The great children’s shoe guide

What does offer you?

  • Inspiration and information:
    What is important? good children’s shoes on? Where do you get this?
  • Saving tips:
    How can you Buy children’s shoes cheap? We have compiled numerous proven tips and tricks that will save you a lot of money save up can.
  • Shoe size tips:
    Particularly important when buying shoes: how to find them suitable children’s shoe size? Here you will find background information and simple tips on the correct children’s shoe size.
  • Shoe Shops:
    Where can you find good ones Children’s shoes nearby, no matter whether Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or any other city, here you get the overview.

Our goal: find children’s shoes – made easy!

Finding the right children’s shoes – many parents deal with this topic more intensively and often in the first years of their child, because the selection of children’s shoes is huge. And the children’s feet, which were incredibly small at first, grow incredibly quickly. Your wallet actually too?

Here you will find all tips on the topic of "buying children’s shoes" & Tricks – simple, clear and to the point. So the next shoe purchase is child’s play &# 128578;

Who writes here?

We are parents ourselves and know the situation: You have little time and want to know as easily and quickly as possible which children’s shoes are good and, if possible, reasonably cheap and where you can get them.

It is particularly important to us to give you an uninfluenced, non-commercial overview of children’s shoes, since there are already enough shops, (pseudo) guides and long-drawn-out discussions about children’s shoes on the Internet. So we want to let you decide whether you want used children’s shoes or children’s shoes on-line want to buy. Or prefer to buy them in the children’s shoe store or children’s shoes outlet. We just want to illustrate the possibilities and support your decision a bit.

Here you will find selected practical tips and tricks, clearly and clearly presented, so that you can hopefully find good children’s shoes for your boys and girls quickly and cheaply.

  • ♡ Independent: Advice instead of commerce
  • ♡ Diverse: For every budget
  • ♡ Honestly: We are parents ourselves
  • ♡ Open: for your ideas and criticism

book tips

Children’s feet children’s shoes – everything worth knowing about small feet and shoes
The great book by the Austrian research group provides practical information about children’s shoes, children’s foot development, children’s shoe sizes, materials, used shoes, socks, running games and more. Easy and stimulating to read in 60 minutes!
To the book


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