The most beautiful playgrounds for families in berlin

Hurray, hurray, Lenz is here! And where better to spend spring than outside in the playground? In Berlin there are over 1800 playgrounds and between fairy tale castles, large climbing frames, numerous swings and lots of sand, every family is bound to have their own favorites. But of course the children sometimes want some variety. Fortunately there is Jannes and his daughter! Because they have made it their mission to test the Berlin playgrounds and to share the highlights on berlin playgrounds. Kindaling presents to you together with the two today the 10 most beautiful playgrounds in Berlin. You don’t know which one yet?

1. Rapunzel’s fairytale castle in Neukölln

The imaginative playground Rapunzel’s fairytale castle in Neukölln offers children one of the most beautiful climbing castles in Berlin. The small details in particular make this playground really magical and worth a visit.

Drosselbartstr. 30, 12057 Berlin Neukölln

2. Kite playground in Friedrichshain

The fate of the Dragon playground was uncertain for a long time, but luckily he was saved by local residents and still gives the children great gaming experiences today. The highlight on this playground in Friedrichshain is the climbing frame in the form of a kite. The children can even do gymnastics in his mouth. A water pump provides a welcome cool down on hot days. The playground is surrounded by great cafes & Shops to go to after playing.

Schreinerstr. 48, 10247 Berlin Friedrichshain

3rd circus Aladin playground in Wilmersdorf

The Circus Aladdin playground in Wi lmersdorf is definitely one of the 10 most beautiful playgrounds in Berlin in our opinion. This playground really is all about circus. For example, a climbing frame in the form of a life-size elephant awaits you, but much more!

Nikolsburger Str. 8, 10717 Berlin Wilmersdorf

4. Playground in the Gleisdreieckspark

On the Playground in the Gleisdreieckpark don’t stay Wishes open to young and old. In addition to trampolines, a skate park or fitness equipment, you can look forward to great swings and a huge wooden structure for climbing. In the immediate vicinity there is also a small natural playground with climbing trees and a beer garden.

Flottwellstrasse 18, 10785 Berlin Schoeneberg

5. Playground "Lohmühleninsel" in Kreuzberg

Between Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Treptow there is a great area directly on the canal playground "Lohmühleninsel". There are various fun and games like swings, table tennis tables, climbing walls and much more! In addition, the many trees provide enough shade to rest after a fun picnic right by the water. A perfect family outing in Berlin!

In front of Schlesisches Tor 1, 10977 Berlin Kreuzberg

6. Playground in the Nelly Sachs Park in Schöneberg

Another beautiful climbing lock can be found on the Playground in the Schöneberg Nelly Sachs Park. In addition, the children can let off steam on the rope maze or the climbing wall, do gymnastics on the gymnastics bar or recreate the beautiful castle in the sand. Parents can make themselves comfortable and watch the children relax while playing on the many seating options that are distributed around the playground.

Dennewitzstrasse 31, 10783 Berlin Schöneberg

more information about the playground in Nelly Sachs Park

7. Playground "wave" in the Rummelsburger Bucht

The playground "wave" is located directly on the water in the Rummelsburger Bucht and offers a grandiose view, where vacation and beach feeling immediately appear. In the playground there are a variety of great play equipment that children from the area have also chosen. In addition to building lots of sand to build castles, there are also balancing devices, seesaws and swings.

Hauptstrasse 6T, 10317 Berlin Lichtenberg

8. Playground on Arkonaplatz in Mitte

Highlight of the Playground on Arkonaplatz in Berlin Mitte is definitely the huge wooden house that is perfect for climbing and connected with several slides. The huge tire swing, on which several children can swing at the same time, is a real highlight. A visit to the playground on Sunday is particularly nice, as you can also stroll through the flea market on Arkonaplatz on this day.

Arkonaplatz 6-7, 10435 Berlin Mitte

9. Playground "Wartburg" in Schöneberg

The playground "Wartburg" in Schöneberg is a real adventure for everyone small and great knight! The large wooden knight’s castle invites you to climb, romp and play knights. Of course there are also swings, slides, sand boxes and a large lawn for picnicking.

Gothaer Str. 18, 10823 Berlin Schöneberg

10. Airplane playground in Mitte

The Aircraft playground is somewhat hidden in a back yard near Bernauer Strasse in Mitte. Huge climbing nets span the entire playground, in which a large plane made of metal bars hangs. There is also a large tower on a hill, from which you have a great view. Here you can definitely climb what it takes!

Strelitzer Str. 12, 10115 Berlin Mitte

There are many other great playgrounds in Berlin near you in our overview. And at Kindaling you will of course also find many courses, children’s birthdays and other leisure tips for children.

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