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As a prospective dad, I stumbled across an advertisement on the Internet in the personalized children’s book “The Magic of My Name” and became curious. So far I knew the possibility to personalize gifts, only from cushions, cups, glasses and other printable objects. Since I am already looking forward to reading books to my daughter in the future, I clicked on the banner and ended up on the provider’s page.

The idea of finding the name of my own child in a beautifully illustrated children’s book quickly convinced me and I started creating it. And that’s very easy.

The first step is to choose whether the child to receive the gift is a girl or a boy. You also enter the name of the child. The next step is to choose between four protagonists with different skin and hair colours. If you wish, you can also have a personal dedication printed in the book at no extra cost. At the end there is the possibility to choose between a compulsory hard cover or a free soft cover. We decided for the hardcover version.

The manufacturer states on his page that the shipping would take about 7 to 10 days. The postman brought the book to us after about a week. We unpacked the DIN A4 large book in landscape format. Already on the cover the protagonist Melissa, our daughter, is laughing at us. One of the first pages contains the desired dedication and fits seamlessly into the book.

Then “The magic of my name” begins with the following passage:

On a quiet evening a mother lovingly brought her daughter to bed. The girl had almost fallen asleep when she thought of something else: “Mama, Mama, why was my name MELISSA (the name varies according to the instructions when ordering)”? “My darling,” replied the mother, “your name is something very special. I’ll be happy to tell you more about it another time.” Then she gently kissed her daughter on the forehead and covered her up.

When the protagonist falls asleep, a fairy appears and asks the child a question:

“Your name is something very special, like you!” the fairy continued. “Are you ready for an adventure?”

Full of curiosity, the girl gets into it and travels with the fairy through magical worlds where she learns about the meaning of each letter of her name. When, for example, the girl cheers up a sad kiwi who cannot fly with a joke in a flying school for birds, she learns that Melissa’s “L” stands for “funny”. And so the little girl experiences her own adventure for each letter of her name. In the end, the girl wakes up again and calls out to her mother:

“Mama, Mama, I know now why my name is so. Each letter in my name has a different meaning. It’s unbelievable! The M for Brave! The E for imaginative! The L for Funny! The I for Intelligent! The S for smart! The S for Gentle! The A for attentive!

Of course, each book is individually adapted to the name and gender of the child.

Who is this book for? The manufacturer writes that the book is suitable for children between 0 and 8 years. Of course a baby won’t understand the story yet. However, new parents will be very happy about the book. For this reason, we can warmly recommend this book to all grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who are looking for a gift for a birth, or who would like to give a great pleasure to a child from the age of two. This book is also an excellent Christmas present and Santa Claus present.

How much is the book?

In the softcover version the book costs 24,90 Euro including shipping. For the hardcover you have to add another 4,99 Euro. One receives a high-quality printed picture book with beautiful illustrations.


The idea of selling personalised children’s books was implemented in a first-class manner. Ordering the book is very easy. The delivery time of 7 to 10 days is also okay if you consider that each book is personalized and printed only after the order.

The author Dirk Hampel has succeeded in writing an exciting, child-friendly adventure about the meaning of the name of a child. The original and loving illustrations by Marta Viader and Andrés Arcos bring this story to life.

If you want to make the eyes of children and parents shine, “The magic of my name” is the right choice.

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