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The book family’s three-year-old daughter has already gone through a number of areas of interest that we are always happy to explore with her. There was the time of the Vikings after we visited an authentic Viking village on vacation. The Middle Ages with their knights, castles and princesses are always a hit. The most intense phase so far has been taken by the dinosaurs. We have read countless non-fiction books, collected handicraft books, toys and figures. She has been to the Natural History Museum in Berlin several times and looked at the giant tyrannosaurus there in awe.

It was all the more fitting when the first volume of the children’s book series Das magische Baumhaus * fell into our hands.

Action of The Magic Tree House

Siblings Philipp and Anne travel in the children’s books of the magical tree house using magic and the eponymous tree house anywhere you see in a book. Right in the first volume, it takes you back to the time of the dinosaurs. There they meet a friendly pterodactyl and are pursued by a tyrannosaurus.

Philipp is the inquisitive, careful big brother. He keeps taking notes and reads about the dinosaurs and the environment in the book he brought with him. In this way, information is always placed in bits and pieces in the book. Anne is a little free spirit. She is open-minded towards all beings she encounters and usually talks to them very innocently.

Travel through space and time

The three-year-old already liked the first volume of the series very well. We experience a tension that is tolerable for children, the characters are lovable and the information that is scattered in is interesting and not excessive, after all we don’t want to read a non-fiction book either.

It was our impetus to read the next books in the series. In the following books, they visit the Middle Ages, ancient Egypt and the pirates one after the other. Four books (almost) always form a coherent plot, for example in these first four books you can find out who owns the magic tree house. In the next row of four books, you must find items with the letter M to solve a spell. It continues in a similar manner. Alternatively, you can of course choose exactly the topics that correspond to the interests of the child. There are also trips to the Elven Forest or a soccer game.

Over 25 years of treehouse travel

The illustrations in the first volume you can see, that the children’s book series started in the nineties, with the later books the style quickly becomes a little more modern. The illustrations in the first volume are already very beautiful and printed in black and white. For the younger readers, there are junior versions of the first books with more pictures that are also in color. We have some of the Junior-Read books and found them very entertaining.

A small point of criticism is the one-sidedness of the characters (or let’s say: they remain very true to themselves), but the child likes this reliability.

The first volume of the magical tree house receives four of five book hearts from us.

Reminds of …

Why why why meets TKKG.

Information about the book

publishing company Lion
author Mary Pope Osborne
illustrator Jutta Knipping (for the first volumes)
translator Sabine Rahn (for the first volumes)
original title Magic Tree House
Our age recommendation From 3 years old
ISBN 978-3785535912
price € 7.95
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