The happy sun and the sad snowman, winter time

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18 Sunday Feb 2018


The happy sun and the sad snowman
How the melting snowman finds his smile again

"You disturb, sun!" Complained the snowman, who had his place next to the fir at the town hall. "Your rays are annoying. They mess up my robe. "
He stroked the folds of his snow coat and straightened his black, stately cylinder, which had got a bit wrong. ”
The sun laughed. "Just keep looking into the day, white guy! I love hugging snowmen with wrinkles. Haha!"
Anger wrinkles? effrontery!
The snowman growled angrily at the sun, that hot and uncomfortably happy creature, an unforgiving “Get away! Wife! ".
"Right away!" The sun cooed. "In a moment my way will lead me behind the roof of the church and from there I can unfortunately no longer see and visit you. But it’s still enough for a goodbye kiss. "
Again she embraced the snowman with warm warmth.
The corners of the beautiful snowman’s mouth bowed even more, the forehead lines dug a little deeper into his snowman’s face … and the cylinder slid down over the poor guy’s eyes.
"See you tomorrow, dear friend! And dream something nice! From me. Ha ha ha! "
For a long time the snowman heard the sun laughing behind the church roof.
"See you tomorrow!" He sighed softly and looked over his stomach. He had lost weight again. He grew thinner every day. What else could he do about it? Nothing. The snowman hung his head low … and grieved.
That was how he stood during the night when the moon made its rounds over the town, and he didn’t like it at all.
"Another one," he murmured, waking the snow wizard Willi Schnifix with a moonbeam.
A little later Willi stood in front of the grieving snowman.
"Hi there! Red makes you happy, ”he said, tying a bright red and white check cloth around the snowman’s neck. "And no, you don’t have to tell me anything. I know your grief because you’re not alone with that. Ms. Sun is a little too cocky at the moment. She made life difficult for many of your colleagues. But do we want her to let that go? No. Or? What! Just come with me, white Friend!"
Willi Schnifix talked and talked and the snowman, glad of this unexpected help, nodded to everything Willi said. He also nodded when Willi finally waved his wand and cast a spell. And he also nodded when he – transformed into fine glass – in the window a gift shop next to many snowman colleagues who, like him, wore a red and white check cloth around their necks.
The glass snowmen smiled to greet him. Then the smile crept back onto the face of the sad snowman. And yes, he still stands there today and smiles.

The happy sun and the sad snowman, image source © Sandra_M_H / pixabay


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