The interview – tips for preparation

The interview - tips for preparation

The interview

Tips for the preparation and what you should consider

Interview – What is it about?

The main focus lies in the personal conversation on the assessment of your personality. In the job interview, the HR manager wants to find out if the first impression he got from your application is confirmed. He wants to review the candidate’s qualifications and social skills in order to decide for or against you as a new trainee. Think of it like a little oral exam. For example, you will be asked for your goals or you need to explain why you applied for this job. Maybe it’s the first conversation for you as a candidate and you’re thinking about it. How do you prepare yourself best and leave a particularly good impression on the HR manager? Our tips for preparation and conduct in the interview will certainly help you.

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Tips for preparing for your interview


Confirm, postpone or cancel? After the company has contacted you to get to know you personally in an initial interview, one or more appointments will be suggested to you. You can confirm one of these bindingly or ask for another if you are prevented in time. However, be polite and ask if it suits the HR person because of the date. If you have already accepted another training position, cancel your appointment early.

Your schedule

Once you have confirmed the interview, you should inquire about the location of the company. Look on the homepage for the exact address. You can check it using your smartphone or laptop and plan how best to get there. By bus, bicycle or even on foot? Think about when to get up on the day of the conversation and when to get on the road to business. Take into account, of course, your individual preparation time, which you need. As a woman, you want to apply make-up and hairstyles in peace. As a man, you should plan the shave. The right preparation is everything. If you go into the conversation relaxed and without time pressure, things will be better than if you had a stressful and chaotic day before.

What will you wear?

In addition to scheduling, you should also prepare your clothes for the job interview. She should fit in with the employer and be clean. Spotty, not ironed or fuzzy clothes are absolute no-gos. So you give a chaotic and neglected impression, which the personnel then refers to your way of working. You only put yourself under pressure by spontaneously selecting and assembling your clothes the same day. A tip for you: Plan what you want to wear a day or two in advance and adjust your outfit clean and ironed so that you only have to put on your clothes on the day of the conversation and thus save time.

Which clothes are suitable?

For a job interview, as a woman, you should grab a blouse or shirt, combined with a blazer. These pieces should be combined with a pair of dark trousers and neat and sophisticated shoes. As a man, we recommend wearing a shirt and jacket combined with suit shoes. A complete suit is another option for you and is a must, especially for bank trainees. So you give a serious impression.

Which colors should you choose??

The colors of your clothes should be covered. Under no circumstances should you wear too colorful clothes or clothes with patterns. These are not suitable for a job interview. You can not go wrong with black and white and other non-gaudy colors.

Style yourself appropriately!

As a perfect trainee you should be well groomed next to the optimal outfit. Shower on the day of the conversation and hairdress your hair. Men should shave again. As a woman you should use discreet jewelry and subtle make-up. Mascara, some make-up and a light lipstick are enough to look fresh. Too much make-up and accessories seem too artificial. Do not wear too much of your perfume. A decent outward appearance strengthens the already positive impression of the staff of you.

Prepare good answers and questions!

The HR manager wants to find out a lot about your knowledge and about you as a person during the conversation. That’s why he’ll ask you a lot of questions. A few typical questions might be: What are your weaknesses? What sets you apart from the other applicants? Why do you want to do your apprenticeship with us? Do you know how our company is structured and how many employees are employed? It is quite possible that you will also be asked questions about your CV. For example, you will need to answer questions about your previous internships. To point out its strengths is desired, but you should not be too convinced by yourself. In addition to the questions, a short small talk is also part of a job interview. Also in this way the personaler gets a lot of relevant information about you. Think about what talks can come about and what you would say in these.

