The children of manisa testify

The children of manisa testify

Mahir Göktas (14)

I was arrested at midnight and 1:00 am on December 27, 1995 in my village by the anti-terrorist group Manisa. First they took me to the Kinik police station. I was later dragged into a white Mazda. Together with me five civilian police officers got into the car and blindfolded me. They held a gun to my temple, held my fingers on the trigger, and threatened to kill me. They insulted me and hit me on the ribs. When I was in Manisa, I was taken to the police station. There we went down a long corridor. My eyes were blind. Suddenly five to six people rushed towards me and thrashed me with their feet and truncheons. When I got a kick in my stomach, I lost consciousness. When I came to, I was in a cell. Later two people came in and abruptly took me away. They put me in a room and asked me questions that I didn’t know the answer to. If I "I have nothing to answer" said, they hit my head with fists and batons. They wanted me to take my clothes off, but I didn’t. Then they ripped my clothes off by force. They put me on a wet linen blanket, squeezed my testicles, and threatened to remove my manhood.

They said they would pour acid on me and sexually abuse me. I was electrocuted for two hours and they squeezed my testicles. They put me on the floor and trampled on my back. After torturing me, they kept me under cold water for an hour and a half. They threw me into the cell overnight. I almost froze to death in the cell. I got short of breath. Screams came from inside and fascist hymns drowned out. They came for the second time. They let me take a cold shower again and put me in the interview room. My eyes were blind. After laying me on a wet blanket, they held my feet, arms, and hair. They poured water into my ears. My ears roared. They told how they tortured Turan Kilic and Baki Erdogan and said they were from the counterguerilla. They gave me electric shock on my stomach, genital area and feet. Again they kept me under cold water. Since I’m left-handed, they hit my left arm. They brought me to Aliaga for no reason. I was also tortured there and put under cold water. I received electric shocks again and they squeezed my testicles. On the way to Manisa, I was handcuffed into the trunk of a car. I was unable to breathe. On the way they stopped the car and hung me upside down from a bridge. The water was pitch black. I passed out when they pulled me back. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the cell. The torturers, who were called Süleyman, Toprak, Mehmet, Kibar and Hoca, threatened us on the way to the doctor and said: "If you show your injuries to the doctor, we’ll kill you." During the eleven days I spent there, they tortured me continuously for eight days (3-4 times a day). When I got to the prison, I could no longer hear with my right ear. I had difficulty breathing and waterlessness.

I was arrested in Soma on Thursday, February 8, 1996, in Soma, with a friend. They immediately took us to the police station. There they have the question "What’s your name?" started. When I didn’t say my name, they started torturing me. When asked about electric shocks, they asked "Are you related to Turan Kilic?" Since I didn’t answer any questions, they took me and my friends to the Manisa police station. Blindfolded, we were locked in separate cells. After two hours they brought us in for questioning. When I asked the questions "No" and "I dont know" answered, they said: "You didn’t talk in Soma, but we’ll get you here, you whore, you bitch. "After that they said "undress yourself!" I said "No, I’m not undressing!" You asked me three times. After that they started to undress me by force. When they undressed me, they brought another person into the room. Then they asked this person: "Rape her!" I resisted it. There were four of them. They held my hands and feet. So they raped me. I shouted at her as undignified and dishonorable. they said "You are the undignified. You are below us. We are done with you." That’s how they showed their dishonor. Because I screamed, they blindfolded me and tried to strangle me with the threat "We will kill you." Then I passed out. When I came to, they sprayed me with water. In the end they put me on and locked me in the cell. In the cell, the police asked me if I wanted to eat something. I replied: "I will not eat anything." When they brought me back for questioning, my hatred was even greater. My posture was more upright than before. I always said "I dont know." They undressed me and gave me electric shocks. When I was the watchword "Human dignity will defeat torture!" cried, they said "Don’t talk you bitch." I connected my arms with something soft and attached a belt to it. You got me on that "Palestinians hook" hanged. When they pulled me down after 15 minutes, I couldn’t move my body. You asked me "Can you move your arms and legs??" When I couldn’t, they moved my arms and legs. They sprayed me with water again and then threw me into the cell. They asked me if I was freezing and then they brought me blankets. I didn’t take the blanket from the torturers. They always covered me with this blanket when they gave me electric shocks. When I wanted water, they gave me none. "If you talk we will save you, we will not torture you" said the undignified.

In the cell, I heard my friends screaming when they received electric shocks. In the interview, they said "Why are not you talking? You hate us because we murdered your brother Turan." I didn’t answer them.

