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Welcome to my blog!

I often get emails with a wide variety of questions. How do you do this when cooking, how satisfied are you with the caravan (or other products), how do you find your places?

All these inquiries prompted me to start a blog here in October 2016, in which I would like to give a space to a wide variety of topics related to camping, trips and family.
have fun while reading!

Adria Alpina

There it is, our new one. The long wait is over, the camping season can begin again. The trumpets can be heard at this point, fireworks rise from the background, slightly clothed people dance in the foreground. oh let’s leave that. So we’re happy like Bolle. And because there is so much to tell about our new one, I thought I’ll start with it!

Our new caravan!

So now it’s finally firm and in dry towels. After 4 years of brushing, we broke up – not entirely voluntarily. From the beginning we were very dissatisfied with the technology of our Averso Top 560tk. Since it is very easy to network nowadays, we have found that we are by no means the only ones who have problems with this model. Unfortunately, the Bürstner company has not presented itself from its chocolate side either. On the contrary, in fact.

In addition to the heating problem (ours never worked properly: 10 degrees in the back and 40 degrees in the front of the car), we were among the unlucky ones who were also affected by the recall on the floor slab. Even several times. There were many large and small aspects that led to this. So the actually beautiful piece went back to the dealer. We are now cured by Bürstner.
So what do we have now? a.

Adria Alpina 663 uk.

What is there to say??
First of all, the design is great and the divisions offered are also geared towards families. A clear plus point.
So we now have a round seating group in the bow, and in the rear a triple bunk bed. There is also a small children’s seating group that we can convert into a bed for our smallest. So we can get along with 4 children in the car for a while without conversion.

The triple bunk bed is a bit shorter than in the Bürstner, but offers a higher ceiling height. So the distances between the beds are larger than in the Averso.

For the landlord, the technology was particularly important, which is why we chose the Alpina model with the Alde heater. Not exactly cheap, but hopefully a good choice after the heating disaster with Bürstner. Here are a few photos from the exhibit at the Caravan Salon:

Why people haven’t heard from us for so long.

Now we have November. I’m really sorry. In 2017 there were no travel reports from us yet. Why, surely one or the other wonders? There are a number of reasons:

We went on Easter vacation, but after the return with a new knowledge. Everything will be a little different. No, I’m not pregnant, but after that it turned out that our big son had type 1 diabetes. For those who don’t know what it means: spraying, for a lifetime.

Julian had to be in the hospital for a while, after that the focus was on learning how to deal with the disease. But there were other points:
For a long time we had decided to give up our professional independence and go back to a permanent job. And so my new job was due, which involved a three-week induction in Munich. And as a full-time worker with a sick child and a new job, I simply did not find the momentum. But now the time has come again!

Finally there is the report from Easter – this time the other side of Lake Garda. I hope I will come to the report of the summer vacation in the next few days.

And there is another surprise: Our Bürstner is passé! But why and why I will explain separately!
See you soon my dear ones!

I think it’s starting again.

Soon it’s time again. We drive off, the sun is shining, our hearts are flying high.

At least that’s how I imagine it, let’s see what reality looks like. In any case, we have already planned our routes.

In addition to various stations, the tours should, as always, not be too long. We want to see a lot. And we stay a week on Lake Garda. As always, there is information and photos in the travel report.

At the bottom of the button is the Google Maps route that we have planned.
So, happy Easter to all of you!!

Sick children on vacation – a small, personal guide.

When children are sick on vacation, it’s always a pretty stupid thing.
especially for very small ones who cannot articulate what they could have.

Since I am also a nurse, I would like to give you a few tips today to assess the seriousness of an illness.

Here too, of course, the following applies: no experience, no advice, no website in the world can replace a visit to the doctor. If you are unsure, go to the doctor once with the little ones rather than once too little.

Despite everything, most diseases are not serious. Children quickly have a viral infection, which is usually harmless.

Even if word has already got around: colds are mostly viral diseases. The little fellows usually have runny nose, sore throat and irritable cough and they like to come to visit on Fridays after 12. or of course on vacation, abroad, without a German doctor.

In the case of a viral infection, NO antibiotics help. That should be clear, but I keep stating that it is not.

Let’s try to work a little bit:

Sore throat? Shine in the throat. usually it is red. But red is also available in different shades. It can be red or crimson. It is helpful to develop a feeling for when a throat infection is really bad. Many swear by home remedies such as curd cheese wrap or gargle with salt and the like. If you have a sore throat, in my opinion it helps first: take care and wait a bit. 1-2-3 days later, things can look very different.

I prefer the spray instead of lozenges "Tantum Verde" from the pharmacy that has an anesthetic effect and relieves the sore throat. If the child has a fever and develops – possibly still purulent – angina, one cannot avoid the antibiotics.

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