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That the cover of HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE WORLD (appeared at Kunstmann) in the photo here has a kink, is only a minor flaw. You could almost say it’s that way. Finally, the author and illustrator Keri Smith designed the book to carry around; the subtitle is called: THE DAILY MUSEUM TO TAKE – on a journey of discovery through their own environment.

Change perspectives and rediscover everyday life

Why have not I read this book long ago, this mega-treasure between book covers? Already on the first pages are things that make me immediately nod like excited: “Everything is interesting.” Or: “You’re an explorer. Your mission is to document and view the world you live in as if you had never seen them before. “How to do that? No problem: “Our perception of things changes quite simply by the point of view from which we look at something.” Anyone who occasionally looks at art knows how innumerable the perspectives from which one can view the world. The idea behind HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE WORLD is: What art does when it looks at things from different angles, everyone can do that themselves with their environment. Just go and take a different perspective than you usually do.

59 creative exploration ideas for the familiar environment

That’s exactly what Canadian Keri Smith collects in her book 59 Exploratory Ideas. Whether you discover patterns in your everyday environment, make arrangements of found paper, observe people, and document their behavior, Keri Smith’s suggestions always make you look different, more accurate, more creative. And on the most banal things.

In such a way, one can, at best, develop a kind of good-natured mindfulness for which nothing is boring. I think. And I am excited. But finally, the test on the child must be made, to which HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE WORLD Although not exclusively, but mainly focused.

Tested by the childlike reader

Keri Smith has published a number of books on creativity – including the oft-copied sensational success “Make This Book Complete,” which gives directions for a wild, imaginative, active use of the book object. At that time my daughters found this idea great. Well, the DIY everyday museum: Does a child pick up such a book, or is it rather something for enthusiastic adults; maybe for those who work with children? My ten-year-old daughter has to serve as a test child. Your opinion: In HOW THE WORLD IS EXPERIENCED many good ideas, but some projects find them too expensive to implement. It’s easier then, when the creativity can work off a handy book like “make this book ready”. And the improvised, handmade style in which the book is designed and which has already delighted many design enthusiasts – does not catch my child at all. Come to him “intentionally childlike”. An experience that I have often made: what we like to appear as anarchic-childlike, children, when practiced by grown-ups, is easily perceived as a parody of their own inferences.

All right then. Maybe you should NOT HOW TO LEARN THE WORLD acquired as a dedicated children’s book, but rather as a family book from which to inspire little and great again and again. Because you should buy it. Absolutely.

“How to experience the world?” Buy:

In any established bookstore in Germany you can order this book by phone or in person, so that it can be picked up the next day.
Anyone who still wants to order online, the book on this link order at Amazon. It’s an affiliate link, which means I get a small percentage of the purchase price. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage everyone to support the local bookstores!

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