The loupes as an important instrument in daily use

The loupes as an important instrument in daily use

Powerful loupes for more precision

In dentistry, the eyesight of the human eye is often insufficient to recognize the finest structures of the teeth and gums. In particular, treatments in the field of prosthetics and endodontics require detailed work. Therefore, in our dental practice in such situations, we standardly rely on the use of modern magnifying glasses. Also in the area of ​​the exact diagnosis of pathological findings of our patients, these aids can be of great benefit. They allow us to greatly enlarge the affected structures and ensure precise therapy planning and implementation. Below we present you advantages, features and differences of the available loupes.

Why do dentists use loupes??

Since we want to give you the best possible treatment, each of our dentists is equipped with technically high-quality glasses. You as a patient therefore enjoy many advantages:

  • Quality improvement thanks to the highest precision in fine work
  • Significant enlargement of the area to be treated
  • Tissue-friendly procedure possible
  • Faster healing and reduced side effects thanks to minimal invasiveness
  • High accuracy of fit of dentures and fillings
  • Pathological findings are rarely overlooked

The technical equipment of the Zeiss magnifying glasses

Our dentists rely on the years of know-how of the company Zeiss in the selection of the respective spectacles. The company offers three basic models of loupes: EyeMag Smart, EyeMag Pro and EyeMag Light II. These can be optimized with the help of special accessories for the appropriate treatment.

The optics of the Zeiss EyeMag Smart are especially impressive with exact color fidelity and high image quality. These image properties are also achieved in the fringes. The Galilei optical system achieves a magnification of 2.5 times, ensuring at the same time extended fields of view for a good overview of the treatment process. Our dentists have the choice between five versions, in which the size of the field of view varies depending on the working distance (300-550 mm). In addition, thanks to the excellent depth of field, you can also take a deeper look at deeper structures. The glasses also score with a quick adaptation to the current position of the practitioner. In this way, the latter can take an ergonomic and comfortable seating position for relaxed work. Finally, the simple and intuitive operation additionally facilitates the application.

EyeMag Pro loupes – optimal light and visibility

For particularly high demands, Zeiss has the EyeMag Pro head magnifier ready. This produces an extremely stereoscopic and high-contrast image with high depth of focus. Even the finest details can be precisely differentiated with this innovative model. The glasses are equipped with a Kepler optical system and allow an enormous magnification of 3.2 to 5 times the extent. Again, the working distance (300-500 mm) determines the field of view. The practitioner also has the choice between a sturdy titanium eyeglass frame and the comfortable headband system. The titanium frame allows the incorporation of individual correction lenses, while the pleasant headband of the EyeMag Pro S guarantees a very even weight distribution and thus an ergonomic posture of the doctor.

The event in the best light – EyeMag Light II

In order to put the area to be treated into the best light, the powerful LED light source of the EyeMag Light II loupes is suitable. This can be attached to all Zeiss loupes by means of an adapter and maximizes illuminance. The light of the LED system resembles the daylight and thanks to its homogeneous distribution ensures an unadulterated view of all relevant structures. The model convinces in comparison with conventional lighting due to the clearly defined light field as well as the powerful and even illumination of the entire field of view. In combination with the EyeMag Pro magnifying glasses, the approximate coaxial light also minimizes shadowing.

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