The children’s clinic ortenau

Comprehensive care at the highest level

The range of services of the Children’s Hospital in Ortenau

We offer comprehensive care at the highest level. Our specialist clinic at the Offenburg-Ebertplatz office covers the entire spectrum of paediatrics and adolescent medicine. Here you will find all the important information about possible treatments.

We present: Patroness Ms. Mauritia Mack

Prominent support for medical care for children in the Ortenau: Mauritia Mack, wife of Europa-Park owner Jürgen Mack, has taken over the patronage for our highly specialized children’s clinic.

In conversation with chief physician Dr. Stefan Stuhrmann

Working in the children’s clinic is something very special. This is primarily due to the small patients, who bring a lot of joy but also some challenges for the staff of the Ortenau Clinic. Head physician Dr. reports on everyday life in the children’s clinic, beautiful moments but also moments that make you think. Stefan Stuhrmann.

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Voices to and from the Children’s Hospital in Ortenau:

Mauritia Mack, Europa-Park, patron of the Children’s Hospital in Ortenau

It is a matter close to my heart to support the children’s clinic as patron.

Frank Scherer, district administrator

The children’s clinic in Offenburg is the only specialist clinic for pediatrics and adolescent medicine between Baden-Baden and Freiburg and is therefore of fundamental importance for the medical care of children in the Ortenau region.

Dr. Stefan Stuhrmann, chief physician at the Ortenau Children’s Clinic, specialist clinic for pediatrics and adolescent medicine

There is no such thing as the child. It is very important to carefully adjust to each patient and their parents.

Mauritia Mack, Europa-Park, patron of the Children’s Hospital in Ortenau

Young patients and their parents are in excellent hands, both professionally and personally, at the Children’s Hospital in Ortenau. I am deeply impressed by the dedication and passion with which the competent team of doctors around chief physician Dr. Use Stuhrmann and the caring nursing staff to help sick children and to make it easier for newborn premature babies to start their sometimes difficult lives.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Laubenberger, medical director

Our little patients need more than medicine.

Dr. Moritz Rohrbach, Senior Consultant

Premature babies need a very special quality of treatment.

Mauritia Mack, Europa-Park, patron of the Children’s Hospital in Ortenau

As part of my voluntary work, I would like to draw attention to the high medical quality and the valuable and indispensable work of the Children’s Clinic in Ortenau. I hope that the positive energy of Europa-Park and our family company can contribute to the reputation of the children’s ward and the speedy recovery of the little patients.

Anne-Kathrin Danner, deputy station manager

The children give you an incredible amount back.

Dr. Christoph Jopen, District Councilor, Mayor of the City of Offenburg a.D., Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Clinical Pediatrics Offenburg e.V..

The Offenburger Children’s Clinic combines first-class medicine, clever problem solving and a warm, humane approach to the little patients and the concerned parents. I know this own Experience and many reactions from the Population. Our children are in good hands here.


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