The education counseling center – getting help is a sign of competence

The education counseling center - getting help is a sign of competence

The Education Counseling Center – Problems in education are no longer taboo

If parents do not get further at one point in the upbringing of their children, for example, if problems arise that can not be solved in a family relationship, today it is quite common to seek education counseling. There are a variety of educational counseling centers that provide different services and work by a variety of methods. With this abundance of offers first orientation is necessary. Which offer is right for my specific situation? What can I expect from the advice? Which principle is being worked on? I would like to address these and other questions with today’s article.

Services and tasks of an educational counseling center

The services of educational counseling are as varied as the variety of their offers. In general, educational counseling centers are solely responsible for providing educational counseling. However, some counseling centers, especially those with a confessional background, also offer services such as marriage counseling or pregnancy conflict counseling.

Practical help with education takes place in the majority of cases on an outpatient basis, but there are also in-patient offers. The role of an educational counseling center is to support the development of children and adolescents in their families, as well as to promote parenting or parenting skills. The focus is always on individual advice. This can consist in providing information about educational work to psychological and psychotherapeutic intervention. The offer of an educational counseling center should therefore be holistic and be able to adapt to the specific situation in the family.

Why advice may be necessary?

The reasons parents use parenting counseling are as diverse as the related approaches. For example, family conflicts can lead to stressful situations. Parents may notice abnormalities in their child’s development, or may be experiencing academic problems. Uncertainties of the parents in sober subject matters in education can also cause them to seek out an educational counseling center. As the child grows and the parent-child relationship, there may be questions at many points that educational counseling can help to solve.

Use of educational counseling

In most cases, parents go directly to an educational counseling center when they come to a point in education that causes uncertainty. Rarely education counseling is also prescribed by the youth welfare office. The rising numbers of educational counselors make it clear that counseling services are very broad today and are being sought by people of every social background and family constellation. This is by no means a stigma attached to parents who seek counseling services. Rather, the increase in counseling testifies to their quality and apparent usefulness for a peaceful family life!

Advice through parent online training

Parent online training does not aim to replace going to the Parenting Center. Rather, it should be an introduction to tackling potential issues, because I realize that using advisory services can cost some overcoming. Depending on the severity of the problems, the skills provided by parent online training can already provide a solution; in other cases, it may be a first important step. If you are not satisfied with the course in any way, I offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. No ifs and buts. Promised.

About the author Kay Rurainski

I love healthy communication in the parent-child relationship. Relationships make my life meaningful. Well-designed relationships improve my quality of life. Especially when I consciously create conflicts with people who are important to me. That’s why I teach the skills that support me passionately.

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