The choice of parents’ council in the daycare

1. Question: Do we have to hold elections to represent parents??

Answer: Yes. All daycare law stipulates that a parent representative is elected in daycare centers. You as a day care center must therefore enable and prepare this choice.

2. Question: What happens when nobody is ready to get involved in the parent representation?

Answer: This is not provided for by law. In principle, the old parent representation remains temporarily in office until a new one is elected. So that you don’t even get into the uncomfortable situation come, that no one is standing for election, you should actively stir the drum for the parents’ representative before the election and specifically address parents with whom you can imagine working together. It is also helpful if you make it clear to the parents what to expect in the event of a choice and that the time required for the engagement is limited and is usually very manageable.

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3. Question: Who chooses the parent representation?

Answer: The parents ‘representative is elected by the parents’ assembly. The parent assembly includes all parents, their child or children in yours Kita are cared for.

4. Question: How many parent representatives are elected per group?

Answer: As a rule, 2 parent representatives are elected for each group. These representatives are then only elected by the parents of the respective group. The proposed parents can also choose themselves. If there are not enough candidates in a group, you can fill the "vacant place" with candidates from another group. Otherwise the position remains vacant.

5. Question: Who is entitled to vote in the elections for parent representation?

Answer: The legal guardians of the child cared for in your daycare are entitled to vote. requirement is that parents have joint custody. If only one parent has custody, only that parent is entitled to vote. The same applies to the eligibility to be elected to the parents’ council.

6. Question: How many votes do the parents have when they come to the meeting together??

Answer: The parents have one vote for each child cared for in their daycare. Specifically, this means that if the parents come to the parents’ meeting together and have 1 child cared for in your facility, the parents have 1 vote. However, if the parents have 2 children in the daycare, they have one vote for both children.

7. Question: Can we choose by hand signal??

Answer: No. Because this is a matter of personal elections and these are generally carried out secretly. H. with ballot papers. You should therefore also use ballot papers when choosing the parents’ council and prepare enough papers. This takes a little time, but it ensures that you get honest results. The group pressure that is exerted when voting by hand is not to be underestimated. If you still want to vote by acclamation, this is only possible if no one objects to this procedure. A choice by acclamation always makes sense if there is only one applicant and there is obviously no opposition.

8. Question: Can parents who cannot participate in the election meeting also be elected??

Answer: If parents cannot attend the parents’ meeting, but signal to them in advance that they would like to get involved, they can be elected in their absence.

Tip for your practice
Make absolutely sure that absent parents confirm in writing that you will accept this choice if you are elected to the parents’ council. If there is no such explanation, you should be careful. Because if you elect parents to the parent’s advisory board in your absence and they do not accept the election, the elections must be repeated.

9. Question: Can I dissolve the parents’ advisory board if the cooperation does not work?

Answer: No. You can only clearly define the limits of the options for action of the parents’ council and try to ensure that the next parent representative is filled with more constructive parents.

You as the management have to work closely with the parents’ representative, and a year can be very long if that doesn’t work. You should therefore influence the composition of the substitution and specifically address parents who you consider suitable.


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