The guide to the mobile child ▷ tests and comparisons

Reviews and comparisons in our parent guide for the mobile kid!

Of course, children are also mobile today. We help parents choose the right children’s cell phones, digital wristwatches, smartphones, kids tablets, and show you cheap mobile phone rates that fit your kids’ communication needs.

“Does my child really need a cell phone? Or rather a smartphone for my child? “For many parents this is an important and not easy to answer question. The advantages are obvious: With a mobile phone, the child is easily accessible to the parents and, conversely, can also call the most important caregivers on the road, for example by using a mobile phone. if it needs help or support or in dangerous situations. This mutual accessibility is a good feeling of increased security for both sides.

Our guidebook wants to support that right smartphone or child phone to find and a mobile phone tariff that spares the family budget and is well suited for children. Since 2010, we have tested and compared children’s phones, smartphones and smartwatches, and other devices and applications for the mobile child.

On our editorial office passes on the information and tips. Read our latest reviews and share your experiences with us and the other parents in our community!

Overview of our portal for children’s phones, children’s tablets and co.

This information is provided by our portal. We strive for high quality, independent information. Current prices and shopping for the presented and tested devices and tariffs delivered our site with the same.

Our portal is active in these areas:

We also have tips for young people, e.g. detailed information at the right time for an iPhone for children. In addition, we give tips for the correct handling of mobile phones.
Mobile phone tariffs for children
We support you in finding a suitable mobile phone tariff for your child. We also take tariffs into account, which include special functions or conditions for young people and children.

As our recommendations, we select tariffs that include a sufficient monthly volume of mobile Internet and telephony / SMS subscriptions. You can also conveniently compare the rates we recommend with our tariff calculator at any time.

Basically, we only recommend rates with the possibility of cost control and deactivation of the possible cost trap “automatic data”.

  • Smartwatch for kids
    Digital wristwatches are also available as special models for children. A Kindersmartwatch also brings a location mode and offers parents various settings for alarm, telephone and messaging. We assist in the selection and in our comparison test present current models together with our own test reports.
  • Kids tablet
    This, too, is part of the new mobility of children: a tablet of their own. We have critically tested the Amazon Kindertablet and present it here in a comprehensive review. In addition, we show how other tablets can be used as tablets for children.
  • Tracker (GPS and Fitness)
    Fitness tracker for children and GPS tracker for locating children, we compare here. The devices are very compact and can easily be carried by your children. With the built-in functions, you can use the GPS trackers to determine the whereabouts of children to within a few meters. Upon request, the parents will be notified by alarm if the children move out of a previously defined area. We have compared or tested some GPS trackers for children. In addition, there are fitness trackers for children, with which parents can motivate their kids to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Apps for kids
    With apps and tools, you can easily extend the capabilities of your smartphone or tablet. Here we introduce special apps that you can use to add security features or install educational games.
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