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Published on 3/09/2018, Modified on 19/09/2019

The journey between Arlanda Airport and the city of Stockholm can be done in many different ways, as those who have been there know well. There are times when rush is more important and others when price prevails. Let me explain you the cheapest way between Stockholm and Arlanda … unless you’re lucky and a friend comes by with his car and takes you with him :)

This travel option is very interesting if you are on a short airplane travel scale and have only a few hours, or if you are planning a stay in Stockholm for three or more days.

Ways you can take from Arlanda to the centre of Stockholm

From Arlanda to Stockholm by taxi

The taxi fare is about 50 € from the airport to the city and a little cheaper for the return route. If you need a bigger taxi or a “minivan”, the price can easily go up to 80 €. Close a fixed fare before you go because taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden and if you get into the wrong taxi the fare could be very expensive. A private taxi for three people can be booked online from 150 €.

From Arlanda to Stockholm by train Arlanda-Express

It costs 30 € per trip by train Arlanda Express, but there are usually many ways to reduce the price if you travel as a couple, with children, as a student or at certain times. You can find more detailed information on the website.

NEW! Arlanda to Stockholm with Flixbus

With an even cheaper shuttle bus, which was started by Flixbus at the end of 2018, you can get to Stockholm City Terminals between Arlanda Terminal 2/3, Terminal 4 or Terminal 5 in 40 minutes. Book here at a very reasonable price from 3,90 €.

The duration of the excursions is 20 minutes in the Arlanda Express and about 50 minutes with Flygbussarna. By taxi, it depends on the traffic and the construction sites at the northern entrance of Stockholm.

With the SL-Access map from Arlanda to the centre of Stockholm

This option is very interesting if we want to use public transport during our stay in Stockholm to get from one point of the city to another. When you arrive in Arlanda, go to the information desk (or Pressbyrån or 7-eleven kiosks, open until 00:00). Here you have the possibility to buy an SL-Access card (ranging from one day to three days) of 24-hour or a 7-day valid card (cost approx. € 13 / 25 € / 33 €). The validity of the tickets starts as soon as you have used them for the first time.

24-hour map of Arlanda bought in 2010 Photo: Israel Úbeda /

How to get to the public bus stop and local train

Go to the exit of the airport and look in your terminal for the bus stop 583. In Terminal 4 this bus stop is usually number 15/16, but the bus also stops at other terminals. Wait for the bus and as soon as you arrive, continue to Märsta station. Buses run often and even after midnight, but I recommend that you better check bus plan 583.

Bus destination Märsta station Photo: Israel Úbeda /

When we arrive with the connection to Märsta station, we have to wait a little and can take the 42X or 41 commuter train (pendeltåg in Swedish) towards Stockholm and its main station. The bus ride Arlanda – Märsta Station takes about 18 minutes. The journey to Stockholm City Station takes another 40 minutes. You can download the 42X train schedule here and the 41 commuter train schedule here. These are the train schedules for December to mid-June and mid-August to December. The summer timetable is available a few weeks before the start of the season, but does not differ significantly.

With shorter commuting times, your journey to Stockholm should take less than an hour, but if you miss the train and have to wait for the next one, the journey can take up to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Pendeltåg towards Stockholm from Märsta Photo: Israel Úbeda /

Even cheaper: Travel from Arlanda to Stockholm centre without SL access

If you are not interested in using public transport in Stockholm during your stay and just want to move between Stockholm Arlanda, go to a kiosk in Pressbyrån and buy “Engångsbiljet” (one way back) for 43 SEK (about 4,5 €). Of course you will have to buy a similar one on your return to make the reverse trip.

For longer stays, anyone can book their accounts on how to combine the different tickets, taking into account the type of tickets and the price of public transport. The 7-day tickets can be an interesting option and I recommend them to those who come to Stockholm between four and seven days.

So this is the story of the famous Bus 583 and commuter train that allow you to get to the city centre, spend the minimum so that you will spend your money on museum visits and sightseeing with the Stockholm Tourist Pass and allow you to taste Swedish culinary specialties and discover why a trip to Stockholm is unique and tourism in Sweden is different.

If you have further questions, doubts or suggestions, leave me a comment and I will try to answer you soon and be helpful.

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