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You want to find out about implants, dental bridges, inlays or general anesthesia? In this category, find out when which methods are recommended, for whom they are appropriate and how the treatment normally proceeds.

General anesthesia at the dentist – application, costs, expiration

General anesthesia at the dentist makes it possible to go through the treatment without fear and to sit more relaxed in the treatment chair. Extensive and unpleasant dental treatments are … read on

Cheap clip prosthesis: advantages and disadvantages

A staple prosthesis is a removable denture. It is an option if multiple teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw. The statutory health insurance recommends in case of large gaps … read more

Tooth extraction: expiration, pain & Tips

In tooth extraction, many patients are afraid of pain. However, these are often unfounded. Learn here how to pull a tooth, when pain … read on

The alternative to dentures: An implant-supported full denture

Full dentures are the easiest way to treat a toothless jaw. They correspond to the standard care of the statutory health insurance companies. Thus, full dentures are the favorable variant of a … read more

Good Dentist: You recognize quality with these features

A good dentist is usually not recognizable to patients at first glance. But which qualities speak for a good practitioner and on which … read more

The dental emergency service: who is there when in an emergency

Toothache does not stick to the opening hours. What you can do if the tooth hurts just when no dental office has opened and as in the … Continue reading

Removable dentures: attachment, options & costs

If some teeth are missing and if the dentition has large gaps, then only removable dentures in the form of a removable prosthesis can often be considered. But which species … read on

Tooth preservation: what to do against tooth loss?

Teeth do not heal and the periodontium can regenerate only conditionally. Therefore, it is important to properly care for your own teeth and gums in order to … read more

The braces: straight teeth for young and old

Not only the young people wear it: the braces. Many adults are increasingly catching up and have the desire for straight teeth. But what options are there … read on

Make teeth & finally smile again

Have you been having dental problems or gaps for a long time and are pushing a treatment in front of you? Would you like to inform yourself in advance, what it means to … read on

Titanium Implants – Proven or Dangerous?

Do you need dental implants and want to know in advance about the compatibility of the materials? Or do you already have titanium implants and are worried about a possible … read more

Denture cost: how much does a prosthesis cost?

Have you lost many or even all natural teeth? Then you ask yourself a lot of questions: Which dentures are right for me and how … read more

Implantation: This is how implants are set correctly

Many people lose several natural teeth during their lifetime and need dentures. Implantation is often the best solution. But how exactly does the procedure go … read on

Third teeth – what options are there?

Most people lose several teeth during their lifetime – and then need the “third party”. But what exactly is meant by that? And which ones … read on

Implant bridge: Fixed replacement for your teeth

You have lost several teeth and are looking for the right dentures for themselves? A fixed restoration is important to you? Then an implant bridge offers itself. Here … read more

Ceramic crown as an aesthetic and allergy-free solution

You need a new tooth crown and want an aesthetically high-quality solution? Metals in the mouth are out of the question for you? Then a ceramic crown is probably … read on

Telescopic prosthesis – removable and yet firmly anchored

A partial denture or full denture replaces lost teeth – but often the removable dental prosthesis does not sit well and can be read with large, visible clips on the … read more

Invisalign – invisible braces

You are dissatisfied with your smile and want to straighten your teeth? But do not want to walk around with a braces? Then maybe Invisalign is for … read on

CAD CAM dentures – the future of dental technology?

Some patients today already receive dentures designed with the computer. This should be done quickly and with high precision, but the field of application is limited and not … read more

Wisdom Teeth: When an OP is necessary

Many patients are advised by the dentist or orthodontist to remove the wisdom teeth. But why? And what are the so-called wisdom teeth exactly? Are after the … read more

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