The first applications accepted

The first applications accepted

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Earlier this year, the Catholic dioceses in New Jersey had provided a compensation fund. This allows victims to settle their cases privately with the church.

Thirty alleged victims of sexual abuse are seeking financial compensation from Catholic dioceses in New Jersey. They accuse 28 priests of sexual violence; among them are 12 clergy who had not previously been identified as abusers by the church, Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian said, according to U.S. media outlets.

The five dioceses had provided a compensation fund earlier this year that allows victims to settle their cases with the church privately without going to court.

According to the report, the first applications were filed on 15. June accepted. The administrators received, according to the online portal in the first month 44 applications and made three settlement offers. Further settlements expected.

Law lays groundwork for more civil lawsuits

The state of New Jersey had recently passed a law on the basis of which more abuse victims can file civil suits against alleged perpetrators. The compensation fund is expected to make some lawsuits moot because settlements can be reached between victims and the church.

According to the rules of the fund, the credibility of the victims' applications will be examined by experts. Applications can be filed until the end of October, claims for compensation must be received by the end of the year.

Separately, New Jersey's dioceses expressed a desire to continue cooperating with law enforcement authorities in reporting allegations of abuse, according to media reports.

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