The good day care law in hesse, hessian ministry for social and integration

As part of the “Good Day Care Act”, Hessen will receive funds of 412 million euros by 2022. These are invested in two central measures to strengthen the staffing and thus the daycare for children on site.


Improve supervision key

In order to improve the skilled worker situation in day care centers, the legally required calculation of minimum personnel requirements is changed so that more skilled staff are available. The downtimes for vacation, illness and training calculated in the Hessian Child and Youth Welfare Code are increased from the current 15 to 22 percent.

Strengthen the daycare management

In order to strengthen the daycare management, the Hessian state government stipulated a fixed 20 percent share of the time for the management of a daycare. The management is then exempt from the group service to this extent. In this way, the requirements for qualitative development in the daycare centers are taken into account, because the management of the Hessian day care centers is given the necessary time to perform their diverse tasks. Because the heads of daycare centers play a central role in the qualitative development of early childhood education role.

As a result of the changed downtimes and the line time quota, the minimum personnel requirements of the day care center increase. The bottom line is that there is more time available for each child cared for.

Hesse continues to finance after 2022

Hessen also guarantees the financing of permanent quality improvements in childcare in the event that the federal government withdraws from financing after 2022.

Good daycare and specialists

In order to ensure the quality in the daycare centers, it is important to attract specialists. The measures described above are therefore flanked as follows:

  • The daycare centers are given a transition period to implement the improved staffing (until July 31, 2022).
  • With the measures outlined to improve staffing levels, the state is simultaneously increasing the attractiveness of the professional field. This in turn is an important contribution to keeping specialists in daycare centers or to attracting people to this professional field.
  • Hessen is investing in a specialist offensive consisting of three components as part of the “Strong Home” program:
  1. Hessen promotes the practice-integrated, dual training of educators with at least 200 places each for the training courses 2020 / 2021-2022 / 2023 and 2021 / 2022-2023 / 2024. Prospective educators should have the opportunity to choose between this and other training models.
  2. Hesse improves the conditions for trainers in practice. This should reward the increased effort through instruction times that the instruction of the youngsters means for the specialists in the daycare centers.
  3. Hessen becomes one Advertising and image campaign for the teaching profession start, which strengthen the job profile and the diverse paths in children’s professions- and youth welfare should inform.

Strong home

By 2024, a total of 720 million euros will flow from the “Strong Home Hesse” program to the daycare providers. With these funds, the state government supports the diverse educational work on site. This is achieved by financing long opening hours and the Support for operating costs for daycare centers is increased significantly. This supports the municipalities in creating the places that families need on site. In addition, funding is increased for daycare centers that are particularly challenged – for example, when many children come together whose mother tongue is not German, who come from a socially disadvantaged home or who need special support because of a disability.


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