The first car for your child – what you should look out for

The first car for your child - what you should look out for

Holding a driver’s license is a milestone on the road to growing up! Because the first car will always be something very special and special considerations must be made for novice drivers, parents should accompany and advise their offspring during the purchase process.

Used: the most important attribute of the beginner car

The car of a novice driver does not need to be new. Especially in the first few months it is normal to hit the garage when parking and to make minor driving mistakes. A new car would quickly lose value! The loss with each small dents hurts then all the more. When things do go wrong, automanager companies offer the possibility of finding the right repair shops.

In addition, novice drivers tend to individual design to want. Places the son, the daughter on the rear window a sticker of the favorite soccer club and if the project fails a little, the damage is not quite so great. In addition, tastes change when it comes to vehicle customization. What was considered cool when you were 18 looks embarrassing a few years later. Anyone who buys a new car and wants to drive it for five or seven years, or even until the end, may at some point be annoyed by the "decorations" and repainting. With an old car this does not matter.

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The discovery of slowness

For years, lawmakers have been discussing imposing a maximum horsepower rating on novice drivers, similar to what has been done for bikers for eons. An 18-year-old does not have to over 250 horsepower because he or she is not yet capable of using them correctly and safely. Knowing about the engine’s power might even tempt the teenager to practice risky overtaking maneuvers and to really step on the gas on the highway with friends in the back.

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Less is more!

The consequences of such an undertaking would be terrible and sometimes even fatal. That’s why it’s enough to buy a vehicle that has between 50 and 70 horsepower. Fast enough, yet not as fast as a sports car, these vehicles teach the prudent use of speed. And mom and dad certainly sleep better when they know their offspring can’t accelerate the car to over 200 mph.

Parking made easy: it has to be manageable!

In the first few weeks and months, accidents happen again and again to novice drivers minor mishaps. accurately estimating the length and width of a vehicle requires a little practice. The newcomers to the driver’s license naturally do not yet have this. That’s why we

  • Garden fences tuschiert,
  • miss the curb and
  • Other vehicles at parking out jostled.

As a rule, it remains small sheet metal damage and often not even a scratch can be detected. However, anyone who has to learn to drive a fat sedan is at a potentially higher risk of causing such mini-accidents. That’s why small cars are probably the best choice for beginners. When parking, young drivers don’t misjudge so easily and don’t bump into every house wall. Another argument that should not be underestimated is the better parking possibilities. the smaller the vehicle, the easier it is to find a suitable parking space. Especially for big-city-cowboys and -girls an immense advantage. Driver self-confidence is often not yet sufficient for smaller gaps.

Leisurely, used and small: the beginner’s car

parents of new drivers have sleepless nights anyway. Making it a little easier for yourself can be achieved with the right choice of vehicle. For safety reasons, the vehicle must not be expensive, ostentatious and fast – it is loved anyway, is the car a little quirky!

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