The classic balance bike for children: test and comparison 2019

The impeller has several advantages and useful functions, which in the Impeller test are particularly crucial. It is very inexpensive, has a high level of robustness and at the same time requires little maintenance or repairs, since the bicycle chain is dispensed with. The balance bike test explains how children learn to walk on the bike until they can walk off on their own. Above all, the balance must be practiced where the little ones need the support of their parents.


Exercises the leg muscles Ideal for small children For children aged 1.5-6 years
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Top 8 in the wheel test

1. Bikestar balance bike Sport

  • test winner
  • quality
  • brakes
  • Weight
  • LIGHT, STABLE AND SAFE: Thanks to various aluminum parts, our impeller is not only particularly light, but also brings the necessary stability thanks to the precise processing of the components. Through a precise final inspection of our products and compliance with all legal standards, we guarantee an all-round safe and stable children’s balance bike.
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD: Because of the in Height and Adjustable handlebars and saddles allow children to ride the bike for a long time – even after a growth spurt. In addition, the ergonomics between saddle and handlebar have been specially tared so that the children always adopt the correct posture on the wheel and promote healthy development.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, POISON-FREE PARTS: No frustration for the little ones – the smooth steering of the wheel ensures joy when driving and the handy front brake provides the necessary grip. BIKESTAR only uses certified non-toxic materials in its products – pay attention to this when buying!
  • LEARNING A NEW EXPERIENCE: Leave tricycles and training wheels behind. With the bike from BIKESTAR, children learn to keep their balance in a natural way, which means that switching to a bike is no longer a problem. This balance bike introduces children to the power and responsibility of mobility. They can now keep up with you, without buggies or prams, and learn what it means to discover their freedom.
  • YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE IT OR YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK: Become part of the BIKESTAR family and buy without risk. For over a decade, BIKESTAR has enchanted countless children’s hearts with its products and awakened their spirit of discovery in them. The Munich-based company has the largest range of children’s vehicles in Europe. The exemplary customer service is always close to your needs and convinces with fast delivery and constant availability of spare parts.

2. Puky LR bike

  • processing
  • Seat
  • tires
  • Bike size: 12 1/2 inches
  • Height: 90 to 130 cm
  • Very stylish powder coating
  • Qualitative pneumatic tires
  • Saddle height from the ground at least 34 cm
  • Stepless seat adjustment

3. Deuba Pirate balance bike

  • tires
  • brakes
  • quality
  • Seat
  • Children’s wheels in sizes 10 inches and 12 inches with great standard equipment.
  • Stability: Each stable wheel has a brake system, an ergonomically shaped and child-friendly saddle with a holding device for practical help or easy to carry.
  • Meaningful fun: the wheels offer children training for motor skills, give them confidence and give you the opportunity to exercise through exercise.
  • The different model wheels all have an adjustable brake and practical mudguards against splashing water so that the washing machine is also protected.
  • Efficient steel frame construction and height-adjustable handlebars and saddles make the bike a long-term companion for your child.

4. Pinolino balance bike Charlie

  • processing
  • robustness
  • Mini ‘Charlie’ running tricycle with 6-way adjustable saddle (from 23 to 27 cm as a trike / chopper, from 26 to 30 cm as a tricycle / wheel). Solid: birch, red and clear lacquered, L 66 x W 41 x H 33 cm, weight 2 kg, item no .: 239426
  • Thanks to the 6-way height-adjustable, padded saddle, the wooden ‘Charlie’ tricycle becomes a loyal companion for many years. Just sit on it, push off and roll off. The balance bike is recommended for children from 1 1/2 to 3 years
  • The chic wooden walker bike can be converted four times: from trike to chopper and from tricycle to wheel. Balance and coordination are trained without any training wheels. A parking space for wheels is optionally available from Pinolino
  • The growing children’s toy is a great companion almost to the "bike maturity" and offers a lot of driving fun for girls and boys. The children’s tricycle is a great gift idea for a birthday, christening or Christmas
  • Pinolino has been fulfilling children’s dreams since 1997 and sells children’s furniture, accessories and toys. The German company only uses varnishes, glazes and oils suitable for children, is a member of DVSI and grants a 10-year Pinolino-Plus guarantee

5. Coewske balance bike

  • robustness
  • processing
  • tires
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PROTECTIVE: The balance bike is made of a magnesium alloy, weights only 4.8lbs and sturdy enough to hold 70lbs. This provides easy control and creates confidence in the smallest riders, no matter what terrain they choose to ride.
  • Well designed: COEWSKE balance bike with no sharp points, non-slip grip design for children’s hand, 12 inch wear-resistant EVA solid rubber tire and the shock absorbing design with high density soft fit for children’s buttocks.
  • Djustable handlebars and saddle: The children’s balance bike has adjustable handlebars (18.9 "- 21.2") and seat height (11.8 "- 15.7"), it is specially designed for children height of 80cm (31.5 ") – 120cm (47.2 ") can be adjusted while the child is growing up.
  • BETTER early development: Your child will quickly grasp the concept between their legs the bike on foot, and immediately feels a sense of accomplishment It also strengthens the muscles leaning, guiding, moving and walking.
  • BELIEVE IN US AND CHOOSE US: Our children’s balance bike approved by SGS We hope that every child riding your child will get more luck by getting the balance bike in the cart and receiving it!

