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Spring, summer, autumn or winter – every season has its highlights for holiday camps. Participate in exciting activities, make friends, learn something new and all this with educational support including accommodation and delicious meals. Children in holiday camps and teenagers in youth camps can experience all of this and much more.

Who says no? It is, so to speak, a complete package, in which the children are taken care of in all respects. Parents no longer have to worry about whether their annual vacation is enough or what the children are doing at home while they are at work. And as I said, this applies not only to the summer vacation, but also to the winter, Easter and autumn vacation.

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Winter – cold and creative

If you are lucky, there is deep snow for weeks, which invites you to build a snowman and toboggan. Then many children spend their free time fighting snowball and ice skating. On the other hand, if the temperatures are already higher, so that there is thaw, there is only slush. In these circumstances, many prefer to stay indoors. But what can you do everything there? Sometimes the children can meet up with their friends. But often they sit alone at home and spend their free time in front of the computer, television or cell phone.

This is particularly a shame when it comes to the time during the winter vacation. Because in this period the children can experience much more amazing things. A holiday camp takes place very close to Berlin during the winter holidays. There are three focal areas in which the planned activities are located. As the name suggests, on the one hand it’s about creative things. For example, the children work and design with different materials and try out in some circus disciplines.

Another area is movement. It is always good for children. In the creative camp near Berlin, however, this is integrated into the program in a special way, for example in the forest course and nature exploration. Finally it gets adventurous with geocaching, archery and the night hike. For those interested in the English language, this camp is also available in English.

Spring – search and find activities

The sun’s rays are getting warmer and nature is gradually waking up from its hibernation. One or the other child is more inclined to go outside longer in the afternoon. Maybe cycling, visiting the sports or playground after a long winter break and going to Easter to find the hidden Easter eggs. Not all children live where they are close to nature. But there is a good possibility that city children can come out and watch animals and plants.

Namely with holiday camps in the spring holidays. In addition to the creative camp, there is also the adventure camp with climbing during this period. Of course, you cannot do this sport everywhere. Therefore, this holiday camp goes to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. There the children learn not only the art of climbing and everything that goes with it. Geocaching and gold panning are also included. And this camp is also offered in English. In this way, the children also improve their English skills.

Summer – long vacations must be used

The best thing about this time of year, as schoolchildren agree, is definitely the big vacation. No homework or vocabulary learning, reading texts, arithmetic for around six weeks. For many, it is enough to relax at home and do something with their friends every now and then. Stupid only when they are away and you have to sit at home yourself. Parents would often like to go on vacation with their children. But it often collides with their working hours and overall to get she seldom has so many weeks off in a row.

This is one more reason why the summer camps in the summer vacation to use. Those who would like to go to the sea have a large selection of summer holiday camps right on the German Baltic Sea. This includes typical water sports such as sailing and surfing, which the children can learn in the corresponding camps. There is also a circus camp where children can try out disciplines such as juggling, trapeze or balancing on the rope. These are then presented to the parents in a big performance on the last day. There are also two language camps on the Baltic Sea, English and Spanish.

Here the children deepen their speaking skills and listening skills in daily lessons. Those who prefer to learn French, on the other hand, have to travel to Willingen. There is also a FITcamp. Children can also train near the waves in the soccer holiday camp under the guidance of experienced professionals. Children can kick around the clock anywhere else. There is also a soccer camp in NRW. If you want to go further away, the football camps in England are probably more suitable. Some people have little to do with stiff breezes and the cool waves of the Baltic Sea. But that’s not a bad thing! After all, tastes are different.

Then it’s off to the mountains. You can climb much better there. If this is too tiring for you and you prefer to stay in the lowlands, you should probably spend your summer vacation somewhere else in Saxony. In Weißwasser in Saxon Switzerland there are several camps where children can have fun and learn something. Here the young travelers can choose between circus, geocaching, English and tree house.

Autumn – Halloween is coming

Now it is getting colder and cloudy again, the days are shorter and the weather is more uncomfortable. Apart from that, the autumn wind is of course particularly suitable for kite flying. And in no other season can you find so many natural materials lying around with which you can make wonderful things. There is also the theme of Halloween. This can also be integrated into the holiday camps in the autumn holidays. Because of course there are also some holiday camps in this season where the children will have a lot of fun despite maybe bad weather.

Climbing, circus, building a tree house and learning English – children can choose between these topics in autumn. Regardless of the weather, the supervisors have organized a program that keeps the children happy even during storms, constant rain and muddy weather. Time for holiday camps is all year round, because every season has its peculiarities. Every child is sure to find something that they particularly enjoy. After that, he is looking forward to the new experiences in the coming months when the next season comes up with its peculiarities.


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