The favorable car loan

you can take out the loan completely from home.

The car loan is so inexpensive

From1,48% * effective

*mandatory legal disclosures: net loan amount 3.000-50.000 EUR | contract term (months)/number of installments 24-84 | effective annual interest rate 1.48% – 3.47% | bound target interest rate 1.47% – 3.42% annually | installment amount 37.61 – 2.158,36 EUR | total amount 3.046,15 – 56.294,45 EUR representative example: net loan amount 13.800 EUR; contract period (months)/number of installments 67; fixed target interest rate 2.95% per year; effective annual interest rate 2.99%; amount of installment 223.65 EUR; total amount 14.984.59 EUR. At least 2/3 of the customers receive these conditions.

Customer reviews of the car loan (82)

Car loan feedback seal 82

Thank you :) – thanks for the quick help.

Fast and uncomplicated processing, everything perfect! – the processing of the application was lightning fast. Totally uncomplicated and there is a clearly defined application process. just follow the process and everything will be done quickly. In the case of a car loan, the vehicle registration document is not requested by bos. However, a security transfer contract must be signed, which is perfectly i.O. Is.

Super bank 100% – fast loan, very happy

Quick and easy application

Loan application 1

Online credit offer
in 6 minutes

Create your personal
credit offer with individual best interest rate.

Easy application
and digital closing

For the application we need the last 3 proofs of income from you. Use the simple video identification for the legitimation and sign your credit contract legally – by click – online. Alternatively, you can sign the loan agreement in the regular way and send it to us by mail.

Smartphone with note text - Your installment loan has just been disbursed

After receiving your documents, we will check the application
final and pay the loan amount in case of positive
check out immediately.

Easy credit conclusion without car title

In order to make the conclusion of the car loan as convenient as possible for you, we waive from now on the sending of the certificate of approval part II (ZB II) for all loans. The only security we require is the signed security transfer agreement for your new car. Learn more about the terms and conditions of the car loan here.

Credit and service topics at a glance

Frequently asked questions

Easy language

Our products are explained very simply here


You can reach us by e-mail or on (030) 280 4 280

Credit ABC

Here you will find quick help through the credit jungle

Debt rescheduling loan

reschedule old credit and save money


You should know these interest rates

Modernization loan

Favorable interest rates: how to modernize your own home


  • Personal requirements
  • Unregistered vehicles

You have been employed by your current employer for at least six months, are undergoing training or are retired.

You have a current account in the SEPA area into which your salary is deposited.

You have your residence or habitual abode in germany.

If you wish to submit a joint application, you will need to have a joint residence.

No motorcycles, trikes or quad-bikes

No classic or collector cars and vehicles older than 10 years old

No vehicles with an above-average purchase price from the high-price segment (z.B. Bentley, ferrari, maserati, bugatti, lamborghini, maybach, rolls-royce)

No commercial vehicles

Please note that you can only finance one vehicle per car loan with bank of scotland. A maximum of three simultaneous financings are possible per person.

Frequent questions from our customers

If you would like to apply for a loan, you can apply directly on our website. Click here for the installment loan application, click here for the car loan application.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for credit by phone or mail.

The installment loan of the bank of scotland is intended for free use. You can use the installment loan for the following purposes, for example:

  • Motorcycle
  • furnishings/furniture
  • Modernization
  • Travel
  • PC/ audio/ video
  • Boats/ accessories
  • Debt rescheduling
  • compensation dispo
  • Move

Please note that the installment loan is not intended for construction financing.

For the purchase of your new or used car, we recommend the bank of scotland car loan. Only the following vehicles are excluded from financing with the car loan:

  • motorcycles, trikes or quad-bikes
  • Oldtimer or collector’s items anyway vehicles older than 10 years
  • vehicles with an above-average purchase price from the high-priced segment (z.B. Bentley, ferrari, maserati, bugatti, lamborghini, maybach, rolls-royce)
  • Vehicles for commercial use

A maximum of three simultaneous financings per person are allowed up to a total amount of 50.000 EUR possible.

If you choose the car loan and want to use it to finance your vehicle, the product conditions require that you assign your vehicle to us as collateral. The bank of scotland is the owner of the vehicle during the loan period. Please fill in the form for the transfer of ownership as security, which we have sent to you by mail after disbursement of the credit.

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