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02.04.2018 | Family & Children The most beautiful places for children in Bavaria: From forest playgrounds to hedge labyrinths

Whether in the forest, park or city centre – pirates, damsels, treasure hunters and courageous Tarzans will get their money’s worth! In every region of the Free State you will find unusual and beautiful children’s paradises! We have compiled the absolute highlights for you – all free of charge and freely accessible! There it is: Discover nature, romp and above all play! Perfect for holidays and long weekends.


Knights and damsels welcome!

On the knight playground in Pfronten the children can play like in the Middle Ages: pennant engravings “on horseback” or castle storms are on the programme. Just the tools of the trade of every little knight and also some little damsels. There is a lot to climb here, but also a moat, a fountain, a swing and a large sandy area. In Pfronten there are even more themed playgrounds, including a new Indian playground in the Vilstal.

Address: Tulip Trail, 87459 Pfronten


Forest experience with all senses

In the Ziegelwies forest adventure centre in Füssen there is plenty to explore. On different paths you can explore nature with all your senses. On the floodplain forest trail, for example, you can cross the river with a raft, or on the mountain forest trail you can climb in a spider’s web. The 480 metre long and 21 metre high treetop path in Füssen is also perfectly tied up.

Address: Schrundenweg 6, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Upper Palatinate

Schiff ahoi: Adventure world for pirates at sea

The pirate water playground in Amberg has a small lake with a sandy beach. There is a pirate ship at anchor. With two rafts you can cross the lake with a rope. Next to it there is a kind of stone castle with many play possibilities and a water pump. The whole in a great green environment with a wonderful view into the landscape also for the parents while the little ones play.

Address: Bruno-Hofer-Str., 92224 Amberg, Germany

Lower Bavaria

Swing, swing and swing again!

So even the kids have fun hiking! On the Schaukelweg in Breitenberg, 18 different swings and idyllic resting places await you on a five kilometre long trail. The hike, which lasts around two hours, is therefore a great opportunity to romp around and relax in between.

Address: Gegenbachstraße 50, 94139 Breitenberg-Gegenbach, Germany

Lower Bavaria

Romp on 50 hectares of forest and experience nature!

Swings, slides, climbing, playing – on around 50 hectares of forest on the forest playground near Spiegelau there are near-natural playgrounds, a nature adventure trail and a forest meadow with a barbecue area for those who have brought their own. On the large forest meadow ponds invite you to play, but also to explore.

Address: Trosselweg, 94518 Spiegelau

Middle Franconia

The knights games are about to begin!

In Wolframs-Eschenbach in central Franconia there is a great knight’s playground with a climbing paradise, a 30 metre long cable car and a battering ram swing. The highlight is certainly the castle, which you can storm with your friends. Over the long suspension bridge you can even cross the moat. The village invites smaller guests to slide and play in the sand.

Address: Northern Ring Road, 91639 Wolframs-Eschenbach

Lower Franconia

Getting “safely lost” in the hedge maze!

In the beautiful and spacious park Schönbusch in Aschaffenburg you can not only paddle with small wooden boats across the lake, but also visit the big hedge labyrinth. Here, young and old can “safely get lost”, because from a high and large observation platform next to the maze, mum and dad can quickly get their loved ones back on track.

Address: Small Schönbuschallee 1, 63741 Aschaffenburg, Germany

Upper Franconia

A mixture of fairy tale and game!

On the children’s adventure trail in the magic forest near Mengersdorf in Upper Franconia, a fairy tale is told at various stations. At ten stations there are fairy tale boards telling a story and at the same time there is always a play station. At the “Bridge of Vigilance”, for example, a wobbly bridge, you can test your balance. At the “mountain of senseless efforts”, for example, there is a climbing tower with a slide.

Address: Mengersdorf, 95490 Mistletoe district

Upper Bavaria

Everything for a child’s heart in the countryside

The large beautiful park in the green city park Erding and the shady playground have many play possibilities even for the very little ones. For the older ones there is a lot to climb. On a large sandy area, for example, there is a large playhouse and a great tube slide. And not far away is the small petting zoo with rabbits and goats. On hot days the children can also splash around on a mini river run.

Address: Parkstraße, 85435 Erding

Upper Bavaria

Extraordinary play mountains in blue-white

This playground in the Burghausen city park is probably anything but ordinary. The main attraction is the blue-white Spielgebirge. Up to five meters high are the steep walls, where the children can climb up and do gymnastics. So rather nothing for too small children and parents with weak nerves. The children dig in the sand hollows and on warm summer days they can spray themselves wet at the Wassertal. Of course there are swings, seesaws and a slide.

Address: Von-Behring-Straße 3, 84489 Burghausen, Germany

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