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Children’s and youth farm Würzburg e.V..

The Union Children’s and youth farm Würzburg e.V.. maintains a pedagogically supervised playground with animals on a natural site in the middle of the city of Würzburg below the fortress. He is with the City of Wuerzburg as well as the Social service of Catholic women Würzburg e.V. cooperatively connected and the Association of youth farms attached. It promotes, accompanies and supports children’s needs for play, employment, movement, community, experience, adventure and contact with animals as dependent beings to be cared for. He creates encounters and projects to promote disabled and non-disabled children and families with a migration background. The farm team provides help and suggestions for adventure and learning programs for groups of visitors, kindergartens, schools and funding institutions.

Now take the chance. We are still open all November:

Tuesday to Friday 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and

Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..

We look forward to your visit.

How can you participate??

Log in to the farm, either in person or by phone. If there are vacancies, you can visit the farm group every Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. during school hours and of course come to the opening hours at any time.

We look forward to seeing you

Your farm team

In addition, we have a very special offer this year. We want to show you how to properly forge or print your own motif on a T-shirt. You can register for various courses and become active yourself for a small material cost subsidy. Just call if you have any questions or you can contact us directly. We are really looking forward to your ideas and works of art.

Blacksmith courses: from 8 years

Here you really learn how to forge. The metal not only has to be hot, but glow. Then it can be bent into nails or other great tools. Learn the correct handling of materials and tools and become a real master blacksmith!

Screen printing courses: no age limit

"I want exactly this picture on my t-shirt!" Ever thought so? Or how about with a of our animals on your shirt? Here you can print all possible motifs on everything. Come to the screen printing course and make your own clothes!

Pottery courses: no age limit

Making your own cereal bowl or cup is something. With pottery you can let your imagination run wild. Jewelry or smaller gifts, everything is possible. In the end you always created your own artwork!

For all courses you can register here on the farm directly or by phone at 0931/76399. The cost of materials and instructor for all courses is € 4 plus admission. All material and Tool is provided by us.

  • At the blacksmith course please pay attention to clothes that can get dirty.
  • It is best to bring your own clothing for printing at the low pressure course. We also have some t-shirts (fair & Organic 15 €) and cotton bags (fair & Organic 3 €)
  • At the pottery course please pay attention to clothes that can get dirty.


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