The demi pair program

The Demi Pair program

Demi Pair has now become a very popular and interesting language travel program. Interesting above all because it promotes integration into the host family and therefore makes the language stay very central. It is also interesting, because you can finance your language study yourself through the demi pair work and thus the costs reduced by 50%. This makes even a half or full year of language study affordable.

The demi-pair program is designed so that you attend classes in the language school in the morning and work in the family in the afternoon. Different language courses are offered depending on the school. You can either take General English classes or take a Cambridge exam preparation at First (FCE) or Advanced (CAE) level.

The tasks in the host family mainly consist of the following tasks; Child care, help in the household, cooking and other work that is pending. The exact tasks will be discussed directly via Skype before the stay or in the first days of the stay. The exact working hours are also viewed directly with the family. The working hours of 20 hours are fixed and must not be exceeded. Weekend assignments can occur as required, the hours can then be compensated for on another day.

The requirements for such a demi-pair stay are as follows:

– At least 18 years old

– Female (partly also possible for men)

– Experience in childcare is an advantage

– Driving license (an advantage)

She often dives question on how the families are selected and how such an application process works. If you have definitely decided to register and apply for a demi-pair stay, the following documents are required:

– School application form

– CV (in English)

– Letter to the demi-pair family

– References from previous babysitting families (if any)

– other diplomas or awards that can be useful for the application

– Passport copy and copy of the driver’s license

– Student visa (Australia, New Zealand)

As soon as all documents are complete, they will be checked by the language school and the Student profile uploaded to an online portal. The families that accept demi-pair students have access to this. If you are interested, you can contact the school and a Skype call can be arranged with the student. In this way, the family and the student can get to know each other and assess whether it fits. If it was a positive conversation for both parties, the demi-pair family can be confirmed for the respective student. Depending on availability, the whole process can take a little longer and it is therefore advantageous if the stay can be planned and organized early.

Possible destinations for a demi-pair stay are:

England: Bristol, Torquay, Bath

Australia: Brisbane, Sydney City Center, Sydney Manly, Gold Coast, Noosa, Byron Bay, Perth (with student visa)

New Zealand: Auckland and Wellington (with student visa)

France: La Rochelle

Does this program appeal to you? Would you like to see the everyday life of a local family and work with children? Then the Demi Pair program is just right for you. We would be happy to provide you with further information on the program and the individual schools and put together a detailed offer.


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