The Immediate Implant: Facts and Advantages at a Glance, Dentolo

The Immediate Implant: Facts and Advantages at a Glance, Dentolo

The Immediate Implant: You should know these facts

You need an implant but do not want to go for a long time? An immediate implant is inserted into the jawbone immediately after removal of the tooth. This promotes faster healing. Find out what you need to consider during treatment and how much an immediate implant costs.

What is an immediate implant?

An immediate implant is to be differentiated from an immediately loadable dental implant. The Immediate Implant is a procedure that uses implants immediately after extraction of the natural tooth. Immediately loadable dental implants can be treated with a new provisional crown after being placed.

You save a lot of time with immediate implants, because they are often immediately loadable due to their special structure. Because there is no healing time that has to be awaited and no second surgery to expose the ingrown implant.

When inserting an immediate implant, the artificial tooth root is introduced after extraction in the empty tooth compartment, whereby it grows faster with the jaw and is enclosed within a short time by the gum. However, this method is only suitable for patients who have a healthy, non-inflamed structure of the jawbone and also do not need bone structure .

If the jaw is too much degraded, conventional dental implants are the best solution for you. For patients with a suitable bone structure, immediate implantation offers a decisive advantage: Depending on the speed of healing, a definite crowning of the artificial root is possible after a period of two to three months.

So you can smile with an immediate implant after a short time again radiant.

An immediate implant can usually be charged immediately

The primary stability, ie the strength of the implant immediately after insertion, is usually very good for the immediate implant. Although an immediate implant must also grow together with the jawbone and be firmly enclosed by the gums, you can often bridge the interim with a temporary restoration in order to avoid having a visible tooth space.

The concept of immediate implants is based above all on the special feature of the thread, which can be screwed firmly into the bone immediately. This will shorten the period of connection with the jawbone and provide you with a temporary solution after insertion – this is not possible with traditional dental implants.

The immediate load has the following advantages :

  • You do not have to change your diet and can largely absorb your food as usual
  • Its visual appearance is immediately restored by an immediate implant: a gap in the anterior region is bridged immediately and closed without the usual waiting time when placing an implant

You can either attach an immediate implant to a temporary crown or connect it to a bridge. With a stable jawbone, there are no micromovements that extend the healing time and limit immediate contraction of the dental implant to the bone.

How is the treatment??

Thanks to local anesthesia, an immediate implantation is absolutely painless and only minimally injures the skin and soft tissues (minimally invasive). First, the tooth is pulled before the appropriate dental implant is placed in the tooth box. While implants in the anterior region immediately after a fixed temporary is mounted on the implant, dental implants in the molar region is waited a few months until the dental implant is usually healed in the bone 2 to 3 months. Only after healing from the implant is a visible denture, such as a crown, placed.

Unlike treatment with a conventional implant, pain or swelling rarely occurs after treatment with immediate implants. To prevent these symptoms, you should not smoke for 48 hours after placing the dental implant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Immediate Implant: Are There Risks??

Advantages of an immediate implant over a classic implant

Shortened treatment duration: Only 3 to 6 months, since all measures for the dentures are made in a single treatment
Stability and resilience already quite high immediately after treatment
The saving of follow-up operations and bone formation has a positive effect on the cost of the method

Disadvantages of an immediate implant

Unsuitable for reconstructed jawbones, as they do not hold the thread and ensure the necessary stability
Immediate implantation is only possible with a tooth with a single tooth root. A tooth in the molar region has several tooth roots – therefore, it is only possible in this area in exceptional cases to place dental implants directly after extraction, the pulling of the tooth

If your jaw is suitable for immediate implants, you will gain immense benefits and should definitely choose this practical alternative to the classic implant.

The Immediate Implant: The Prices and Reimbursement

If you choose an immediate implant, you can expect a lower cost than traditional dental implants.

For the material, you pay the same price for your immediate implant as with traditional dental implants. But in terms of the working hours and the fee of your dentist you recognize significant cost differences. A full reimbursement of the health insurance is excluded without additional insurance usually in a conventional implant and is only about 10 to 30 percent of the total price.

Conclusion – when does an immediate implant make more sense than a classic implant??

Before a possible immediate implantation, your dentist will check your jawbone and the condition of your gums. It is only after a thorough examination that the recommendation for immediate implants can be made, or that your oral status is suitable only for conventional dental implants and not for an immediate implant. The quality of your jaw bone is the most important indicator, as only a stable bone for the healing of the artificial tooth root – the implant – provides.

After an accident or broken teeth in the front of your mouth, an immediate implant is a handy solution that will allow you to get a denture while saving time and money compared to a traditional implant. Patients who want to avoid multiple surgeries and have fixed dentures inserted immediately after natural tooth extraction are well advised to use an immediate implant rather than a normal implant.

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