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Cinemas can add films, to be shown in English, with or without subtitles. Please provide a permanent link to your website, with a list of films to be shown in this page. PDF’s can be linked, but the path should never change. RSS feeds can be added to this page. Cinemas are welcome

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Grindel Closed March 2008
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Streits Kino started showing films in German from 22nd May 2008: (English). Photo: © nicolls d.zine 21.12.2009


Hamburg 29.03.2011 | The famous STREITS cinema on Hamburg’s Jungfernstieg is reported to be closed, according to the “Hamburger Abendblatt” (Tuesday Edition). The movie theater is due to close on 31st March 2013. According to the report the landlord, Streit’s real estate company could not agree on extending the lease with the Australian Greater Union (CineStar Group). The building will now be used for other purposes from 2013 onwards

Roughly translated link:

Quarrels movie theater
Jungfernstieg 38
20354 Hamburg
T: +49 (0) 40/34 32 69

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The website above finds original versions in other languages, such as Russian and French Search for Films in English

As it has become a problem to keep up with the changes in the Hamburg cinema world, we have added this extra search option via Google to help combat the problem of closed cinemas, website changes, websites only in German and lack of films in English. This option is not an answer to the problems, but may help. The results will vary each time you use it, if used weekly. If you find this page and you are els ewhere, click the left and change ” Hamburg ” to your German location – you may have some luck

Google search 1 this may be all movies in the original language
Google search 2 possibly with translation links – search for OmU – Original with sub-titles English Language Forums & Groups
Hamburg Cinemas – click here – external
Cinema Discussion – click here – external Grindelallee UFA Closed

June 2008 | The cinema could become the first 3D cinema in Hamburg. – ‘Save Grindel’ ‘ The way we see it, at least three years or more. It must be very difficult for a cinema to make a profit!
Nov 2006 – Grindel Cinema might stop showing films in English !
Please read and sign if possible !! We need your signature. Thanks to Meghan for organizing this and for this on.
Earlier: The English Cinema near the main train station Grindel took over.

1. NEW LINK: German "UFA Grindel" Website Films in English with: OF / OV 2. In case of changes search for the cinema here – includes translation links 3. Private website about the Sneak Previews in Grindel UFA – German 4. Reviews, Trailers & Official Websites in English 5. Entertainment News Address: Grindelberg (7 to 15 mins walk from Uni) Tickets: 040-44 93 33. 24 hours: 040-45 03 59 73 21.03.2005 – The original Grindel links no longer lead to any info about films in English There is an odd badly designed new website, which is the translation tool from Google can not cope with. Please click the German website and search for films with OV. We assume that the cinema has changed hands. We would appreciate any reports of any problems or dead links (click) . Thank you and have a nice time SNEAK PREVIEW UFA: Mondays 21:00. From 18 years old only – telephone to confirm (info from 2003) The new listings are usually available on Thursday mornings from UFA on the website Abaton1. German Website 2. Translated Website Further links and news below 3. In case of changes search for the cinema here – includes translation links 4. Reviews, Trailers & Official Websites in English 5. Entertainment News Allendeplatz 3 – next to University, near TV tower Tel. 040 41 320 330 Fax 040 41 320 310 1. Map of area. 2. Trains / Buses in English – see flag Abaton cinema has a special program which is difficult to represent on this website. Some films are only on once, on one day. Abaton website please select link number 2 above, or if you understand English, each film is reviewed on the Abaton website – link number 1. Link number 4 is distress the Abaton site and has movie reviews When on the Abaton site, in the form of gray buttons (2004). Each button is written on it. Scroll down for further times and buttons Guide to the above left The cinemas above show films in English. Many films shown in Germany have been dubbed into English, which is acceptable in Germany – unlike the UK, for example The websites are not available in English, so we have put them through a translation tool, if technically possible. Only rough translations are possible and as we suggest you open the German and the translated versions. Oddly enough the reviews of the films which are shown in English are written in German Further tips can be found on this page Movie & Movie News updated 2005 Does pirating increase takings? Many reports say yes. Could the music and film industry use piracy methods to increase sales, instead of spending millions on tackling it – could they be better than banning it? What do you think? Many unknown songs have gained popularity through piracy and songs which has been impossible to get, as the original long versions of disco and club hits, have enjoyed the light of day again much worse in Germany. HEP Hollywood reports record takings – BBC Los Angeles police have made the first arrests under a law targeting pirates who use camcorders in cinemas – BBC archives BBC Talking Movies Reviews BBC Films More Reviews Movie Clichés Translation Page Trailers British Films Upcoming Films Hamburg Cinemas Movie / Movie History Tips for German Cinemas

If you book in advance, you have 30 minutes before the movie starts, or else they will be sold not when you arrive in the building. Queuing for popcorn etc can take a long time. All in all, it pays to get there 45 minutes in advance, with or without pre-booked tickets. 45 minutes beforehand, try queuing again 30 minutes before the movie starts, as many reserved tickets might be available again. This is not always possible

The German words and abbreviations for "German version" to look for websites and newspapers are: 1. Original version (OF) 2. In the English version 3. engl. OmU = original German version with example German subtitles. Take care, sometimes the films are in French, Swedish and Italian etc – look for "English." on the Abaton website for example. 4. OMEU = English subtitles and the soundtrack is in a variety of other languages

Films in English are sometimes shown for a single week at UFA. Occasionally longer. 2 weeks later, but that is more the exception than the rule

Some people ignore the facts, which often causes a lot of disturbance when late-comers arrive and want to sit on those seats. We recommend taking a small torch / flashlight with you. The adverts are generally 20 minutes long at the beginning, which can increase or decrease, depending on the popularity of the film – The German version of Lord of the Rings had 40 mins of ads & trailers, plus a break in the middle!

notice We are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information. We do not take responsibility for any whatsoever or the information therein.

Details about films in UFA and Abaton websites (top left), are written in German. UFA closed the English cinema a few years ago. All extra links above were researched by Hamburg English Pages and are not supplied by UFA or Abaton. Absolutely no responsibility for them. We distance ourselves, as we speak on our contact page, from all content on any other websites. UFA or Abaton can not answer UFA or Abaton questions.

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