Of course, you should also prepare your own questions. You can write them down on a notepad and take them to the job interview. Of course, ask only questions that were not answered in the conversation. Here you can find more tips and sample questions:

With your professional preparation of the questions you will ensure conviction with the HR manager. Gathering information for questions about the company is a good preparation for the job interview. It also gives you more information when answering the questions. How big is the company? Do you know our training program? Some personnel even specifically ask for it. As a preparation, look at the company’s homepage and remember important facts that you can use to score points in your job interview. Little research and no questions about the potential employer testify to a lack of interest. This can have negative consequences and exclude you as a new trainee. After all, you want to start your education at the company and continue your professional education. A tip is thus: Make yourself smart again before your conversation! ‘

Questions that await you in the job interview

Take your application documents with you!

To make a well-prepared impression, print out your application documents and take them into the conversation. So you give a motivated impression, you can fall back on your application for possible questions and read through certain parts of your application again. You should also have a notepad and a pen to write down special content or important information about your education.

Your opinion is important to us!

If you are satisfied with us, we look forward to your positive review.

That’s how you score in the job interview!

Companies want to find out in an initial interview whether an applicant really suits them. The HR specialist therefore takes a closer look at the applicant. In doing so, he pays attention to your personality, how you present yourself and handle the questions of the staff member. If you are excellently prepared, you will surely take a step towards your education. The nervousness before the interview is totally normal. Do not worry too much and do not stress yourself. Especially jobseekers are very nervous and excited before their first job interviews. You want to prepare yourself optimally and need help with that? Nothing can go wrong with our tips!

Good self-presentation

Much is a matter of personal appearance, including your behavior. At the beginning of each conversation, the people get to know each other. So get up and introduce yourself! Keep eye contact and give your opponent the hand. Also, do not sit on the court until it is offered to you or the staff member has sat down. This underlines your good manners.

You as a conversation partner

Say clearly and slowly. If you’re asked questions that you do not have an answer to, you’d better take your time before answering. Especially on the subject of school and your previous experience, you should first arrange your thoughts and then tell. Employers want to know everything very well. Points with your soft skills to differentiate you from the other applicants. Do not use exaggerations, as they attract attention and make you look dishonest. Your body language is also an important factor. Sit upright, look friendly and not bored. We are looking for a motivated trainee. Do not be too intrusive and allow yourself something that makes you look bad at the HR. Therefore, for example, the pronunciation of the staff should be a matter of course. Follow your conversation partner carefully and respond to his statements through gestures and facial expressions. Keeping eye contact and a slight nod sometimes work wonders.

Show interest

In conversation, the HR manager wants to know if you really fit into the company, if you know what the position is and you feel ready for the training. Your knowledge of the company is a big plus for you, your already prepared queries about the company and the training center as well. Show the HR manager that you know a lot about the company and address things that you‘ve noticed about the company and that you find positive. In addition, make notes in between to show that you are very interested in the content of the interview and you want to keep some things for yourself.

The end

Thank you in the end for the conversation. Most of the time there is still room for a few more questions. For example, you can inquire about the progress of the procedure and ask when you can expect feedback. Questions about the vocational school and the working hours in the training course are also allowed. Of course, you may also ask other questions of a different nature that you did not come up with during the interview. If your first conversation is successful, the second one follows: On to the next round. At a second appointment, more specific matters concerning the training center are clarified. The employment contract forms a central point. After one week at the latest, you will usually receive a confirmation or cancellation.

How applicants make themselves impossible

Unfortunately, many candidates are overconfident but unprepared for a potential new employer. For example, they answer important questions only very briefly and very quickly, or they can come up with an answer to quickly conclude the conversation. As an applicant, you should not lie about your competences or your school-leaving certificate. These will be revealed sooner or later. Finally, you will present your school report and thus also your school grades and your degree. Also do not say anything that you can not prove with a testimony. Be confident, but not too brave and do not maintain a “get-me-the-job-anyway” attitude. Always keep in mind that you have applied for an apprenticeship and want something from the personnel, not the other way around. Therefore, you should show your best side in order to reach your apprenticeship position and to get into working life. Do not act as a know-it-all, that does not work well at all. A false statement could also be a question about your salary. The discussion of your salary or information about your salary will be on the second call and you should not be the first to address the topic.

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