6. BIG impeller SB

  • processing
  • robustness
  • Made in Germany
  • Premium wheels with soft material coating
  • Steering lock limitation for high tipping stability
  • With sound module
  • Load capacity: 25 kg

7. Bamny balance bike baby

  • robustness
  • processing
  • Seat
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR TODDLER: The children’s balance bike is designed to help young children learn the basics of balance and develop motor skills. It brings children fun, joy and wonderful childhood.
  • SUPERLIGHT WHEEL. The Bamny balance bike weighs 2.2kg and is only half as heavy as conventional balance bikes on the market. The super light weight makes it easier for your child to lift the wheel, turn the handlebars, ride it and therefore offers more driving pleasure than the heavier models.
  • STABLE 4-WHEEL DESIGN: 4-wheel design makes the walker bike more stable, it is easier for children to learn to walk and develop coordination. Fully closed wheels protect your baby from the risk of pinching your feet.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: ABS construction is stable and robust, the smooth surface is safe for children to learn to walk.
  • RELIABLE QUALITY: The Bamny balance bike is certified according to EN71, quality and safety is guaranteed.

8. Costway impeller Kling

  • Seat
  • tires
  • brakes
  • Premium material: The children’s balance bike with ergonomic and light steel construction, brings strong stability, also only 3kg weight is easy to carry and ideal for children to start training or playing.
  • Growing with your children: The finely shaped seat and anti-collision handle is height-adjustable, which means that the wheel has a long service life and is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years.
  • Careful safety design: The children ‘s bike is designed for safety, non – slip handle and flexible handlebar help protect against accidents such as tipping over, collisions, etc.
  • Fine workmanship in detail: The widened and thickened wheels made of EVA + PP are non-slip and wear-resistant, bringing great comfort to the balance bike; the bell and and stand ensure a realistic driving experience.
  • The perfect companion in childhood: the baby walker can help children learn to ride a bike and develop balance when playing, ideal gift for training, while also giving children fun.

Prices last updated on: November 15th, 2019

With balance to success!

Jump up and off you go! No other children’s vehicle is as practical as the children’s balance bike. In the first place, the wheel is very light and easy to use for the little ones. Furthermore, children’s wheels are cheaper and more stable than electric children’s cars or some other children’s vehicles.

What is being compared in the test?

The children’s bike is fairly simple, but the materials are carefully selected and installed together. We differentiate between the steel frame and the plastic construction. The tires are just as different. While the high-quality impellers built with steel frames are equipped with pneumatic tires, the models made of plastic have tires made of soft rubber or the even better EVA soft rubber.

Impeller test and the advantages

Robust steel frame

A good and stable impeller is built with a steel frame to prevent any gross damage. The steel frame weighs more, but is also more robust. Nevertheless, wheels can also be made entirely of plastic, which are more suitable for small children because they weigh less.

pedal support

Modern wheels also have a so-called pedal support for the feet. This support enables a more comfortable ride and simplifies use.

Stable suspension

A high-quality balance bike for children is equipped with a seat suspension. Most of the time, the kids start driving and don’t look exactly where they’re going. The suspension provides ergonomic support when driving over obstacles and prevents risks.

Relevant factors and buying advice


Even if the feet are mostly used for braking, good wheels also have a handbrake. In this way, the speed can also be regulated with “downhill”. Impellers with hand brakes are more intended for older children because toddlers are not yet able to use them properly to be able to deal with.

Handlebars with rubber grips

Children do not have as much strength in their arms as an adult and can lose their posture. A rubber handle is therefore always advantageous and provides good grip in the hands. This not only optimizes and simplifies the steering, but also supports the necessary safety.

The "Puky" wheel in the video test

Frequently asked questions and answers

With the two-wheeler there is a risk of “tipping over”. A bicycle helmet is mandatory on an impeller, unless it is an impeller with more than two wheels.

Yes, many wheels have a handbrake for easier braking. But be careful. Young children cannot estimate the braking distance well enough and apply the brake too early.

Yes. So that the feet are not constantly in work and sometimes get a break, the footboard can be used when driving.

Of course, new shoes are very impractical. Make sure that the children tend to put on older shoes, because pedaling and sliding will put enormous strain on the life of all shoes.

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