They gave me electric shock on my fingers, genitals, mouth, and abdomen. In this way they brought me to questioning and torture six times. I couldn’t distinguish day and night. The last time they used water again. They splashed water in my ears and said they wanted to deaf me. When they hung me up for the second time, they anointed me so that no traces remained. Then they took us to the Manisa State Hospital. When the doctor saw me, he asked "What has been done to you?" I told him everything.

On the way back to the police station, they asked me "Why did you tell the doctor? This time we will kill you. Why did you say it You will take your word back." I said to them that I will not take my word back. After the doctor’s visit, they were rabid. You poured several buckets of hot water over my body. Then cold water. They tried to pull my hair to put my head in the toilet. While doing so, they threatened "We will strangle you, we will kill you."

I know three of these torturers. One is small and has a mustache. The second was a bit thick and had a big nose. They only have the tall one "Teacher" called. The torture was conducted by him. He gave the instructions for the electric shocks and rapes. When they picked us up from Soma, he was there too. There he was dressed in civilian clothes. There was also an older one who was about 50 years old. His eyes were swollen. It showed that he was an alcoholic. He talked like a peasant. Otherwise there was still a roughly 40 year old, dark, bearded, medium-sized man. He spoke in the dialect of the Black Sea coast.

It is nice to resist the enemy for six days during the torture. I saw their reactions. They were all rabid like dogs. When I resisted, I thought of all my comrades. My hatred grew.

On December 26, 1995, I was arrested by the anti-terrorist department in Manisa while in school. During the 11 days that I was arrested, I was put under psychological and physical pressure. I was under constant threat from the beginning of my arrest. When I yelled at them and said they had no right to take me away, one of the torturers said "We’ll talk about that when we get there, and you’ll see if we have the right or not."

The torture, which started with beatings when entering the police station, lasted 11 days. While I was there, I could see that there were many other people there. We heard the cries of the others being tortured. Their intention was to let us hear these screams too, so that we could get scared. The torturers were helpless and cowardly. When my blindfold fell, they panicked. During the torture, they said to me if I would not be ashamed of this situation and that I would lose my dignity. I then replied that they were cowards, and I was not undignified. You answered "Oh that’s it! You have read the Kurtulus newspaper too much.

When we were taken to the hospital, they threatened the doctors. We were examined, but none of our injuries were written in the report. When our families came to visit, they threatened us not to say a word about our condition. They offered me collaboration. If I accepted, they guaranteed me to release myself, provide financial support and secure a place for me to study. they said "This way you go is wrong. Even if you are released now, you will end up with us sooner or later.

Ayse Mine Balkanli

I went to school that morning as usual. Everything was as usual. But around 11:00 a.m. there was a tense atmosphere in the school. Two of my friends who came out of the assistant principal’s office said there were four striking guys there. Shortly afterwards, a school official called me into this office. My friend Sema was already there. You arrested us. When I got into the police car with Sema, I told them that they had no right to take us with them and that there was no reason for our arrest. The policemen tried to look nice and were friendly to us. But that changed outside the door of the police station. After I had removed my blindfold, the policeman, who just seemed friendly, pulled me by the hair and bumped me into the counter-terrorist shield. Then he said "Apparently you don’t know where you are. If you don’t know, take a close look." Then he blindfolded me again.

I was put in a cell with abuse and beatings. I had the first interrogation with the policeman, who later became the hypocrite, "good" Police officers played. When I first came to the cell, I knew that Sema was in the next cell.

(.) When I refused to answer their questions the first night in the torture chamber, they started tugging on my clothes. Later they started talking nonsense. I haven’t listened to them. When they finished talking, they noticed that nothing had changed in my attitude. they threw me back into the cell. They said that by my attitude I would call my end myself and threatened to keep myself there, then nobody could save me, not even the President.

From the moment we entered the police station, we had to hear fascist hymns. This music is still ringing in my ears after being released. In the cell I could hear my friends screaming, which increased my hatred. In addition to my own pain, which they inflicted on me during the interrogations, I also felt the pain of my tortured friends. (.)

My friend Mine and I were taken away from school by four police officers. On the way we tried to find out what was going on and told the police that they would be held accountable for it. I was put in a small cell blindfolded. Hours later, I was taken to the torture chamber. They hit me in the face, threatened to rape, and said that not even the President could help me. That same evening, they were even more brutal at the second interrogation. I said "If anything happens to me, you will pay for it." They took off my clothes and shredded my clothes. I tried to fight back while they hit me. I insulted them with my anger as undignified people. When I managed to remove my blindfold, I saw two policemen flee to avoid being recognized. The others closed my eyes again and hit me. They put me on a wet blanket, poured cold water on me, and gave me electric shocks. They held my arms and legs tightly and threatened to do everything to me. (.)

