The cape coral crime is very low in this city

Cape Coral crime

Crime in Cape Coral is very low

Crime in Cape Coral

The crime is low in Cape Coral and basically one can say that it is a very safe city and the crime rate is very low. There are mostly older people who want to have their peace and many retirees. However, in neighboring Fort Myers, the crime rate is much higher. On television, there are frequent reports of thefts in a supermarket, a raid on a gas station or a bank was robbed. Also people are murdered there. This is unfortunately the order of the day in the USA. This happens more often and the city is of course much larger.

Be extra careful

As a tourist you should therefore not be traveling alone in the evening and this is actually the case everywhere in the world. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the area, it can quickly happen that you come to an area that is not very safe. These are also available in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. There are then dark figures around and these recognize very quickly that you are a tourist. So that the crime is very low you have to owe the Cape Coral Police and the presence is very high. You certainly will not drive for five minutes with the rental car and then you will certainly see a police car that is currently traveling and provides security.

High police presence

If you have rented a holiday home where the sheriff lives in the street then you can assume that this street is safe. Many holiday homes in Cape Coral are nevertheless secured with an alarm system. Often you can already see a sign outside the front door with an inscription “Secured by ADT”. This of course deters the burglars because this house is particularly secure. As a rule, a car from the security company comes over and checks this house if something has happened there. Since many houses and villas in Cape Coral are used only as a holiday home or second home many are empty most of the year. Of course that also attracts the burglars.

That’s why there have been many apartment dips in the past. Especially houses in the north where only a few houses are and a little off are affected. In general, a holiday home has no safe where you can stow the valuables safe. Therefore it is recommended that you hide this well when you leave the house or just take it with you.


Security is very important to residents in the US. Who wants more protection can in a so-called Gated community pull the day and night is guarded. These are already available in Cape Coral and there nobody usually gets into it. But as a tourist you do not need to worry about high crime in the Cape Coral holiday. If you behave normally then nothing will happen there. It is one of the safest cities in Florida.

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