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The Little Raven Sock 3: Continuation of the popular children’s film series. This time Rabe Socke and his friends go on an adventurous treasure hunt.

The little raven sock 3

"The Little Raven Sock 3" in the cinema

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Film plot and background

Continuation of the popular children’s film series. This time Rabe Socke and his friends go on an adventurous treasure hunt.

Another misfortune has happened to the little raven sock, and he is supposed to clean up the attic as punishment. He discovers a treasure map from Grandpa Dachs, who has been missing for years.

Whoever finds the well hidden treasure and solves all the puzzles on the way there should become king of the forest. Rabe Socke can’t say that twice, so he sets off with his friends Eddi-Bär, little badger and beaver Fritzi and follows the map into the forest. The adventurer group soon got competition: The beaver boys Henry and Arthur started the chase. When the opportunity arises, they grab the little badger and kidnap him.

Socke must now decide – should he hurry to help the little badger or use the situation to be the first to find the treasure and become king of the forest?

"The Little Raven Sock 3" – Backgrounds

Rabe Socke can also count on his friends in the third cinema adventure of the well-known children’s book series by Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph *. After winning a race in the second film, he and his friends strive for the crown of the forest king this time. As with the two predecessors, Sandor Jesse takes over, but this time he is no longer supported by Ute von Münchow-Pohl, but by Verena Fels.

For the dubbing one relies on old acquaintances: Dieter Hallervorden and Anna Thalbach are there again, Nellie Thalbach also takes on a speaking role in the third "Rabe Socke" film. As usual, musician Jan Delay lends his voice to the cheeky raven, and he also contributes songs to the film.

"The little raven sock 3 – search for the lost treasure" starts on December 12, 2019 in German cinemas. The film is also aimed at a very young audience and was accordingly classified for FSK approval from zero years. The German film and media rating gave the film a particularly valuable rating.

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The German film and media rating

In the third part of the film adaptation of the successful children’s book series around the cheeky little raven, Socke and his friends set out to find a treasure. A beautifully told and lovingly staged cinema adventure for the little ones.

It could have been such a nice forest festival. All the animal children were looking forward to it, especially the huge cake that Aunt Dachs baked. But of all things the little raven sock falls in the middle of the cake and thus ruins the whole festival. As punishment, the little cheeky raven has to clean up the attic and there. Of course, that doesn’t suit him at all. But that change finds himself a real treasure map when he is buried deep in the odds and ends. That sounds like an exciting adventure – in which, of course, all other animal lovers are at his side. With SEARCH FOR THE LOST TREASURE directed by Verena Fels, the third part of the RABE SOCKE series is now finding its way onto the big screen. The stories are based on the children’s book series of the same name by Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph – and once again it shows what the charm and magic of these stories about the cheeky little raven is. Because Socke is brave, cheeky, dares to do things and tackle things – and yet he can’t do anything without his friends, who are all very different and simply strongest together. The forest and the world through which the little heroes go their way is designed with warm and bright colors, the something fast-paced sequences are never overly loud or hectic. And the length of the film ensures that even the youngest cinema fans are never overwhelmed. As in the previous parts, the choice of speakers was excellent, starting with Jan Delay, who gives the little raven just the right amount of coolness and high spirits, via Anna Thalbach as a kind aunt and Dieter Hallervorden as a lost grandpa badger. THE LITTLE RAVE SOCKE – SEARCH FOR THE LOST TREASURE is an ideal introduction to cinema entertainment for the youngest viewers. Educational, exciting and very entertaining.

In the third film adaptation of a children’s book by Nele Moost and Annet Rudolph with the little raven sock, the filmmakers did everything right again. They tell at a calm, child-friendly pace, and the adventure of finding a treasure is not too exciting, so that even the smallest viewers will not be afraid. Socke is cheeky, brave, curious, and must always be pushed a little by his friends so that he does the right thing and everything ends well. He can always rely on exactly these friends, making the treasure hunt an exciting but always happy adventure. The animated film is designed in warm, bright colors and the figures are based on the illustrations drawn by Annet Rudolph with a clear line. The plot is regularly interrupted by songs, and not only does it show that it was an inspired decision to let Jan Delay speak and sing the title hero’s lyrics. Because the musician hits exactly the right cool, rebellious tone, and in this film he also gets the opportunity to sing in a song about how he would like to be king. The adult Spectators may remember that Rio Reiser has sung a song that is quite similar in content. The film has also been dubbed again with great care, so Anna Thalbach speaks to Mrs. Dachs and, fittingly, Nellie Thalbach the Dachs offspring. And Dieter Hallervorden completes the family in the best way if he lends his voice to Grandpa Dachs.


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