I was at this police station for eleven days. Many people were brought in during the time. We heard their screams.

On December 26, 1995, I was picked up from my job and taken to the Manisa Police Station. They started threatening me on the way. My question about why I was taken away remained unanswered. Her threats grew. I said to myself "these are murderers". When I looked at her I got a nasty feeling. We were now in their nest. The psychological pressure was already beginning. They made fun of everything. They locked me in a cell. In between, they questioned me and increased their repression. They roared and hit me and let me hear the anthem. I had to hear my friends screaming. They became more perverse. They ripped my clothes off to rape me and give me electric shocks. I had to stand before them, naked and blindfolded. They researched me everywhere and spat on me. They pushed me back and forth and wanted me to tell everything. They tried to play the hypocrites. Suddenly they became too "good friends", offered their help in finding work and admission to the university. I replied that I had a job and that I didn’t want to study.

Someone who doesn’t want to give his name:

When I was in the Manisa police station, they left me on the 4th floor at the door of the "Anti-Terror Branch" waiting blindfolded and hands leaning against the wall. After a while I was led into a room and the questioning started. I said that I had nothing to do with anything and that it was not clear why I was arrested. Then they asked me to undress. At the same time, they hit me on the back and ripped off my clothes. When I was naked, they pulled my hair and laid me on a wet blanket. They squeezed my genital organs with a rag. While I screamed in pain, they continued insulting and beating me. One of the torturers said, "that’s not yet, there is electricity" and attached an electrical cable to my big toe. While I was lying on the wet blanket, three people sat on my arms and two people held my legs. In the meantime, they squeezed my genitals and started using electric shocks. To make the effect bigger, they poured water over me. I was given electric shocks to my nipples, genitals, ears, teeth, nasal cavity and armpit. At the same time, they continued to squeeze my genitals. When I said I didn’t know, the torture increased. In addition to the electric shocks, bruising of the genital organs and the buttocks, it was very difficult for me to endure all of this. I had to endure these three torture methods, which were used at the same time, and I was in great pain. They left me alone for a while and then it all started again. They didn’t touch me on Saturday and Sunday, they kept making me scream. I also heard other people’s screams. So that we wouldn’t fall asleep, they kept letting us hear the anthem. On Sunday, when my sister visited me, they threatened to do me bad things if I told her what had happened. The torture continued on Monday afternoon after they took me to the interrogation room. This time they put me under cold water and started splashing with cold water. Later they put me in front of a fan. After repeating this three times, they gave me electric shocks again. Later I received electric shocks from the organs I mentioned earlier. Then they put me under the cold water again and gave me electric shocks again. I couldn’t feel my right leg after the last electric shock. Then they let me bounce and repeated that they were murdering me and "disappear" would let. When the bouncing was over, I was locked in the cell again.

Together with me, Levent Kilic and H. were tortured by cold water and electric shocks.

I was taken out of the cell on Tuesday morning. I was splashed with cold water again and received electric shocks. They kept telling me that they would toughen me up with the torture and do me some good. The physical torture was over. We were not allowed to fall asleep. We always had to sit and listen to their talk. I witnessed two people who were in very bad health being hospitalized. That was Huseyin Korkat and Münire Apaydinlar.

The last two days we were left alone. We were constantly asked if we were fine. They undressed us and looked at our bodies for wounds. People I met afterwards were subjected to torture several times. I had particularly bad feelings when 15 and 16 year old children were tortured. When we were brought to the hospitals, the children were repeatedly threatened. In the hospital, we were subjected to psychological pressure. The doctors only looked at the wounds.

