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It was a wonderful, mild summer day. The little field mouse and her friends played all day on the field by the pond. They played catch, hide and seek and ran.

After dinner, the friends met at the Igel family. They were going to make lanterns. Everyone chose one from various templates and then the big cut began. Cutting noises filled the terrace. But a few minutes later it calmed down again. Now it was time to fold and glue. Everyone had chosen a different lantern shape.

The hedgehog lantern was square and looked like an elongated cube. The frog had chosen a hexagonal one. The piggy thinks it’s good. That’s why his lantern became elongated and round like a bolster. The little field mouse had chosen one out of triangles. It looked like a diamond. But that was also due to the colorful windows that the friends made of colorful parchment paper. Finally everyone put a tealight in the middle of their lantern.

Each lantern was attached to a stick with a cord so that the lanterns could be carried in front of you. When they finished crafting, everyone stood side by side. They were photographed by Ms. Igel with their lanterns in their hands. "Our lanterns look good," said the field mouse. "Yes, I agree. Better than last year. ”Replied the pig. But the little field mouse looked somewhat dissatisfied.

"What’s happening? You are not satisfied? ”Asked the little frog. "Goes so. We have lanterns every year. "" Yes, of course. We need lanterns for the lantern procession. "" But that’s somehow always the same. "" Field mouse! How is it supposed to be different? ”Asked the piggy. But the field mouse didn’t really know yet. The lampion parade was only in two days. So enough time to ponder.

Two days later, the friends met again at the Igel family to prepare for the move to organize. The field mouse now looked happier again. What was she up to? They turned on the tealights and placed them in their lanterns. Only the field mouse had taken out her tealight. She had brought an electric light that hung on a pole with a battery and switch.

Then they wanted to start a test run. The friends went outside and stood in a circle. The three tealight lanterns shone brightly. Only the field mouse had not yet switched on its light bulb. "What is? Turn on your light too. ”Asked the piggy. But when the field mouse turned on its light, it was not the lantern that shone, but the field mouse.

"Ohhh!" The friends marveled. How did the field mouse do that? "Why are you shining?" Asked the frog. "I agree! And why isn’t your lantern shining? ”The hedgehog asked. "The light bulb is not a normal light bulb. But it is a black light bulb. That’s why my lantern doesn’t light up. And I already painted patterns on my cheeks and arms with light cream at home. And the cream glows with black light. ”The friends were impressed. They wanted that too.

The field mouse had brought the light cream. Four different varieties that glowed in yellow, red, blue and green. The friends creamed themselves in face and on the arms with the creams. They painted hearts, stripes, animals and even letters on their arms and face. When they finished applying lotion, they went outside again and stood in a circle.

When the field mouse switched on its lamp, the friends shone brightly in the face and on the arms. It looked great. The lanterns also shone. Because all four had also lit their tea lights in the lanterns. The field mouse grinned contentedly. THAT was different than every year.

That evening the friends proudly carried their lanterns from house to house. They sang loudly and got sweets. They even had the impression that they were more sweets than usual. Maybe that was because of their bright lights.


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