The most beautiful table sayings for children – only pink

Table sayings for children

Children love recurring rituals. You give them security.

It is a fixed ritual for us to say a table saying before at least one meal together. I always started very early with the first porridge meal.

After the third child, I now know countless table sayings. Some have been with me since the first child and some of them have gradually been added through play groups and kindergarten.

It’s amazing how many sayings children can remember. I often had to write them down so that I didn’t forget anyone.

I am happy to share my collection of beautiful table sayings with you here.

Short sayings are best for the little ones:

Beep beep beep – we all love each other.

Beep beep beep – enjoy your meal.

Be mine, the table is still clean.

The belly is still empty and hums like a bear.

One two, three, four, five, six, seven –

Enjoy your meal, dear ones.

It was a big mountain of butter, there was a little corner dwarf.

Then came the lovely sun, 1 – 2 – 3, when the mountain of butter melted in two.

I’m the hungry caterpillar that is always very hungry

and when she sees something to eat, she quickly says bon appétit.

And for the slightly older children, it can also be a longer table saying:

Roll, roll, roll,
the table is so full,
the belly is so empty ,
and hums like a bear.

We played and laughed,
that made us all very hungry,
the food is ready for us,
Children it’s lunchtime.

A lot of good things are on the table,
everyone is healthy and fresh,
now we are vigorous,
then our stomachs rest.

Lots of little fish,
swim to tables today,
the fins reach out,
then it is decided briefly,
no more bubbling now,
something to eat instead,
everyone calls:
Good Appetite.

When we sit together, no longer dash through the room,

let’s sniff the mealtime and the spoons are ready.

Anyone who was still loud is now quiet because everyone only wants to eat.

Tiger, lion, cat give you your paw.
Everyone eats as much as they can not eat the person next to them,
not even his co-wife, we are far too smart for that.
Widde widt, bon appetit.

The dragon is big, that Dragon is powerful,

he has legs of 3.60. That’s our goal, that’s why we eat sooo much.

The robbers scold a lot,
because the plate is still empty,
first crochet with your fingers,
shake vigorously with the bottom,
lovingly caress the tummy,
shake hands crosswise,
zig zager tongue,
the robbers are hungry.
Good Appetite.

Oh, the rabbit mother is cooking
rabbit food on the stove.
Stir in pot 1, 2, 3
Kale, cabbage, mashed potatoes.
And for dessert 5, 6, 7
there are sweet beets.
Good Appetite.

Once upon a time there was a crocodile,
that ate and ate a lot,
it smacked and smacked,
until it finally burst!
Beep – beep – beep
pretty good appetite.

I hope you could take a few suggestions with you and maybe you will have a nice table slogan that we don’t know yet.

Under my category children you will soon find other interesting articles.


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