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The project "The garbage detectives – daycare children are getting active" introduces the problem of ‘disposable plastic’ to the little ones in a playful way – take part! The first 650 participating daycare centers receive material for their educational use and public relations work and there is also a competition.

Just in time for the International Environment Day on June 3, 2016, the new project "The Garbage Detectives – Day Care Children Get Active" by S.O.F. Daycare centers in Germany. Why is? One would like to introduce the little ones to the difficult topic of environmental and resource protection. On this day of action, the “garbage detectives” should go against disposable plastic in search of waste and plastic garbage – especially in everyday daycare. They should not only recognize where and how to find it, but above all how to avoid it.

From the garbage art exhibition to the disposable plastic rally

This is implemented Whole in a playful way: there are both garbage collection campaigns in the vicinity of the daycare center, as the word "garbage detector" suggests, but they are also disposable plastic rallies through the daycare or a supermarket, a toy exchange market, the sale of hand-painted cloth bags or the performance of a play or musical. Since the campaign takes place in summer, a summer festival with a focus on waste prevention is to be held on that day, and a garbage art exhibition is also planned in the town hall. In order to finally convey to the little ones that they are important for environmental protection and can make their contribution, a wish list for more environmental and resource protection should be handed over to the mayor, district administrator or another competent authority. The project is also open to further ideas! If you work in the day care center environment or need further suggestions on how the action can be integrated into your educational work, visit this page.

The little ones are committed to the environment.

Garbage Detective Cash Prize with Sweepstakes

Are you convinced of the project and would like to participate with your daycare center to set a good example in terms of resource protection? Then register your facility on this page for the garbage detection competition by the end of June 2016 and receive a free material package. Next to the important A contribution to our environment, which you make through this, also attracts a cash prize: the daycare centers that are most committed to the campaign will be awarded 1,500 euros in places 1-5 and 750 euros in places 6-15. I wish you success! Continue reading…


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