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It is the end of July and you need a new swimsuit. You go to the store of your choice at an outside temperature of 30 degrees and think: “WTF ?!” – in brown and gray: winter coats, tweed pants, fleece jackets. You look around sweating and discover 3 boring swimsuits in the far corner. In store # 2 and boutique 3 it’s the same sight. Nothing pleases, the selection is poor, you leave frustrated.
Have you ever felt the same way??

Unfortunately, we have long since said goodbye to spring, summer, autumn and winter. "Fast fashion" is the motto. And then this ominous “transition season” with items of clothing that in reality make no sense (short-sleeved jackets, unlined jackets, pullovers in combination with down vests… the list is endless). I only see these red shop window stickers everywhere, which immediately announce the mid-season sale shortly after a sale.

I’ve mentioned it enough here already: I ​​hate shopping. It has always been this way and will probably remain so forever. But I hate it even more when I actually need something, so I get comfortable in the shops and there it exactly Nothing that I like and that meets my requirements.

That totally wears me out. And that’s why I went inside myself and wrote down my observations, did a bit of research, asked and poured them into paper. I don’t want to call for senseless shopping here, I want to avoid frustration. Therefore there is now – drum roll – the clothes calendar!

The first spring fashion appears, the winter goods that have not yet been sold end up in the sale corner

February March
Even more spring fashion, in the trend colors of the year formulated by the designers (permanent trend colors are turquoise, light green, coral and strawberry red, very much pastel …) The fabrics are also coordinated for the transition (cotton, silk, polyester). Anyone who has decided to buy an airy linen blouse in summer should do so now. (Or have you ever seen a linen blouse in stores in August?)

April May
In the beginning of April there is a high summer mood in the shops. Now there is everything that is short-sleeved including a large selection of swimwear. Summer dresses, light fabrics and yes – the first bargains in spring fashion.

June July
The last delivery of summer fashion comes in before everything ends up in the summer sale (the SSV is actually always announced in the last week of July). The stores clear their warehouses for the incoming autumn fashion. The fabrics are getting a little thicker and the colors darker.

The first embroidery things come in the shops, as well as clothes made of more robust fabrics (leather jackets!)

This month offers the widest selection of autumn fashion. At least that’s how it always feels to me. Crazily there are already studs and chocolate lice from September…

Hooray, winter fashion is here. Jogging suits, thick sweaters, ski sports clothes. The best time to top up your winter wardrobe. Oh and what spills over is this weird Black Friday shopping, so avoid the EKZ especially at the end of October.

November December
Even more winter clothes, this time with a touch of luxury. Sure – Christmas is just around the corner. Velvet, cashmere and lots of blingbling for New Year’s Eve. After Christmas, prices drop.

It is not easy to remember all of this and clear, sometimes the trends also spark in between, but in general that is probably the case. Since I am thinking very carefully about what I need to complement my wardrobe, I can look at it more specifically based on the list and sit back and relax for the rest of the time.

What is missing from the list? What did you notice in the shops?

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Thanks for the overview – it’s great.

I hate shopping too, so I can use it to plan better when I need something.

For me, an absolute no-go area: the days between Christmas and New Year or here in BW Drei-König – prices may have dropped, but the city is thick as a stick because everyone has time and money to spend. My office is on an access road to the Karstadt car park, so they queue up in such long lines on such days, preferring to steal petrol and life time rather than come by (good!) Public transport, because they want to save on parking fees. Crazy!

big YES! What happens between Christmas and New Year is no longer normal

It’s practical that what you have in season is always on sale… ;-) Seriously, I find this inflation of seasons a bit tedious. In the good old days there was a sale twice a year at fixed times. That was somehow more predictable.

I still buy most of it second hand, but if you hate shopping like that, it is not the best solution either, because it is so time consuming and sometimes even more chaotic. You are usually looking for specific things, so I find ordering online a good option. There you give in the shop of your choice yellow sock size. 39 one and is good.

