have sex?

5. Fucking with your grandfather is great.

6. Everyone is married to everyone.

7. Children should receive school education from their parents at least until the age of 13. If you want to learn more afterwards, "the parents decide whether this is possible at home".

8. Pictures of naked parishioners, too "Nudie Cuties" are great bookmarks for the Bible.

9. It is OK to lie to unbelievers to protect God’s work.

10. Men shouldn’t be gay, but lesbian women are hot.

11. Masturbation is sex with Jesus. When a man has sex with Jesus, he is no longer a man, but Jesus woman. So the whole thing is no longer gay and therefore OK.

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12. If you have sex with Jesus, then he likes dirty talk. Brochures were made that "Love words" contain. You can whisper these to make Jesus horny. These include:

  • Hold me i love you Penetrate me.
  • I want to feel you inside of me! Give me your semen.
  • You excite me, Jesus, and I want to feel your love. I want to excite you too!
  • Jesus, you are the best of all lovers.
  • I want to enjoy you, Jesus, look at you, taste you, feel you, fuck you!
  • I have to hold you in my arms. I have to feel your naked body against my naked body.
  • I want to suck your penis. I want to taste your seed!
  • I am completely crazy about you and your penis!
  • My pussy is looking forward to you, Jesus!
  • Are you doing me very wet.

13. It is not very Christian to use such words as "tail" or "cunt" accept. If you do, it is OK, because they are purified by the Word of God. Just don’t use them all the time or anything.

14. The prophecies of Jesus are called "golden seed". A great way to get it is to suck Jesus "golden rod" (or another man’s staff if you’re a woman and Jesus can’t find it).

15. Jesus was supposed to return in 1993. When he didn’t return in 1993, he just wanted to give the family more time to grow.

16. Rape is a way for women to preach the gospel to the rapist. Actually, she should have offered sex on her own anyway, because that’s a good way to convert people to family beliefs.

17. The "Keys of the Kingdom" are powerful words that reinforce your prayers again. They also power UFOs and can turn into swords to fight demons.

18. God has September 11th in "the whore america" let it happen because the World Trade Centers symbolized the stupidity of the fat, lazy and rich.

19. Hitler was on the right track, he just didn’t do enough, because Jews are subhuman demons. The Holocaust never really happened.

20. Heaven is actually one "Space City", which exists in a 2400 km long, wide and high pyramid. This pyramid either travels to Earth through space or is hidden in the moon.

How do you create and spread such insanity, besides forcing your followers and their children to provide their bodies? David Berg’s preferred communication channel within the community was the many circulars he wrote. He publishes more than 3,000 of them – some were intended only for his followers, some only for followers and their friends, and others for the general public. According to Berg, certain texts had to be kept secret in order to protect the family from the wrath of the unbelievers, who may not understand his teachings and messages:

WHAT GOD IS ABOUT NEXT SEXUAL PROHIBITIONS OF ANY KIND, EXCEPT THE SODOMY HATED BY HIM, and I see no place in which he has revoked this hatred. – But whatever it is, there can be exceptions as long as it happens in the name of love. God’s only law is love! – And I tell you, that’s dangerous, because the system doesn’t agree with it at all & the laws and everything else in the system are directed against sexual activity of any kind; especially against those who deal with children!

In addition to these essays, the group also created illustrations to promote their beliefs. For example, there were often posters that perhaps portray the basic tone of their philosophy more clearly than a circular or a riot of speech could ever do. The images ranged from political and religious propaganda to the "ignorant mass" aims to prophesy about what the future will bring. However, there were also terrifyingly comic-like images showing how true believers should behave. Here are a few examples:

This is the cover of a treatise on the experience of a girl who is disgusted with the fact that King David only ended an orgy "a small, loose-fitting linen loincloth" wearing, and therefore despised him for immoral exposure. As a result, David becomes very angry and insists on acting in the name of the Lord who made him king of everything. He also says that from now on he will be even more reprehensible. God then punishes the girl, makes her infertile and she dies without children. Berg uses this story as an example of why women should never hesitate to fuck the Lord’s men.

Here you can see how grandfather still hangs out with his granddaughters after sex. Of course, the grandfather is tanned, has a beard of Jesus and his six-pack cannot be overlooked. God finally rewarded him for spreading his love around the world.

This picture is a little easier to digest. This city actually looks really cool, even if I’m not quite sure what the buildings are supposed to represent. I like the guy with the weird belt in the top left that points to you and reminds you that this diamond-shaped roller coaster is part of God’s estate on earth where people can now apparently fly. Of course, the world outside the amusement park walls is dead and crappy – that may be the only realistic part of this vision of the future.

"God’s idea of ​​America!", it says on this thing. "Get out of her before she gets you!" Somehow I like the idea of ​​the United States as a big human body, but it’s also pretty weird to think of God looking down and then this Woman with her spread legs and this, um, turban made of dead snakes. It’s pretty cool, however, that cars enter America’s vagina.

I think the message here should be something like this: "When there were only a pair of footprints, I was in bed and imagined myself masturbating with you." However, I’m not entirely sure that raising arms like Jesus is conducive to using a dildo. But do it the way you think.

As funny as some of these images and ideas may seem, others also show that there is something ominous and controlling lurking behind the hardly subtle words, in a way that people who are not already of a cult find it difficult to understand. So you are always reminded of how words and images are weapons that may be used for evil more often than we are aware of every day – "The Family International" after all, still exists. You have a website that appears to show a group whose mission is about love and faith.


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