The event highlights for children in munich

The event highlights for children in Munich

The best events for children in winter

Munich offers numerous events for children: from butterfly watching to Paw Patrol, there is something for everyone among you. We have picked out the highlights for you – which you should not miss in the coming months.

Tropical butterflies in the botanical garden

The botanical garden brings tropical butterflies to Munich every winter. Around 400 magnificent specimens from more than 50 species can be discovered here. Thanks to their colored wings, they are not always visible at first glance. Unless they fly around your nose. Children in particular are enthusiastic about the beautiful butterflies that flutter freely through the greenhouses – and learn to appreciate the wonders of nature. Further information

Circus Krone – 25.12.19 to 5.4.20

Come to the Circus Krone to be amazed and laugh: daring artists, funny clowns and elegant horses frolic in the ring. From the first Christmas day, the traditional circus in the Kronebau opens for the three traditional winter programs. And each one has new numbers – it is worth visiting the circus several times until April! More info

Children’s carnival – February 2020

Do you want to visit the funny carnival balls and parades in Munich as a little witch, cowboy or ladybug? We have three tips you shouldn’t miss: The Narrhalla Ball "Pumuckl and the carnival prince" in the Bayerischer Hof (9.2.), the children’s carnival in the Deutsches Theater (16.2.) and the large parade of the Damische Ritter through downtown Munich. It’s raining camels! (16.2.).

Paw Patrol Live – March 28, 2020

You are fans of the TV series "Paw Patrol"? Then you have to look into the Olympiahalle on March 28th, 2020. You experience the big one there "Paw Patrol live show" with an exciting adventure race. The "Heroes on four paws" with their vehicles brought to life with music and lots of fun. tickets

Munich School Theater Festival – 31.3. until 1.4.2020

A great stage for students. At the school theater festival in the Pasing factory, the young actors demonstrate true acting. For three days, the young actors show selected plays. You can see everything from self-developed works to interpretations of well-known dramas.

Children’s crime film in the Seidl-Villa from March 21st to April 4th, 2020

Detective and gangster stories are the focus of the 19th children’s crime film in Munich: author readings, writing workshops and workshops entertain children from 6 years of age. For the young “investigators”, the Seidlvilla is primarily looking for traces. Children learn how to decrypt cryptoscripts, secure the right traces at a crime scene and find the perpetrator. The old villa in Schwabing is also the setting for the legendary children’s crime night.

Munich Book Show Junior – March 7th to 15th, 2020

"Curious about the world" – This is the motto of the Munich Book Show Junior. Then the Munich City Museum turns into a paradise for little bookworms. Book exhibitions, readings by authors and campaigns should inspire young people. Admission to the book exhibition is free. All dates for this year can be found here.

Auer Dult with children’s program from April 25th, 2020

Great fun for the little ones: Children and the young at heart have fun in the show area of ​​the Dult: With gentle rides such as bumper cars, chain flyers, swing, Russian wheel and carousel for the little ones. Throwing stalls invite you to test your skills and a children’s carousel for tours. Services such as a stroller parking space, changing station and benches provide a comfortable atmosphere in the (small) child-friendly show area. The showmen always open half an hour after the market stalls at 10:30 a.m..

Mini Munich from July 27th until 14.8.2020

The Spielstadt takes place every two years in the first three weeks of the summer vacation.
The big 20th anniversary will be celebrated in 2020, because Mini-Munich will be 40 years old. On the Showpalast Munich site, you can work like adults, build houses, earn money or just play to your heart’s content – the campaign is free. You can find more information here.

Children’s film festival from 25.6. until 4.7.2020

The Children’s Film Festival also takes place as part of the Munich Film Festival. It is not just about watching films, but also about media education. Therefore, this year the trail kids who produced the trailer for the children’s film festival and the raging young reporters are on the road again. In addition, of course, the Children’s Film Festival Audience Award, endowed with 1,000 euros, will also be awarded, which, incidentally, the young visitors decide on their own.

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