Online shops are actually an alternative, but somehow I never think about it. I’m somehow too lazy to click together, pick up the package, try it on and send it back if it doesn’t fit: D
I prefer to stroll around in the shops, I don’t know why. But I don’t really have a clue about online shops / brands and I don’t want to support Amazon or Zalando.

Well observed :-)
I also don’t like to go shopping for clothes and have been a catalog buyer for over 28 years. But it is also the case that the winter catalogs come in July and the summer catalog already in January February. However, there are also special issues in between, where the clothes are in season.
Should it still burn and a part cannot be found then I rage through the www :-)

Do you have a few tips for "minimalist catalog buying" ready? : D I don’t even know where to look and what size etc.

After so many years it’s still starting with O and ending with O :-)
In terms of size, nothing changes for me, it’s always the same and with that
Catalog always fits 99%.
Yes, and it remains minimalistic, because you only order when something is needed :-)
As a tip hmm…. no idea if you know your size there is no problem to find something :-D

but the sizes are always exactly as specified?
Because when I order things and have to send them back, it’s not minimalistic for me: D because I’m too lazy

Boar. I think shopping is something really caustic. I currently have trousers. Real pants. But I also don’t know where I wanted to be able to buy one. If it’s over … then I have a problem. Because in the green skirt I probably don’t go out on the street anymore.

What I can think of about the calendar – is more of a mothers thing – shoes for children. You buy autumn shoes in summer, winter shoes in late summer and sandals at the end of February. There are sports shoes in the last summer vacation and the first week of school. I never have it all. I can only do this foresighted shopping with an incredible amount of energy. That sometimes takes a lot of strength out of me, so sometimes I just “hear” it, although I don’t like it. Is jmd now offering me soccer shoes in size 34? I take it. Sure, I have no idea if one of the boys likes to play soccer – but the main thing is that I have to they don’t only buy when everyone has already fallen for the current fashion.

Nothing reduced life and so …

I also only had good jeans and that was completely the problem of washing.
With children I would – I think – act and take what comes and store it. Someone is already growing in there. And for clothes in general, I would only buy second hand as a mother (if possible), because everything always gets dirty and I would network with other parents, so that a swap party is organized twice a year (summer and winter). Is usual with children’s clothes anyway, or?
Somehow it would have to be established better as an adult, but maybe that will come.

Buying secondhand for children’s clothing is also super easy. I only buy something new every now and then, e.g. Tights or when I really feel like doing something because I find it so beautiful and we absolutely need it. But this is kept within limits. Sometimes I buy too size Things and they get a friend’s child first and then we get it again.

That is stupid and really annoying – most people give away new children’s clothes (I only want them very rarely) and it is hardly possible to defend yourself against them. Everything is always meant to be nice and sweet – only we don’t want new things.

I currently buy for me via the www – I know the sizes and at the moment I use everything that saves time, even if I support companies that I don’t really like. But special times, special circumstances – it can be different.

I mostly buy non-seasonal, classic things that I combine – I’m pretty independent of the season (apart from my winter jacket).

Madness! Dear Ms. Dingdong, how long did it take you to find out? I get a little dizzy just thinking about the shopping hells.
But – phew- I should have enough for the time being, so that I might need a pair of pants next summer.

I used to work in the retail business for half a year, so you can hear a lot. The rest is a mixture of research with professional associations, in style books and studying the eternal cycle of senseless women’s magazine topics; D There is always the same thing in it: D

I always fluctuate between the shopping overload and the shopping Yippiyayeah mode. The latter occurs in small, familiar, well-stocked shops, the former in huge shopping centers and supermarkets. (Yes, I sometimes find grocery shopping too corrosive because there is too much choice.) It definitely helps to know exactly what you want and to get just that out of the store. I don’t really like a stroll ("Let’s see what we could use …") – by the way, in my opinion it means having too much money and time or not being able to do anything better with it. : D

Warm wishes,

I like to stroll without spending money or feel like I’m wasting my time. Probably because I like to watch other people and want to touch things. I don’t know exactly why, but I love walking around and looking at things: D

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