At around 8:00 p.m. on December 26, ’95, two people rang the doorbell. They identified themselves as police officers and wanted to talk to me about my brother Mahir Göktas’ son. I was supposed to be taken out of the house for an hour. I was blindfolded and taken to the Manisa police station. After waiting half an hour, I was dragged into a room. They asked me about Mahir Göktas and other people I didn’t know. I said I hadn’t seen Mahir Göktas in over a month and didn’t know the other people at all. Then they started swearing. I was a terrorist and they would kill me, they said. They later took off my clothes. They wrapped me in a wet blanket and asked me about people I didn’t know. Some held my arms and legs and pressed against my genitals with all their strength. In the meantime, they kept swearing. I was wrapped up again in the wet, cold blanket and tied electrical cables to my toes. They also tied cables to my genitals and gave me electricity. I received electroshocks on the navel, nipples, mouth, and nasal cavities. On the other hand, they said they didn’t care whether I spoke or not, and continued to swear. Later they poured cold water over my body and continued to shock me and increase the tension. This took over an hour. Afterwards I should jump up on the spot. Here I got punched. After hopping, I was put under a cold shower for over two hours. I was left for a while until the same torture methods started all over again. This continued for 5 to 6 days. During this time, people always asked me about people I didn’t know. I was also confronted with people I also didn’t know. Once sticks were pushed into my genitals until the blood flowed. I kept getting electric shocks. I was pounded under a cold shower. I was pushed into my genitals again. I was put on my back so that water would build up in my liver and die. I should lick water from the floor. The torture continued for 11 days. Every day, physical and mental torture increased. The first day I was threatened with death. They told me that they were the counterguerilla. Due to public pressure, we were taken to the hospital. They continued the psychological torture at the doctor. The doctor, who was aware of the situation, gave us an unqualified certificate. The loudly set national anthem did not let us fall asleep. Huseyin Korkat, who was also tortured, was sent to the Manisa Mental Hospital because of his poor condition. Münire Apaydin, whose name I later learned, was also in very poor condition. What I saw and experienced cannot be imagined even in Hitler’s Germany.

I was told from the moment I was arrested "You are done, you will still see what we will do to you, now everything is over, you will chirp like a bird." These words roar in your ears while being beaten and insulted. Then you answer them, " I will not come with you, I will not sit down, I will not undress. You will learn nothing from me." You call slogans. And then a state of war begins. They try to put the arrested person in the psychology of the torture chamber and to solve this psychology. I knew from stories from books and from experiences of arrested people what they are capable of. I also know how important the first posture is. I was prepared for all of this, but I got a shock when I was arrested. I couldn’t have been arrested, I would be released, I kept thinking. I kept telling myself that the way I start it would end, I had to resist. I had already grasped this in my mind, but I still had to find out whether I could put it into practice. I knew this was a place for testing. If I really wanted the revolution, I had internalized the struggle, I was loyal to my comrades and my party and I could sacrifice myself for them. I should still notice all this. I built up confidence. There was no other way out, I had to resist to get out with dignity.

I had to experience the joy. I was not allowed to admit anything to the torturers so as not to betray my comrades. I thought of what could come to me and prepared for the torture. Scolding and beating, they threatened what to expect at the police station. I said they wrongly arrested me for not doing anything wrong and told their faces that they tortured innocent people. And as always, they accused the torture victim of guilt. But since I knew that "we" are right, their accusations did not affect me in the slightest. They tried to intimidate me and were planning an attack. After making my way to the police station, I decided to resist. And I answered their first question "What’s your name?" "I will not say". They did not expect this answer. Before they completed the admission formalities, they sent me straight to the torture chamber. One said: M- ^ DDhe has already hardened". He dragged me into the chamber. I said: "You torturers, I have nothing to tell you, you enjoy torturing other people." At the simplest question, I shouldn’t tell you anything. If I answered, they would have achieved their goal. I wouldn’t do anything they tell me to do. "undress yourself", they said to me. When I did not respond, they pulled me out by force. They increased the tension of the electric shocks and I got them all over my body. My body trembled and I was struck by lightning. But I couldn’t think about the pain and tried to mentally tear myself away from the body. The first thing that occurred to me was the resistance of Ali Riza (a revolutionary). What gave me courage was that he had resisted here too. He had defeated the torturers. I remembered his words. He said that torture has to be endured. "You will be in pain, but you can resist", he said. He said, "Try to ideologically defeat the torture." I thought of other comrades like Birtan, Baki and many others who had resisted. I also thought of the shared experiences with my comrades and fellow human beings that I liked. Even the bad memories of her encouraged me to hold out. They turned off the power thinking they would talk. When I said, "I will not talk", they freaked out. She made fun of human dignity and became even more brutal. In between, they asked me if I would talk. If I "No" said, they continued. "We’ll get you talking. You will name the others one by one and betray them. Who are you? Who is your responsible?" When I showed no response, they turned off the power after a while. At that moment I just thought, "I resisted, I won". I had confidence again. But I also knew that they would not give up. After the electric shocks, they used other methods of torture. Then I was thrown into a cell (.)

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